There’s A Monster By Our Front Door

Gram for gram, this guy falls into the “No shit, Sherlock!” category of monster. I was perfectly happy to outweigh him by three-plus orders of magnitude.

We have a bay window over the kitchen sink. I was washing a dish and saw this guy walking across the glass on top, thought it was a mouse or one of the local bats that might have gotten injured. Went out to investigate and found him hanging onto the stucco above my head by the porch light.

Beautiful beyond a doubt, but scale him up by a factor 100 and he would eat his neighbors in a heartbeat. Faster, meaner, and utterly ruthless.

I’m thinking the area around the light is the happy hunting ground for this guy with all of the moths and other bugs to serve as prey. Which in turn makes me wonder why I haven’t seen any of his species around there before.

Where did you come from, big guy? Looking for a long lost relative? Or are you just all growed up, with a tan?


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How Do You Find Answers

…when you’re in such a whirlwind that you don’t even know what the questions are?

In some ways I envy those like Nuke Laloosh who are not cursed with self-awareness – as Annie noted, the world’s made for them.

For me it often feels like I’m drowning and begging for someone to throw a life preserver, while all I get are anchors.

I’m aware that I can swim, even if I can’t swim well, but it’s hard to swim away into the unknown.

But it might be necessary.

Drowning’s always struck me as a particularly shitty way to go – doing it for no damn good reason when you don’t have to can’t be any better.

In related news, there was apparently a wholesale subtext sale this weekend. I hadn’t planned on stocking up, but the deals were just too good to pass.

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There’s A Monster Living Under Our House


This morning it was sitting out on the lawn, sunning itself, bold as brass.

I know it (and probably other members of its sick cult) live under the house since I’ve seen it hopping in through a small hole in the screen over the ventilation hole.

Don’t let that Disney propaganda film about Bambi and Thumper fool you. This little bugger’s evil all the way to the core of its hassenpfeffer-on-the-hoof being.

Never a coyote around when you need one!

(Note #1 – actually, it would seem that hawks and owls are a much bigger threat than coyotes in this area. At least, I see plenty of scrawny, skinny coyotes, while the owls and hawks are getting large. When you come out and find an explosion of fur everywhere around the yard, you know that an owl caught a rabbit dinner like death from the skies!)

(Note #2 – The issue with fixing the hole is that it needs to be done from the inside to be hold, and this particular spot is in the spot that’s just about diametrically opposed to the teeny, tiny human access hole at the back of the other end of the house. So once I get in there I have a very long, claustrophobic crawl through a maze of support structures in about a ten to twelve inch high crawlspace to get to that screen, dragging tools and a light, then I have to fix the screen, then I have to drag it all back out, then I have to get out like a Cirque de Soleil contortionist… It’s so much easier to just let the rabbits live there for now. When the skunks move in it will be a different story.)

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Someplace Special – October 13th

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

(I could be the one hanging under that parachute. You could be the one laughing your ass off on the boat towing it. Or vice versa. We would both have large, fruity alcoholic beverages. It would be warm.)

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No Context For You – October 12th

I hope it was a soft landing.

(Richard Attenborough narrates: “It was not a soft landing.”)

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Slightly Less Lousy Poetry

Another day. Yesterday survived.

A night of pain. No explanation.

Cause and effect? Effect and cause?

Fish have fins and kittens have paws. (See, it’s slightly less lousy poetry because there’s a rhyme in there.)

Not my best material.

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Really Lousy Poetry

Frustration. (Can you keep going anyway?)

Anger. (Will it paralyze you or motivate you?)

Fear. (What are you afraid of and can you face it down?)

A big, new house. Light snowfall after dark. So much to explore. Christmas lights to put up. New friends to meet. Joy!

Then, reality in the form of “Circuit.”

This is really lousy poetry.

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