Evening Showers

The clouds were beautiful, the sunset dramatic, and the rain was soft, if cold.

There’s nothing like a light rain right in the middle of the LA Friday evening commute to help one clarify your opinion of your fellow human beings and the human race in general.

But I got home. No bent metal. No blood spilled.

And the clouds were beautiful.

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Kings Hockey Redux

Out on the town two nights in a row!

I’ve spent my share of games in nosebleed seats, but tonight will not be that night.

Fourth row doesn’t suck – let’s hope the Kings don’t either!

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Spoilers Are Now Authorized

The past two months and more have been a pressure cooker, with one seemingly impossible deadline and fantastically ridiculous workload after another. (You might have noticed if you read this regularly.)


There’s a bit of calm. (Feeling like I’ve come through a huge storm, I’m hoping this calm period isn’t the eye of the hurricane with the need to very soon fight my way back out the other side.)

The major deadlines at both my paying/day job and my volunteer/weekend job are behind me. There’s time to see what I need to catch up, what’s been shoved off onto the back burner. Which includes a LOT of movies we didn’t get out to see.¬†Like that latest “Star Wars” film. It’s still out there, right?

Well, yes and no. I was looking at the upcoming weekend and it seems that by then it will only be in about six or seven theaters in the entire Southern California area, and the nearest one is 40 miles away.  That sucks!

But it’s still at the theaters just around the corner a bit – tonight and tomorrow. And tomorrow we’ve got another commitment in downtown LA.

We went for it. Saw the film. Even stayed awake through the whole thing!

You may all now start discussing the spoilers. I grant you my permission!

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Early Morning At The Hangar

When you get there early, before everyone else, you can go talk to the planes all by yourself.

(Click to view full sized image)

  • From left to right:
  • Navion (silver)
  • F-24 (red)
  • P-47 Thunderbolt (in restoration)
  • F8 Bearcat (in front)
  • F6 Hellcat (in back, mostly just the prop showing to the left of the F8’s tail)
  • A6M3 Zero (green & gold, behind the P-51)
  • P-51 Mustang

Enjoy the silence.

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High & Puffy & Straight

The deadline’s here. I only got two hours’ sleep last night getting things done, and then was up early to get out to the hangar.

It was a lovely day.

When I got to the hangar and turned on my computer, it went into an update that took almost two hours, so I was trying to work from my iPad for a while.

It was a lovely day.

It was warm-ish with just a little breeze, a wonderful day to fly. We had folks doing training, but I did not go flying. I spent most of the day inside doing auditing and accounting and Spanish Inquisition-ish things.

It was a lovely day.

At one point when we were sending up the PBJ, I went out and noticed this long, thin contrail cutting through the few light, whispy, thinly scattered clouds.

It was a lovely day.

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The Other Lesson From Marathons

At my level, it’s not about “winning.” The Kenyans are not trembling in their running shoes.

You’re only “racing” against yourself.

Do the absolute best you can, and finish if you can with the best result you can.

And try again next time with the resolve to do better.

The deadline is almost here, for better or for worse.

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Date Night Downtown

We’re exploring LA’s cultural options a bit more – first it was the start of a series of LA Philharmonic concerts at Disney Hall, tonight it’s the first of a small subscription series at the Ahmanson.

I haven’t been to the Mark Taper Forum or the Kirk Douglas Theater yet (they’re all here in the Music Center complex) – maybe next year. I can only take so much culture at one time.

Tonight it’s “The Last Ship,” staring the one and only Sting. I haven’t seen or heard much about it in advance except that it’s good, because, well – Sting!


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