No Context For You – February 18th


The EXIF information doesn’t help much. I know where I was then, but I wasn’t using my phone and it would have been in my pocket, so even if I “butt took a picture” it would have been dark, right?

Maybe the light is a ghost image, i.e., the image of a real ghost! Maybe my pants are haunted!

Let’s not go there.

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I’ve seen worse. I grew up in the midwest where we had thunderstorms and tornadoes that would turn your world upside down in an instant. I’ve been in Vermont, Vrigina, Illinois, and New York where it rained harder. With lightning and thunder to boot.

We even got caught in the remnants of a hurricane once, driving from Maine to Boston at night. We literally couldn’t see twenty feet and there was so much water we wouldn’t have been able to tell if we had gone off the road into a river. That’s how you take a two hour drive and turn it into a six hour nightmare.

But for LA, this was the worst in many, many years.

I had the iPhone up against the glass to minimize any reflections from inside the office. The sound year hear is the rain hitting the window sideways in the 50 to 70 knot wind gusts.

The “best” part was feeling the big plate glass window flex with every gust. I’m sure it wasn’t really moving a couple of centimeters in each direction, but it felt like it.

You gotta love rain in LA.


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The Marathon Runner’s Mindset

I’ve been thinking about this the last couple of days.

One of the things you learn running marathons is that it’s only about 1/3 physical. The rest is mental.

You are capable of doing amazing things and pushing yourself far beyond where you might normally think you can – if you train yourself to not stop.

“Never give up! Never surrender!” Yeah, that.

Do. Not. Stop.

This applies to other facets of life as well.

Implementation of this lesson is left as an exercise for the student.

In a possibly related note, I was signed up for the Angels Charity 5-K run in April today. I can walk 5K in my sleep – in about 45-50 minutes. A really good – not Kenyan or world class, but really good marathon runner can do a 5K as warmup in the 15-20 minute range. My time will be somewhere in between. Vegas odds are that it will be closer to 45-50 than it will be to 15-20.

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Perspective – Feburary 15th

Gripe! Bitch! Moan! Complain!

Yep, I’m tired. Yep, I’m cranky. Yep, I’m probably stretched too thin. Yep, I’ve got two different audits for two different organizations coming at me like a freight train and one of our company’s biggest fundraising events is just nine days away and all is chaos and I’m not getting enough sleep and…

…and after another of those long days, I head for home much later that I would like. A block or two from the office on Ventura Boulevard (a major thoroughfare in these parts, for those of you not from these parts) I go around a little bend to see flashing red lights ahead.

Our lanes are clear and, surprisingly, still moving. (That’s clue #1.)

As I get to the accident in the oncoming lanes, I see just one ambulance. No police yet. No fire trucks yet. No other ambulances yet – and they’re going to need a couple. (That’s clue #2.)

Beyond, I can see that the backup is only a block or two long, still clear back beyond Topanga Boulevard. (Another state highway and major traffic artery in the area. (That’s clue #3.)

The clues say that this just happened. Maybe two minutes ago, maybe less. The ambulance looks like it was here by coincidence and they’ve got it parked sideways across all three lanes to block traffic from the accident beyond. (This is not normal procedure – you’ll generally get a fire truck or the police to block the road while the paramedics can focus on their work.)

I’m stopped fairly close to the accident as the light is red ahead of us. I get a good view – might wish I hadn’t.

No clue how it happened, but it appears that someone in mid-sized car T-boned a smaller car. A couple other cars are dented and crunched off to the side. Lots of glass and debris.

The paramedics are working on two people laid out on the ground. I’m guessing that they came from the smaller car that got T-boned. It’s pretty well a mess. They must have pulled them both out of the far side, because the driver’s side is gone. It’s dark (thankfully) so the details aren’t clear, but the patients don’t seem to be moving and the two paramedics look like they could use another two or four helpers.

In the mid-sized car, the air bags deployed, the glass broke out, and there’s someone sitting in the driver’s seat still. It doesn’t look like they’ll be getting that door open any time soon, but a civilian is holding something up to the face of the driver. There’s a lot of red.

The light changes, we crawl forward. I’m listening and watching, but I never see or hear reinforcements coming, although I’m sure they were. But they weren’t close.

Gripe? Bitch? Moan? Complain?

Yep, I’m tired. Yep, I’m cranky. Yep, I’m probably stretched too thin. But I’m not stretched out unconscious and bleeding in the middle of Ventura Boulevard.

Maybe today wasn’t as tough as I thought it was.

That might be worth remembering. Like, tomorrow.

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Some Other Days In Audit Season

It’s Oreos and cookies ‘n cream ice cream.

And Bronski Beat turned WAY UP LOUD!! (“Smalltown Boy”)

But there’s hope on the horizon! It’s called “May,” as in, “the month following April.”

Wouldn’t it be neat to get back to some pictures from NYC?

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Some Days In Audit Season

When you run an accounting department (or worse, two), during audit & tax return season there are days when you need ice cream at the end of the day, regardless of your weight loss goals or A1C results.

Some days you need cookies.

Some days, you need both ice cream and cookies.

Tonight it’s Klondike bars and Chewy Chips Ahoy.

How did your day go?

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No Context For You – February 12th


I apologize – I may have this upside down. Not trying to deliberately confuse you, it’s an honest mistake. If a mistake was made.

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