Spring Returns – Day Two

Spring has arrived, at least for a couple of days. After one of the rainest and coldest winters recorded in Los Angeles, followed by extremely windy conditions for a few days, we actually got a couple of relatively calm days this past weekend where it got up about 80°F. (More rain & chilly temps are coming tomorrow, and this weekend, and next week, and next weekend…) While it was nice I wandered out and noticed that the yard was responding to the warm up by coming to life, so I grabbed a camera.

There’s a small tree out by the edge of the hill. It’s always got red leaves – it might be a Japanese maple, but I’ve been wrong before and probably wrong now, so don’t bet the house on my blatherationings… Where was I? Oh, yeah, red leaves. Right now it’s got nothing, but these little red buds are trying.

With the sun out and warm, it was tempting to pull up a chair and see if I could actually watch these things pop open in real time. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it – the ugly rumors about me just wanting to pull up a chair in the warm sun and take a nap are being spread by folks who are jealous of my sun and pillow fort plans!)

Some of those little buds are bursting. They’re overachievers, but the bees are out and grateful for their efforts.

See, there’s one of those red leaves that hasn’t fallen out yet. It doesn’t look very maple-like. I grew up in Vermont, I’ve seen maple leaves. That isn’t one.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t bet the house?


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2 responses to “Spring Returns – Day Two

  1. Looks like a prunus species – cherry/plum. It looks very much like my one, which is also out in full bloom 🙂
    Happy birthday!

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