The Rosy Side Of The Driveway

Last year was “thin” for roses – not getting any water will do that. They’re on a drip system, but even that was cut back to two days a week with the water rationing measures in place in SoCal.

This year, after near record rainfall over the winter, rain STILL coming very late in the year and well past the end of the rainy season, and use of the sprinklers again authorized when it’s not raining:

There are still a couple of little holdouts there in the middle, but I have faith that they’ll get their act together and start contributing soon. Or maybe they’re holding out for all of the others to bloom and fade so that they can then have the stage to themselves.

Roses are so tempremental!

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One response to “The Rosy Side Of The Driveway

  1. A lot of our roses have different sorts of seasons, which is great cos there’ll usually be something out. My brother has his out already, but mine are yet to bud. I think mine get the cool east wind, whereas his are sheltered and on a south wall 🙂


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