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Random Old Photos – January 21st

Well…semi-random at least. Tonight I decided to look for other photos taken on January 21st in other years.

Tough search. Not many to be found, and most of them to be family related, personal, not necessarily for sharing here.

But in 2010, a dozen years ago…

Apparently, it was a “frog drowner.”

Not so much tonight. While we’ve had some showers in the past week, and we got a LOT of rain in December, it’s dry and SUPER WINDY in SoCal tonight.

Here we’re windy. In many other places in SoCal it’s gusting to 60 and even 70+ and there are power outages all over the place. Up north, on the Central Coast by Big Sur, there’s a brush fire that’s started. And many folks are pointing out that if we hadn’t had a soaking through most of December, the entire West Coast could be in flames with these winds.

Hang on. It’s 2022. Looking back at 2020 and 2021 we were hoping that 2022 would calm down. It seems instead to have said, “Hold my beer!”

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Venice And Sapsucker Woods

This finish line crossed

The race won for the moment

Time to relax, to read, to breathe – tonight

00:43:29 at the pond’s edge, no birds to be found at the feeder

But small critters occasionally scurry by for theft

Snow falling heavily

In Venice it’s foggy at 06:43:29, traffic slow and sparse

Across the canal someone’s television has flickered all night

Odd shapes flashing, occasionally recognizable, always foreign

As sea birds and gulls flash by in the mist like specters.

Los Angeles at 21:43:29 is cool and calm, another day entirely

Longing for travel and adventures, settling for far less again, taking what’s available

Tomorrow we begin again.


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Full Moon & Rain

Again, as always out here where they decided to build megalopolises in a desert, we need the rain.

The three days of it we just got came as a complete surprise.

The clouds are headed out (I think) and the moon is about 99.8% full, so I tried playing with how it looked through the now barren tree.

The owls off down the hill added to the spookiness quotient.

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A Flock Of Condors

Out at the CAF SoCal hangar today. It was rainy and gray, but the cloud base lifted a little bit around noon, and we got visitors.

The Condor Squadron flys out of Van Nuys Airport and is a common site in SoCal airshows, event flyovers, and other aviation events.

They perform formation flying in their AT-6 “Texans” on their missions. The “Advanced Trainer” was used in the US, but the same design in England during WWII was known as the “Harvard.”

With those old round engines, the “Texan” has a very distinctive “blaaaaaaaaaaat” sound as the prop tips break the sound barrier.

That sound carries well and the Condors’ practice routines often carry them over our house, so you’ll often see me running around the house yelling, “TEXANS!” and grabbing a camera to run out and catch them flying by.

With the rain and fog it had been quiet, but the arrival of the four Condor aircraft at full throttle over the runway took care of that. It was great to see them!

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Oh, to be out here someplace in a Goliath-class scout ship, a new system to explore, wondering which of the gas giants or Earth-like worlds we would explore first.

I may be excessively channeling my inner Calvin and Hobbes. Although my Hobbes is a stuffed dolphin, not a tiger, but all the better for exploring those water worlds!

This is not necessarily a bad thing, by any means, by the way.

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Random Old Photos – January 13th

When it’s been a long day in the middle of a long week in the middle of a long month after several long months…¬†Throw a dart at the photo directory!

Big surprise! I was someplace taking pictures of airplanes!

2006. McCarren Airport, Las Vegas.

Give me an airport, a camera, and a couple hours to kill before our flight, I’ll be predictable.

To be honest, 2006 must have been a weird year. I actually had to look through about a half dozen directories before I found something that didn’t give me PTSD.

Work related, a couple of jobs ago, but time and selective amnesia had erased some of those memories. Nothing too nasty – an awards ceremony, folks I hadn’t thought of in probably fifteen years, an office move.

Damn! Good things there were planes too!

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Ice Ice Baby

In this case, a thin layer of it at about 30,000′, called cirrostratus nebulosus clouds.

Quite the pleasant surprise when you’re just going out to stretch your legs!

Other critters besides me were impressed. There was a pack of coyotes, sounded like a half dozen or more, howling away and carrying on something fierce. It sounded like they were down on the next street downhill from us to the west.

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DIY Silver Lining

It’s “suboptimal” at best to be sitting at my desk at 23:15, especially after having been here pretty much constantly, going like a demon, since about 08:15 this morning.

But if you have to make your own silver lining (and it doesn’t look like the cavalry is coming over the hill to do it for me any time soon) you can do worse than setting up the monitors on your secondary computer with this view.

On the left, the Shiodome Rail Tracks in Tokyo. (If you’re bored, try to use Google Earth to figure out exactly where the camera by matching up buildings and landmarks.) My son turned me on to this feed a while back since he was passing through there periodically. It’s very calming and the trains rumbling below are wonderful white noise.

On the right, Venice as seen from the Hotel Filu. This channel plays light classical music all the time (lots of Vivaldi, Pachelbel’s Canon in D, that sort of thing) and you can watch the boats go by. Tonight (my time) as I was working it was dawn in Venice, where the skies are clear and brisk and the sunset was wonderful!

Yes, very much places I would like to be rather than at this desk. One of these days…

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Last Light – Christmas 2021

As usual, we’re the last house on the block with our Christmas lights still up. There are a couple around the area, but not many. So the time has come.

I don’t know if I’ll actually get the lights down tomorrow, although they come down a lot faster than they go up. But the power needs to be cut tomorrow.

So, here’s last light for this year.

Let’s see what happens in 2022. Ten and a half months from now, will we even be in this house?

If so, I’ve got some ideas on where to add even more lights. Perhaps fewer commitments in 2022 will allow more time to do a more extravagant job.

If not, well, let’s just say that in the great Zillow hunt of 2022, one set of considerations includes how the roofline would look all lit up, how much roofline there is, how many other trees, bushes, and yard structures there are to cover in lights, whether the house is on a street where everyone within ten miles will see the glow on the horizon… You know, the usual things!

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Layers In The Troposphere

Sometimes, you just need to MAKE time to look at the clouds.

If you didn’t get to do that today, here, please, use some of mine!

Sometimes you’ll even spot a quarter moon hanging up there in the late afternoon.

Or a hawk or two, or crows, or crows harassing hawks, or a flock of goofy juncos taking their chance to bolt for cover while the crows are harassing the hawks.

Mostly today I saw layers. Some low, dark clouds, some puffy white stuff at about 5,000′, and some thin, icy streaks at about 15,000′.

It would have been a nice day for flying.

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