Karma’s A Comedian

Wasn’t that a Culture Club song?

Let’s just say that in light of my long, long period of unemployment, it was highly amusing when The Long Suffering Wife stumbled across a job listing today that I had a reasonably close connection to. Scenarios opened up in everyone’s head that I won’t be touching with the proverbial ten-foot pole.

The response when I shared the “news” was also gratifying, and QUITE different from any responses I ever got in my previous career. That would also be a most excellent reason for not checking the color of the ground cover on the alternate surface of the barrier.

The world’s going to hell in a handbasket, folks. You’ve got to find your humor where you can.

Now if Karma could just do something about the mental midgets who are shooting off fireworks. Did we not just have a large brush fire just two miles from here three weeks ago? And that was before we had a week of triple-digit temperatures, with no end in sight. Just how stupid can people get?

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One response to “Karma’s A Comedian

  1. Somewhat confused, but still…


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