Micro Mantis

Never let it be said that I couldn’t be distracted by something cool, no matter how late I was getting out the door to get to work.

File Apr 06, 21 58 18 small

This tiny, tiny guy was crawling around on the top of my car when I went to get in. So, of course, rather than get to work with time to spare, I had to whip out the phone and try to take a picture. (I still made it with two minutes to spare.)

As you can see, it’s some sort of mantis, but it’s far less than an inch long. Green, spindly legs, alien looking, but tiny.

File Apr 06, 21 59 08 small

The thumb is added for scale, not because I was an idiot while taking the picture. (Okay, stop that! You know what I mean!) It’s also there to show that my car is almost as dirty as my fingernails.

Now I’ll never be in GQ!  Meanwhile, either the mantis has decided to make a run for it, or a puff of wind is taking him toward Kansas.

File Apr 06, 22 00 35 small

The other reason for having my thumb there is to give the iPhone something close to focus on. Otherwise I get really cool photos of the tree’s silhouette reflected in the roof of the car, with a little green blob that is a micro mantis only because I tell you it is.

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