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PBJ & Fence

We’ve captured a PBJ!

Got her fenced in!

She’ll never get away from us now!

Wait, she’s on the same side of the fence as that runway thing…

We’re over here with this really loud wedding thing…

Maybe it matters which side of the fence you’re on.


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A Year Ago

Updating my calendar yesterday and I realized that it was August 9th last year that we flew to New York City, my first trip there.

We were in the city for seven full days and so far I’ve only gotten around to sharing the pictures from the first three of them.

Okay, so while part of that is due to the fact that I take a LOT of pictures, I think more of it has to do with the fact that between my real, day job and my real, nights/weekend job I’ve been busier than God. Oh, that and the overwhelming, existential dread of daily existence and now imminent threat of civilization-ending thermonuclear war brought on by the stupidity of the American electorate and the cunning of the Russian intelligence agencies.

Wait…did I use my outside voice for that last part?

So, assuming that we make it through the next year, I’ll try to get the NY, NY trip pictures all posted for the other four days of the trip by this time next year. Deal?


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No Context For You – August 5th

At least, I think it’s August 5th…

Sorry about the sort of downer post yesterday. It’s been a long stretch. Y’all have been good so I won’t tell you about the nightmare that woke me up this morning…

On a related but hopefully more upbeat (or at least bizarre and/or whimsical) note, do those folks who find themselves in highly unusual and inexplicable circumstances in old “Twilight Zone” episodes hear Rod Serling doing his voice overs? I would think that would be a sign that something’s up and the rules have shifted without everyone getting a copy.

More to the point, if by “those folks” I mean “us,” is anyone hearing Rod in their head?

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Once More Into The Sunset!

If the sky’s going to keep lobbing softballs up there for me to hit, I’ll keep swinging!

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On The Edge Of A Summer Storm Cell

We don’t get a lot of these in La-La Land, but I try to enjoy them when we do.

I was trying to get home in time to close the windows on the van – the heavy rain started when I was about three blocks away. As it does.

After running around and getting damp, I went back in for one of the good cameras and an umbrella. (These shots are from the cell phone – the “best” camera is the one you have in your hand when you need to take the picture.)

It only rained hard for about ten minutes, then passed on to our west, part of a whole lot of tropical moisture wrapping itself counterclockwise around a low somewhere way to the south of us. That put “our” shower between us and the sun at sunset – we know what that means!

(Image: National Weather Service)

There was some thunder heard while I was out there, which makes sense given that bright red and orange and yellow spot over house at about that time.

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Sky Archipelago 

That’s wide open airspace out in that direction – time to get an ultralight or glider and go island hopping!

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Objects On Mirror

A sunny SoCal day, top down, heading home from the store, I glance over at the passenger side mirror before changing lanes and I see we have a passenger.

We really don’t see a lot of mantises around here – I think they’re unusual enough so I’ve shared pictures of them¬†before.

It also occurs to me that it could be a selection effect – for all I know the trees are practically dripping with them and they’re really, REALLY good at staying hidden – I just spot the occasional loser and Darwin award finalist.

This critter had some interesting banding back by the back legs.

It was interesting how it moved around, almost like a spider crawling around a web.

About this time it decided that the car was hot (it was), my iPhone was not, so it hopped onto the phone. I was holding the phone at the time to take the picture and had an extremely non-macho reaction. The mantis correctly interpreted my violent shaking of the phone to mean that I wanted it off, so it complied by hopping off onto my hand and starting up my arm.

I neither screamed like a little girl nor did I squish it – I get a cookie!

(For the record, I brushed it off onto the other car that was sitting there in the shade and much cooler. I also warned it about the Freds, who no doubt would invite it to lunch as the entree.)


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