Paul’s Septuple Slit Experiment

If you’ve studied physics, or even have a casual layperson’s interet, you’ve probably heard of Young’s double-slit experiment. It’s an early exploration into the nature of light and demonstrates some effects of quantum mechanics.

Now in my backyard I seem to be accidentally creating a far more macro-scale experiment of my own.  Soon after it started to drizzle and rain lightly, I noticed that underneath this lawn chair it was still dry. Shouldn’t SOME of the rain drops get through the slits in the chair’s webbing, leaving wet strips instead of one big dry spot underneath?

There are seven openings in the webbing, so instead of a double slit experiment it’s a septuple slit experiment.

Underneath the far side (better seen in the first picture), between the front and back right-hand legs, there are seven spots or holes, spaced about right for the seven slits. I’m guessing that’s from the heavy rain recently, where water is accumulating and dripping down into the dirt from the seven straps?

I’m also guessing that I’m easily amused. But that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone reading this site for very long, now, should it?


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  1. Good to know you still have a curious mind, Paul 🙂

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