Jackson Browne Said It Best

Running On Empty” – yep, that’s about it. I remember listening to that song and knowing EXACTLY how it felt, back when I was in college, taking a full load of courses as a physics major and working a full-time graveyard shift job to pay for it, plus a second part-time job in the summers.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. But now, while my brain might still think I’m twenty years old, my cells aren’t always jumping onto that particular bandwagon.

It’s not fair.

On the other hand, Jackson Browne also wrote “The Load Out,” so that can make everything better real fast.


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Like Sauron’s All-Seeing Eye



First use a five-year drought to turn everything to tinder. Next toss in any random spark in order to fill the sky to the west of us with megatons of smoke.

Repeat as necessary so there are so many fires burning across the state that they can’t possibly fight them all as aggressively as they would like. This leaves fires like this one that are out in the middle of nowhere in the mountains to just be allowed to burn for the most part while the bulk of the firefighters and planes are trying to save tens of thousands of homes elsewhere.

Sort of a brute force way to get spectacular sunsets, but it seems to be working well!

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Look at that pathetic performance on the 6th, 7th, and 8th! What the hell was I doing all day?!

Oh, yeah, I was chained to a series of desks trying to get enough done so I could go off to The Big Apple for eight days.

Without looking back at the panoramas for that week, can you guess which days I:

a) walked all over Central Park for hours, only to realize that I had still only seen maybe 20% of it?

b) walked all over Liberty Island, Ellis Island, the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and did the Bataan Death March through a huge chunk of Lower Manhattan?

c) started the day by walking the Brooklyn Bridge?

Sure. I knew you could.

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No Context For You – August 22nd

Hint: Neither the surface of Pluto nor Enceladus

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The Airshow Working Me

As much as I might be in (serious, world-class, overwhelming, all-encompassing) denial about getting older, I might be getting too old for this shit.

Another lovely day, albeit another 13 hour plus day. First thing tomorrow, starting the week a half lap or more behind on sleep, the new week starts.

How was your weekend?

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Working The Airshow

Working the airshow is not quite as much fun as just going to an airshow. But it was a good day, even if I did have a 15 hour day there.

 Tomorrow will probably be another 12+ hour day, so if you’re in SoCal, feel free to come out and say howdy!

Gates ooen at 10:00, flying starts at noon and goes until about 16:30. If you’re there, wander by the CAF hangars & chat. Don’t sweat finding me – just ask anyone working at any of the CAF booths there and they’ll track me down.

See you there, maybe?

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A Whiff Of Testosterone

The local private (expensive) high school is back in session. There’s something going on there tonight.

I was watching the young bucks, cruising the mostly empty streets in their daddies’ high priced, high powered cars, desperately overcompensating for whatever shortcoming it is they’re overcompensating for.

They roar down the long, straight street, burning rubber, sailing through the stop sign at about 50 mph. Once past, they slam on the brakes to skid to a halt, practicing their bootlegger turns, then roaring back to do doughnuts in the intersection, before finally burning rubber back the way they came.

Alcohol is almost certainly involved.

After the first three or four do it some of the wonder leaks away as a spectator and I’m left to simply speculate on which one is going to pick off a cinder block wall with Daddy’s BMW and which one is going to be the moron left holding the bag and doing doughnuts when the cops show up.

But my favorite of them all tonight, the one that’s got my vote as “Most Likely To Be A Darwin Award Winner,” is the dude who did all of this in Daddy’s Jaguar – with the left turn light blinking the whole time. There’s a certain bizarre nature to someone who’s that ignorant, distracted, and oblivious to the turn signal being on as they drive mile after mile without even thinking of turning. (“What’s that clickin’ noise?”) To see someone that lacking in situational awareness then go out and actively try to wrap himself and his friends around a tree at high speed?

It’s not a thing of beauty, nor is it all that rare in these parts, but it is a thing that makes you think some discouraging thoughts about the future of our society.

Click-click. Click-click. Click-click.

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