Healthy Lunch

Apropos of just about nothing other than it’s been a busy, busy day in a busy, busy week and I’ve got some tight deadlines coming up and my brain is still stewing and festering about *waves hands vaugely at everything* so let’s see what a normal lunch is for me. It caught my eye today because it’s colorful!

  • A slice or two of low sodium turkey
  • A slice or two of Swiss cheese, but sometimes a hunk Monterey Jack (the cheese and turkey used to be a sandwich, but in order to cut down on the carbs that I so dearly love but my A1C readings hate, the bread and condiments are gone)
  • Radishes (or sometimes carrots)
  • Strawberries (or sometimes grapes)
  • Apple (or sometimes a pear or orange)
  • Diet Coke or water (not shown)

Compared to what I might like to eat for lunch if I were still working in an office, particularly if that office had dozens of fast food places within a block or three, this is pretty stinking healthy. There are enough alternatives and options to keep a little bit of variety in there, which is good. Even with a fair amount of flavor, the same thing every day like clockwork would be … BORING!

I would also note that lunch is served at my desk with keyboard at the ready. Remember, sometimes it’s not so much “working from home” as it is “living at work.” As so many of us know these days.


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2 responses to “Healthy Lunch

  1. Good for you. I try to remember not to eat at the keyboard. One, I need to give my eyes a rest from the screen. 2) Even fruit leaves its mark on the keyboard 🙂
    And now I watch the few things from tv on the computer screen, I realise I am still stuck with the ‘screen=food in mouth’ syndrome. Trying to wean myself off is so hard.

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