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Super Bowl Champions Monday

We won.

There was BBQ at our house because, well… Kansas City! BBQ! Duh!

(Click to enlarge.)

There was some tension being behind by ten points with only about eight minutes left – but you have seen us play, right? Like, really?

There was champagne that we had been saving for a special occasion, and they don’t get just a whole lot more special than this.

There was hanging out and celebrating and watching Andy Reid get his awards and Patrick Mahomes get his and everyone else looking at wedding pictures.

See you next year, same time, same place – back to back!

(And pitchers and catchers report in eight days…)

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Christmas Day 2019

I hope that everyone had a Christmas Day that was as calm or exciting as they wanted or needed, with as much or as little drama as requested, and that everyone had been good (enough) this year so that Santa brought them what they wanted.

If you didn’t get everything you want, it’s never to early to start planning for next year.

Here’s a short video of our lights turning on:

And a picture of what it looks like after dark:

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, y’all!

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No Context For You – Video Version (December 16th)

Don’t blink, you’ll miss it.

Sort of like today in general. And last week. And November. And 2019…

But I finally tracked down the infamous “Red Nose Actually,” the 15-minute “sequel” to “Love Actually” with most of the original cast. Yeah, it’s an ad for the Red Nose charity, which is a good thing, and it’s a little hokey in spots. It’s also spectacular.

Jamie & Aurelia… Mark & Juliet… David & Natalie… And then Sam & Joanna…

Now what I wouldn’t give to find a clean, high-def copy that’s not got YouTube’s commercials interjected every two minutes!

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Not The Greatest Of All Time

Not the GOAT…

…but just a goat.

What? Doesn’t everyone have goats at their Christmas party?

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Crow Cackling

It was a lovely day and we had the doors and windows open this evening. Outside I could hear a couple of the local crows making one of their signature “cackling” calls back and forth.

Remember the crows when we first moved in here last May? They’ve come and they’ve gone from time to time, but they’re back now and quite vocal. The sound is a lot like the percussion section of the orchestra yesterday playing on the gourds or wood blocks.

I’m also here to report that I’m surprised how good the sound pickup is on the iPhone. I knew that **I** could hear the crow just fine, but I’m surprised that the video picked it up.

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Sky Crane

While the fires near us (never got closer than about 10-12 miles, but had over 100,000 people evacuated and major freeways closed for days, several dozen homes destroyed and damaged) are not out, the winds have died down, the onshore flow has resumed and raised the humidity back out of single digits, and the fires are contained enough so that the evacuations orders have been lifted and the freeways re-opened.

That having been said, the fires are still a long way from out. With the calmer winds and better humidity, the fire fighters are hitting the fires hard, particularly with “aerial assets,” that is, planes and helicopters.

One of the big helicopters (I think it’s an Erickson Sky Crane, but not 100% positive) was being based out of Camarillo (CMA) right near our hangars. It was fun to watch it come and go.

Warning – I would recommend against starting this video with the sound too loud or while wearing headphones! This sucker is really, REALLY loud.

The strobing effect of the video capture mechanism in the iPhone is also interesting – that tail rotor looks like it’s barely moving, but in fact it was going at hundreds if not thousands of RPM!

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May’s Weird Weather In LA

Rain. Thunder. Lightning. In May. In Los Angeles.

Yeah, I get it. You live in Tornado Alley and weather like this just means that it’s a day that ends in “Y” and you think I (and everyone else in LA going ape over a little bit of convective activity) am a real goober.

Fine, wait until you come out here and run into Anne Hathaway or Keanu Reeves in Starbucks and you can’t remember your own name for five minutes…

I wasn’t sure we would actually get any rain at our location, but then the first drops hit the window.

The the lightning started and with it the downpours.

It was great to watch at lunch from the dry safety of my office.

(Image from NOAA Hi-Def Weather Radar Pro app)

Yeah – that’s a lot of yellow, orange and red!

(Image from Weather Underground app)

After the fact I noticed this on Weather Undergound – look at that temperature drop! 14°F in about an hour.

Fun times!



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