Rain Spot Shadows

It had started raining fairly hard this evening, so I was sprinting as best I could through the dark parking lot to get to my car. I had parked right under one of those odd lights we have on the parking lot roof, so when I jumped into the car and paused to catch my breath, everything was polka-dotted with moving, wiggling shadows, cast from the drops on the windshield and the light directly overhead. It was most pronounced on the bright, yellow sweater I was wearing. Sometimes I could see long, snake-like lines of shadow as groups of drops congealed into a critical mass and slid down the glass.

File Feb 17, 22 54 00

File Feb 17, 22 55 07

File Feb 17, 22 55 44

File Feb 17, 22 56 30

File Feb 17, 22 57 31


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2 responses to “Rain Spot Shadows

  1. Good spot (no pun intended).

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