Moving Out & Moving On – May 27th

Two days to go. Escrow closes on Tuesday.

Probably 99% of everything is out of the old house. Five or six loads of the remaining “miscellaneous” stuff got brought up to the new house today – probably three or four loads left for tomorrow.

That’s cutting it closer than I had hoped for – I was hoping to have it down to one or two loads for tomorrow. But if my biggest concern is getting the last load done in time to BBQ tomorrow instead of getting the last load done in time to go to work without any sleep on Tuesday morning, we’ll be fine.

Forty-eight hours and counting.

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Moving Out & Moving On – May 26th

Three days to go. Escrow closes on Tuesday.

Probably 98% to 99% of everything is out of the old house. What’s left in there now is a lot of the “miscellaneous” stuff, the odd-sized things that didn’t fit into standard sized boxes, the things that didn’t stack and order easily.

I’m still throwing out an amount of stuff that’s either discouraging or encouraging, depending on your point of view. It’s encouraging that it’s getting thrown out and not continuing to take up space in storage or the new garage – it’s discouraging to think that it probably all could have been tossed out ten years ago or more.

Better late than never.

I’m not getting that “relief” or “rush” that the pop culture cults of decluttering seem to promise as I throw things out. I am getting much more ruthless about sending things off to the landfill after I realize that, despite my disdain for the disposable and consumer-driven culture, it really is faster, easier, and cheaper to toss the old or damaged items rather than try to repair them or salvage them.

I am also finding a number of things that I KNEW were stored away someplace, but couldn’t ever find for years. For example, the controller for my Celestron 5″ telescope.

Finally, I love the things that have me saying, “What the hell is this and who would have given it to me and when, since I sure as hell wouldn’t have every gotten it for myself!!” I’m too embarrassed to even mention the “best in class” here, but it does bring a proper sense of perspective to the whole process.

Seventy-two hours and counting.

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Corvid Report – May 25th

They’ve vanished.

It’s weird, the first week that we were here you literally could not go outside AT ALL, EVER during daylight and not have at least two or three crows barking at you and flying over to some spot above the yard to keep an eye on you. EVER!

Then we had the wounded crow, and the great shitting all over the bench on our front porch incident, at which point I put a sheet over the bench to protect it. The wounded crow refused to sit on the sheet, hopped over to the neighbor’s yard, and hasn’t been seen in three days.

But all of the other crows vanished with him.

It’s really weird.

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Moving Out & Moving On – May 24th

Five days to go. Escrow closes next Tuesday.

Probably 97% to 98% of everything is out of the old house. Much of it to the new house (which will be lovely when the boxes of stuff piled everywhere have been dealt with), much of it to storage (which will be it’s own little version of semi-functional Hell for a while), and way more than I expected to the trash.

I’ve now filled four of the nine cubic yard bins, with another bin on its way for tomorrow. Not to mention all of the stuff that’s been taken away by the regular trash pickup every Friday, our trash barrels filled to overflowing every week.

And then there are the little surprises…


Hell, if I had know that was in there I would have cleaned out that back corner of the garage decades ago!


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A First Time For Everything

I hate the ads in Facebook and Twitter with the white hot, fiery passion of a thousand blazing suns. I routinely and automatically, even reflexively, delete and block every ad. Even companies or products or people I support and like get blocked if they start spamming and advertising my feeds.




Never an exception.

Until tonight.

This might finally be the thing stupid enough, tacky enough, tasteless enough, and NEEDED enough to make me break my rules for the first time.

I’m trying to remain strong.



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A Simple Question – May 22nd

How in THE HELL did Tom Hanks **NOT** win Best Actor in 2001 for “Cast Away?”

What was so freakin’ fantastic that it beat him out for the award?

Russell Crowe in “Gladiator?”

You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me.

As a side note, yes, it continues to be a really, really, really busy time. It reduces you to the little things, one minute at a time.

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Corvid Report – May 21st

Edgar had an exciting day. He still hasn’t been seen flying, but he hops from yard to yard. When he’s in our yard he prefers the bench on the front steps, hopping from the back to the arm to the seat.

Edgar has terrible diarrhea.

If you park anywhere under a wire, Edgar’s relatives will shit all over your car in massive quantities.

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