Random Old Photos – May 11th

If I’ve learned one thing as an adult that I wish I had known as a small child, it’s that naps are SERIOUSLY underrated by children. We should be allowed to have many, many more.

It’s odd that my “random” search through the archives pretty quickly came to these – it really makes me wonder how much heavy lifting the subconscious is doing and how truly random it is.

These are from June, 2001, almost twenty years ago, the day I brought home the new van. Coincidentally, or not (ask my subconscious), I’m tying up loose ends to find a place for it to go off to be stripped for parts or sold to anyone who will give me a couple hundred bucks for it.

It’s carried on for over 203,000 miles, and could go for another 100,000+ or could go belly up in the next mile. But now it’s the spare 3rd car and while it gets used occasionally to haul stuff around, it’s driven so rarely that it would be cheaper to get a U-Haul if/when it’s needed.

An inanimate object that has been ridden hard and put away wet – but it still feels weird.


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2 responses to “Random Old Photos – May 11th

  1. berich56

    I have a T-shirt that says – Dear naps, I’m sorry that I hated you as a kid.

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    • We were so naïve when we were kids – I wonder if we’ll look back in twenty or thirty years (or days) and think the same about our 2021 selves…


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