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Reflections Of Reflections

The lights might be down outside, but the tree’s still up – too busy this month to get to it yet. Late at night, when all of the other lights are off, you can see it reflected off of the china cabinet doors and the sliding glass doors and both and back and forth.

Maybe I’ll wait just a bit longer before taking it down.

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No Context For You – January 11th

$107.50 by my count.

It occurs to me (again – not a new thought) that accounting is basically just a game in the same sense that video games or D&D is. Of course, it comes with real life stakes and consequences which “Halo” or D&D might not, but at its core it’s just a massive puzzle with a few simple rules and a TON of details.

The trick, of course, is to understand those rules and to manage those bazillion details to solve the problem and keep playing the game.

The devil’s always in the details.


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What’s the use of having a blog with a readership of … dozens? on a good day? … if you can’t use it to post pictures of yourself looking like a dork?

First of all, it was “Flannel Football Friday” at work and as the only one there with a team still in the playoffs, this new Christmas present shirt was perfect.

When I got home the whole house was open and a bit on the chilly side (49° outside) and I wanted to listen to some music while I got some work done for the hangar tomorrow, so I found a really big ski cap and put it on over the Officially Really Nice Bose Headphones.

I was told, “It’s a look!”

Yes! Yes it is, and no one pulls it off like me!


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Penalty Flag

I found this on the floor behind the desk in my office this morning.

A dropped cleaning rag from the night crew? NAH! It’s yellow, that’s a penalty flag!

But what did I do?

Illegal motion? The only motion I wanted last night was to go home, and there’s nothing illegal about that!

Illegal procedure? I’ll have you know that my accounting records are 100%, strictly above board!

Holding? Um, not in the office, thanks. Nothing good can come of that in the long run.

Illegal touching? My favorite penalty – but see “Holding,” above. Besides, the best touching is always consensual, not illegal. (Remember kids, don’t settle for consent – hold out for enthusiasm!)

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Probably not, they tend to circle. This guy was hovering.

News or a TV station?

Maybe, but they always have a honkin’ huge camera (or two) hanging off the nose. This guy has something under the cabin, but it doesn’t look big enough to be that big high-def, gyro-stabilized, computer-controlled setup.

Best guess? This was Sunday afternoon and he was out over Castle Peak (that mountain to our west that you see in the pictures from when we were almost on fire about fifteen months ago) and I remember from the local FaceBook group that there were dozens of people getting together to climb it. That’s not that big of a deal – it’s part of a wilderness park and there are a couple of trails. But it would have been unusual to see a hundred or so people traipsing up and down the mountain.

Maybe that was it.


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Windy Night

The winds were back last night, at least at our house.

Those are the wind chimes that were banging away, with the trees in the background swaying and swishing and whooshing and generally making lots of very loud, spooky noises.

What’s really weird is that a couple of folks at work who live within a couple of miles of here kept getting “HIGH WIND!” alerts on their phone, but it was calm as could be. Meanwhile, when I took out the trash tonight I found that the BBQ has been wandering again. It’s sitting ten feet away from where it was parked, and the big, heavy cover that was on it was nowhere to be seen.

Maybe I’ll borrow a set of chocks from the hangar. If they’re designed to keep a B-52 or C-46 from wandering, maybe they can keep the BBQ in place.

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Cirrus, Moon, Twin Contrails

It’s a simple, common sight.

The moon seen through a broken, high layer of cirrus clouds, the sky being split by two horizon-to-horizon contrails.

Yet how many of us ever stop to admire the beauty of the sight? The subtle, infinite variations of blue and white…

The news is shit, other aspects of our lives may or may not have us ready to run screaming. But with this view, for a couple of minutes at least, perhaps we can push the horror to the side.

Those meditation apps with the weird Australian guys might help also.

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