Patterns & Trends

One of my jobs working my way through college all those decades ago was as  a night auditor at a hotel. It’s where I learned accounting, which is pretty much what I’ve done in one form or the other for the past forty years, so I guess some of it must have stuck. One of the things I learned as an auditor, where you’re sort of looking for things that are wrong or off-kilter, is to look at patterns and trends.

In other professions where folks are looking for problems, looking for failure points, looking for root causes of accidents, patterns and trends are a key indicator in the data to point the way to the truth. That assembly line used to fail once a month, then every other week, now every week? Your car used to never burn oil, then it started using a little, now you’re down a quart every month? Your airline used to lose x bags a month, then it was 2x bags a month, now it’s 3x?

Something is wrong!

So it is with some concern I note that I have twice this week just simply forgotten to post my daily something here. Yesterday I actually had the photos and a story and had downloaded them from my phone…and then I just forgot to finish and post.

Something is wrong! In the nearly six years that I’ve had this site up, I can just about count on one hand the number of days when I didn’t post, and in almost all of those cases there was a reason. Twice in five days to just forget?!

That’s annoying.

Pictures from the parking lot last night, after the storms.

There have been a LOT of storms. The average rainfall in Los Angeles through this point in the season is 11.61″. The average rainfall in Los Angeles for an entire year is 14.93″. As of Wednesday we were at 17.99″ already, it rained yesterday, there’s more rain coming late this weekend, and we still have many months to go in the season. (I think it goes November 1st through October 31st.)

Somewhere in those pictures should be a very, very thin crescent moon. I didn’t see it when I took the pictures but I did see it just a few minutes later when I got home. I’ve looked at the pictures and can’t see it – maybe it was hiding behind one of those clouds. Or maybe you can find it.


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2 responses to “Patterns & Trends

  1. It suggests, that in the great scheme of things, this blog is not the all-important thing it used to be to you. Many of us went through this a couple of years back. I’m now blogging no more than three times a week – when I’ve got something to do (mostly memed posts).

    I love your photos and your updates, but I don’t want you to get stressed out just to get a post up. Just don’t disappear entirely (which is what some people do when they can’t keep up the standards of perfection they used to.

    You are not a service company, and we are not paying you for it.

    We (speaking for everyone else who reads your blog) just like to keep in touch. We understand if you need to take a break 🙂

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    • I think you’ve hit it. When I started the site I had just become unemployed for the first time and I needed and wanted the routine, the discipline, and the creative outlet. I also got involved with my CAF Wing.

      Now that I’ve had a (more than) full time job again for years, all of that “filler” activity has complicated things quite a bit. There’s no doubt that this is a sign that I might need to back off the gas a bit.

      But I won’t vanish. I still love and need that creative outlet!

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