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Hello 2020

Since the sunset was nice enough to grace us again with pinks and oranges…

No sign of Venus behind those pink clouds tonight, but I have faith that it’s there!


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Goodbye 2019

The final sunset of 2019, the final sunset of the decade.

The colors didn’t suck. I wish the same could be said for the year, at least in the global sense.

The moon was up in the upper left, and Venus could clearly be seen peeking in and out of those cotton-candy clouds. Not sure it can be seen in the picture.

Happy New Year to all – let’s hope 2020 is full of lots of love and laughter. And a lot less of the other stuff that made the late 2010’s suck so badly.

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No Context For You – December 30th

As the end of 2019 (and the end of the decade? a pedantic rant for another day, perhaps) comes barreling at us like a runaway freight train, everyone’s doing those “best of the year” and “best of the decade” lists and on and on…

It’s too much work.

But, I did see one suggestion I liked. Instead of looking forward and making resolutions for 2020, look back to 2019 and see what happened that you never saw coming or never thought would come true.

Good one.

In my case, the answer to that was obvious. Since starting college, I’ve worked at four places and was at one of them for twenty-seven years. Being approached by a recruiter, following through the application, getting involved in the process, getting a new job and leaving the old one was ***HUGE*** for me. And before mid June I wouldn’t have thought it was likely in a million years.

What happened to you this year that came straight out of left field?

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Clear & A Million

There was a winter storm earlier last week (another one moving in tonight) and the snow level dropped down to about 3,000 feet. The mountains north of Camarillo go up well above that, so they got fresh snow. But yesterday was cloudless, “clear and a million” in flying parlance, and our P-51 Mustang was out on the ramp…

It would have been a spectacular day to go flying, but this aircraft is still well above my pay grade.

Something to work toward in 2020, even if they’re just baby steps.

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Moon & Venus Conjunction

A couple of gems in our sunset tonight. (tl;dr rant as always – if you missed it tonight, they’ll be there tomorrow night, just a little bit further apart, and Monday night a little further apart…)

I’m glad that this parade of winter storms has paused for an evening to let us see it!

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Never Too Many Christmas Lights

So, here’s the “new” lights I put up on the far side of the driveway this year, as seen from the back yard, looking toward the street, as I was doing the traditional Christmas Day BBQ last night:

A) Because they’re pretty and I like them, and;

B) Because all of a sudden instead of relaxing at this time of year, between the holiday and shopping and wrapping and trying to get the (late, late) cards done and in the mail and work and the budget and prepping for year-end close and the hangar and prepping for year-end close and annual audits for both coming at me like a freight train, I’m slightly busier than God, so posting a single picture and a (relatively) short rant, it’s all I have time for if I want to at least get five hours of sleep tonight… (wait, has this thing been on the whole time?)

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Christmas Day 2019

I hope that everyone had a Christmas Day that was as calm or exciting as they wanted or needed, with as much or as little drama as requested, and that everyone had been good (enough) this year so that Santa brought them what they wanted.

If you didn’t get everything you want, it’s never to early to start planning for next year.

Here’s a short video of our lights turning on:

And a picture of what it looks like after dark:

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, y’all!

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