Salvation vs Torture

I’m pretty sure I’ve ranted about this before, but it happened again today, so here we go:

When a picture like this shows up on your desktop lock screen (it’s Bora Bora) is it a breath of fresh air and a moment of calm and peace in your potentially stressful, hectic, and super busy day? Or is it a freaking instrument of torture, taunting you with visions of a relaxing, beautiful, peaceful oasis that you will never, ever get to at any time in your pathetic, wretched existence, even if you live to see the heat death of the universe?

As they say, “Asking for a friend.”

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Adulting STILL Sucks

A couple of times today, many more times than I would like to remember over the last couple of weeks, conversations have gotten to the point where either “Okay!” or “Fuck you!” are the proper next response – along with the resulting consequences.

I have consistently been doing that whole responsible, mature adulting thing.

An argument can be made that I’m making the wrong decisions.

Tomorrow’s another day to be a mature, responsible adult. And wonder if the moment’s coming when I’m not.

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No Context For You – February 20th

Still here.

Three of the Labours of Hercules complete (more or less). More to start working on tomorrow.

The problem, unlike running a marathon, is that I’m not sure where the finish line is, how far away, or even if there *IS* a finish line.

That makes it all a bit more…challenging.

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Heard In My Head

After being up way too late last night finishing up the CAF financials for today’s audit, I was up two hours early this morning to get out to Camarillo on time. As I’m coming out of the bathroom after showering and preparing to face the ordeal:

The Long Suffering Wife: “You can turn on the light.”

Me: “What if I don’t want to turn on the light? What if I’m still upset with the light over that little tiff and I’m not speaking to her, let alone trying to turn her on? What if I don’t care if the light ever gets turned on again? Serves her right after that little ‘tete-e-tete’ the light had with Rex, and while she says that it was just innocent word play, *I* saw how they were looking at each other and *I* know that it was much, much more than that! So I will NOT be turning on the light any time soon! Let the little minx just stew on that for a while – she knows where to find me when she’s ready to apologize!”

Well, at least that’s the way it played out in my head. Not sure if any of the drama or counterfeit angst actually made it past my larynx. I was pretty tired.

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It’s been said that a novel is never finished, only abandoned. The same is no doubt true of financial statements if you’re a particularly anal retentive sort of accounting person – and if you’re an accounting person, you are.

I’m done. Let the Spanish Inquisition begin!

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That Feeling When – February 17th

That feeling when they’re trying to figure out at the hangar who needs to get training on using the AED (automated external defibrillator) in case anyone has a heart attack because we apparently need to have a minimum number of people trained and when your name comes up everyone immediately pretty much agrees that you’re the last person that should be trained simply because you’re the one most likely to NEED the AED used when YOU have a heart attack, not to be the one using the AED on someone else.

Mixed feelings about that. It’s great that I don’t have to take the training since my plate is full to overflowing and I really can’t spare the time. The logic used to reach that decision is a bit…disturbing. Not saying it’s wrong (although I feel fine – strong like bull! smart like tractor! smooth like brick! ook! ook!! ook!!!) because I can see their point.


Aren’t I something of a “spring chicken” in that group?

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A Few More Thoughts On Jaywalking

Having had the adrenaline rush of almost killing some moron who thinks they can win a battle of momentum with a car, I’ve had a couple more thoughts.

  1. Adrenaline – ask for it by name!
  2. If you come to LA from another area where jaywalking is considered “normal,” either forget about that while you’re here or fill out your organ donor card. I know in New York City everyone was jaywalking everywhere, and Boston is worse. I don’t even want to think about what I saw throughout Shanghai! But here in LA the car is king and the drivers are morons. It seems that a certain central concept of jaywalking is the assumption that people have the ultimate right of way and of course the drivers will stop for you, even while they’re cussing you out. That’s an assumption that will put you in the ICU in Los Angeles.
  3. I wonder how jaywalking will increase as more and more cars on the road are equipped with automatic, semi-autonomous braking systems? The drivers may not stop for a jaywalker in LA, but the cars might.
  4. What percentage of cars on the road will have to have automatic braking systems before you’ll step off the curb in the middle of the street, oblivious to traffic, confident that something will stop the cars, either the car itself or a driver? 90%? 99%? 99.9999999%

That last point is the one I wonder about the most. The Law of Unintended Consequences!

If we make cars safer by putting in automated braking system, are we also breeding pedestrians to not look at traffic or care if it’s “safe” to cross the street?

Or is such a population of oblivious pedestrians self-limiting in size as Darwinian rules creep in?

Jeff Goldblum’s character in “Jurassic Park” said, “Life will always find a way” — so will death.

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