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Drought Resistant & Somewhat More Common

In addition to the new (at least, to me) and unusual drought resistant plants that are popping up, some have been around for a few years. These are out in front of our office building.

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No Context For You – June 10th

One tip – don’t play “Find That Lizard!”

There is no lizard.

Unless, of course, it’s a very, VERY zen, stealthy lizard. (There is no lizard.)

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Final Countdown

I noticed when I got home from the hangar yesterday that The Big Blue Bomber was now on the last stages of the countdown to 200,000 miles.

Since I usually only drive it on the weekends to the hangar in Camarillo and back, it’s still going to take three or four months, but this milestone is getting closer.

Gotta take tiny chunks of joy (or at least interest) where you can these days.

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P-51 Innards

Part of our D-Day 75th anniversary memorial at the CAF SoCal hangar was a presentation today on the P-51 fighter. You might remember that last Monday we had KTLA doing segments from their morning news show from the ramp at our facility. They mentioned today’s presentation and it also got some local press in Ventura County. Between the two we ended up with a much, MUCH bigger crowd than we’ve ever seen before at one of our talks. It was wonderful!

In order to show and not just tell, our mechanics took the cowl panels off the P-51 so that everyone could get a good view of the Rolls Royce engine inside. Later it was parked outside while I was stretching my legs, so I figured I could share the view with everyone else.

Of course, the best view is from inside that bubble canopy with all of those cowl panels in place and that prop doing several thousand RPM to propel you through the sky at about 450 knots. Inverted is optional.

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ISS Pass – June 07th

The last good pass of this cycle over SoCal – but tonight we get to see the moon!

Image from

Rising in the northwest again but this time swinging due west and then to the south, passing right by the moon at about 21:10:20!

Five second exposures, combined with StarStax.

That’s a nice photo. Enough twilight and house lights to illuminate the trees and hills along with a five day old moon that’s about 27% illuminated.

But as I’m thinking about what’s coming next, I realize that I need to make a quick change as I move the camera. I’m going to be shooting right above a street light that’s only about twenty feet away…

…I quickly switched to 2.5 second exposures so the frames wouldn’t be over exposed by that street light. (Station starting from middle right, west southwest, and going to the lower left, due south.)

But in the end, with the ISS heading toward the horizon in the south, the street light had to be dealt with directly.

I don’t want to get rid of the street light – I would just like to be able to turn it off for a few minutes now and then. I’ll remember to turn it back on when I’m done – promise!

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Drought Resistant & Unusual

At our office they’ve planted a big section of “drought resistant” plants (we’re seeing a lot of that in the area as we’ve had multiple drought years and water prices shooting through the roof) and while many of them are fairly common, there are a couple that I’m seeing for the first time.

Like this fuzzy, velvet red colored thing.

The bulbs on the end are trying to burst open with little flowers and pistles and stamens and possibly some tiny Alien xenomorph type things in there. (Look at how that thing on the left is peeling back and opening up. Did we not see this happening when Ash leaned over that pod?)

So even if it’s not full of xenomorph seeds, can this at least be a baby Triffid?

Something to drive away today’s gremlins would be appreciated. I’m not picky at this point. Apocalyptic horrors don’t seem that much worse than what we’re already chin-deep in every day.

Meh. They’re probably just odd little tough bright red desert flowers that went from having a range of a few miles out in Death Valley to being in every nursery in SoCal because of the luck of the draw.

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ISS Pass – June 05th

The skies cooperated!

Image from

Rising from about the same spot as last night, but instead of coming straight up toward the zenith, the ISS looped a little to the north, passing above the Little Dipper and below the Big Dipper, through Hercules (wouldn’t it be fantastic to get a picture of the globular cluster M13 with the ISS passing by?!), before finally heading toward the very bright and just rising Jupiter and disappearing into the Earth’s shadow.


I had originally set up in the back yard again tonight (for the lack of street lights) since the station was rising in a similar spot to last night. But I realized with about three minutes to go before it rose that after rising, the humongous tree in the back yard would block about 2/3 of the ISS’s path across the sky. So I quickly moved to the street by the driveway in the front yard. (I’m giving you the full resolution images tonight, so click to view full screen or download.)

ISS rose from the lower left and went between the Dippers, which you probably could have seen if not for the neighbor who stopped and had his brake lights on as he was wondering what I was doing… Pro tip – if you see someone in the dark with a camera and/or telescope pointed at the sky, try not to have a really freakin’ bright light with you.

The good news about being where I was in the front was that I knew that the telephone pole defined the right side of my field of view. So as soon as the ISS cleared it, I swung the camera around to catch another part of the long path across the sky.

You might note that these streaks are longer but fewer than last night’s – tonight I went with five-second exposures instead of one-second exposures, hoping that they wouldn’t be over exposed in the LA light pollution. With the moon just setting as the ISS came up, it worked! (Except of course for those brake lights.) Combining the exposures into one was again done with StarStax.

Before the ISS could get too far toward the horizon I swung the camera around one more time to catch it going down behind the trees and house. Also present to the east was the obligatory LA air traffic, in this case sounding like a Cessna 150 or a Piper.

Heavens-Above says there’s a so-so pass tomorrow night, but another pretty good one on Friday night. On the other hand, WunderGround says tomorrow will be nice and clear but Friday will probably be cloudy. Guys! Can we talk among ourselves and get on the same page?


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