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No Context For You – June 19th

Lightning round!

A very quick search of the site (and I don’t have time at the moment for much more than a very quick search) does not find that I’ve ever used the phrase, “Make art!” This makes me think I have not yet related a best and favorite story of my college days.

Maybe tomorrow….

The punch line (spoiler alert!) was that I got some very valuable lessons that taught me how to look at problems and problem solving from a much different viewpoint. I had to learn to see things differently and allow myself to be creative.

With the deadlines I’m working under currently and very little time to spend on this site, it occurs to me tonight that what I’m doing is a bit of that only in a much shorter time frame. I only have a few minutes a night so if I don’t already have a thought or something I took pictures of to share, my brain says to my brain, “Five minutes to be creative and clever… GO!”

Somewhat stressful, but also curiously exhilarating. At least, it’s exhilarating as long as I have yet to get to 4:59 while sitting there slack jawed with a look of terror in my eyes.

Maybe tomorrow…

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Raccoon Wrestling (DEFINITELY A Euphemism)

Tonight as they’re trotting around up there I know there are at least four. I haven’t stuck my head up there (not a particularly good time to be climbing in the dark, especially to invade the territory of some potentially pissed off critters) but at least twice I’ve heard them quite clearly walking by in single file (to hide their numbers, no doubt) and it’s not that hard to tell.

In the last year or two we’ve learned that they’re a bit solitary and usually the only time you’ll see two adults together is if it’s mating season. When you hear a larger group (like the ones in the other pictures I’ve published before) it’s usually a mother and her young, a grouping that can last up to a year and a half.

January – two of them, almost every night. June – at least four of them, almost every night.

One doesn’t need to be Marlin Perkins to figure out how we got from a pair to a full house. (Again, it might be easiest to download them all and then “flip” through them to animate the series.)

Note the time stamps – that’s about three minutes.

Two hours later, she’s still looking a bit “rumpled,” don’t you think?


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Raccoon Wrestling (Not A Euphemism)

As I threatened to do yesterday, this evening I went up on the roof and pulled down the trailcam.

Are there raccoons up there? Let’s put it this way. It was about sunset, maybe a little after when I went out. When I unlatched and rolled open the heavy sliding glass door to the patio, which is directly under the entrance to their under-eaves hidey-hole, there was a clatter of feet above me as they scrambled back inside.

“Run away!! Run away!!”

As I was walking around on the roof, maybe ten feet from said hidey-hole entrance, I could just see a little black face peeking around the corner in the shadows, ready to sound the alarm if I did anything “funny.”

I did not do anything “funny.”

I did pull off over three months of pictures. Over 10,000 pictures. (I won’t put all of them up here, although that would be an interesting thing to build a twitterbot for…)

One of the first things I did find was an example of the kind of ruckus that I was complaining about last night. This series of photos covers about ninety seconds and makes the sort of racket that will wake me up all the way at the other end of the house.

For best effect, download them all and then “flip” through them quickly to more or less animate them.

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No Context For You – June 11th

I’ve worked two jobs before, but I was younger and more stupid then. And I was getting paid for both jobs, not just one of them.

So maybe I wasn’t more stupid then.

Damn, I hope there are some cool airplanes to fly as a payoff here one of these days.

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Long Day, Rising Moon

Long day, long week, too much adrenaline.

Closing up the office, cleaning crew already come and gone, heading toward the door, I noticed something bright off to the east.

I’m betting if I were up there looking back down here, I wouldn’t be wishing that I were down here.


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Which Plane Was It?

There was a collision between an airplane picture and a rabid PhotoShop – no one made it out alive, except for a kitten that had fallen asleep back in the luggage compartment.


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Maintenance Saturday 

Lots and lots of aircraft undergoing maintenance, routine and/or otherwise, at the CAF SoCal hangar today.

The P-51 is getting closer to flying again, we just need that big spinny thing on the nose!

The Spitfire is getting some touch up paint.

The Hellcat was having some hydraulic issues in the landing gear so it was being elevated a bit and working some gear swings.

The Navion was having some engine work.

We had three rides scheduled today for the T-6, but a pre-flight mag check showed and issue. Safety first! All of our riding customers were patient and chilled while we worked the issue. In about two hours, they had found it, fixed it, and were giving customers their money’s worth!

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