New Year’s Eve 2022

Good bye, 2022. I can’t say that I’ll miss you much.

You were better than 2020 or 2021, what with Biden and House investigations and vaccines vs Trump and January 6th and COVID, but let’s be honest, the bar wasn’t set that high.

Personally, we did finally get to take a handful of trips, but you left a lot of room for improvement for 2023 to tackle.

It’s pouring in Los Angeles tonight, there’s street flooding in San Francisco, and pretty much the whole state is getting one of those 10-14 day “atmospheric river” deluges – the ones we’ve been praying for since the drought was getting pretty desperate, so 2023 is starting out okay from that viewpoint.

We’ll see what 2023 brings. I’m trying not to be hopeful, but the permanent optimism (Pollyanna syndrome) that was beaten into my DNA by the nuns at Christ the King Elementary still is lurking out there, hoping for good things for my beloved Chiefs, Kings, and Angels. There’s the eternal hope that THIS will be the year I get back into the left seat at the pointy end of a plane. There are already a couple of trips planned (barring the emergence of yet another COVID strain and the deaths of hundreds of thousands) and if I could spend some quality time with friends, well, that would be spectacular.

So, with the 2022 Christmas cards all sent (*) out last week, I’ll get on with with accounting and tax returns and financial statements for 2022 but let’s start living in 2023. As a good friend on Twitter was saying tonight, “We must love one another or die.” I like Plan A so much better. It sounds much more fun.

Let’s do that. Happy New Year, y’all.

(*) – If you’ve gotten cards in the past but have moved and don’t get a card this year, let me know what your new address is… If you haven’t gotten cards in the past but want to, I’ve still got a handful left, so send me your address. (


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4 responses to “New Year’s Eve 2022

  1. Happy new year to you and yours.

    Re those trips – try to make them climate friendly, right? And tell us how, so we can all do it 🙂

    Me, I’m just aiming to take a walk between finishing the guinea pigs and settling down to the computer. Round the block is fine. Day 1: tick!

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    • Happy New Year, Jemima! Always trying to travel and do things in a climate friendly way, I’ll share any tips I pick up. Walking around the block is excellent, I just wish I didn’t live at the very top of a large, steep hill! Once I get 50 yards down the street either way I’ve got a climb to get back up. “Around the block” for me means at least a half mile of climbing and several hundred feet of elevation increase one way or the other. 😳😱


  2. berich56

    Happy New Year’s to you and yours!

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