Guess Who’s Back?

Around the 4th of July they vanished (we can tell because the water in the dog’s outside dish is clean in the morning), probably off to feed somewhere else in their territory. However, this morning the dog’s water was muddy, she got all poofy when she went out & sniffed the bowl, and now they’re out there on the roof rattling around again.

It’s the Rocky & Raquel & Clan Show!!





IMG_5108_smallMaybe it’s time to bug someone at the city again. I’ve been told in the past that there’s nothing they can or will do, and I’ve been told that most exterminators won’t deal with them except to drive them out of the house if they get into the attic. Furthermore, if you can find an exterminator that will actually trap them instead of just going “shoo!”, they can’t or won’t actually exterminate them, they’ll just take them out to the hills (which are all of a mile away) and release them, which means that they’re back in two days.

There’s gotta be something to do besides that. Preferably before they actually get into the attic.

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