The Lizards Know Something Is Up

They were acting bizarre today.

Generally when they’re out sunning themselves, if you get within about ten feet they’ll bolt for cover. But today (I had the day off for Good Friday) when I spend the whole day packing and loading the van to take stuff to storage, there were two lizards I hadn’t seen before over by that huge palm tree you see in all of the photos of my yard.

These guys were darting away – they were staring at me and then coming over to me. Literally, within a foot or so, and staying there, staring at me. I damn near stepped on the one of them once or twice when I didn’t realize they were down there in the grass near my feet.

I’m going to call the bigger one (not quite the size of Fredzilla, but not small by any means) Fearless Fred because he spent about an hour on the rocks a few feet away, up in the little bush next to it, on the palm tree, up on the brick wall, over by me. Always while watching me and getting way closer than any of the other lizards ever have.

The little one (still a decent size) will be Foolish Fred because he was the one who was following me around like a puppy. It started to get a bit disconcerting. At one point I went around to the passenger side of the van to arrange some of the boxes I was putting in, only to find out that he had gone under the car and was about an inch from my foot. WTF??

The lizards know something is up.

They’re correct. I’ve signed the paperwork and we’re in escrow. Sixty days, we need to be out of here. We have no idea where we’re moving to (there are lots of available options to start juggling and making decisions on) or how I’m going to get almost thirty years’ of “stuff” out of here, but barring something causing the escrow falling through, June 1st-ish you’ll be seeing ISS photos from a different front yard.

Just ask the lizards.

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One response to “The Lizards Know Something Is Up

  1. Good luck! I expect you were shifting some insects with your boxes, so they were cleaning up after you 🙂
    I am currently cleaning the house, putting clutter in boxes and hoping to make it look saleable by the end of the week. I doubt I’ll be moving out this year, though.

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