No Context For You – February 18th


The EXIF information doesn’t help much. I know where I was then, but I wasn’t using my phone and it would have been in my pocket, so even if I “butt took a picture” it would have been dark, right?

Maybe the light is a ghost image, i.e., the image of a real ghost! Maybe my pants are haunted!

Let’s not go there.


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2 responses to “No Context For You – February 18th

  1. I think it’s a view of the room as you took it out of your pants pocket (hence the finger).
    Ah-ha! I was irritated by a book which derided the use of ‘hence’ and ‘fortnight’ in speech, claiming they proved the person was from the Regency period. Just proved they aren’t. Although I accept I have a wide vocabulary 🙂

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