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Says It All

A couple of months ago, the routine pictures Curiosity takes of its wheels (to inspect for damage) showed that there was a small stone caught up in the hollow wheel and traveling along with the rover on Mars.

Today they showed that it was still there:

I wondered:

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Long Day, Rising Moon

Long day, long week, too much adrenaline.

Closing up the office, cleaning crew already come and gone, heading toward the door, I noticed something bright off to the east.

I’m betting if I were up there looking back down here, I wouldn’t be wishing that I were down here.


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Blue Sky, Pink Clouds, White Moon

The moon was two days shy of being full tonight, which has it rising above the house into a twilight blue sky.

Above was a layer of clouds turning pink in the sunset.

Behind me, out of the west, I could hear a big jet on the way into Burbank, swinging way around to the west over Ventura County before heading straight in to Runway 8.

As the clouds began to fade to grey, the UPS Cargo 757 lined up and vanished into the east.

In minutes, the pink and blue faded, leaving only the cold, white reflected light from the lunar surface.


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Whisp O’ Blue Moon

The first edges of a storm were moving in this afternoon, drifting through the bluest of blue skies and fighting with the quarter-full daytime moon.

Moments like this are why I love having a high-quality digital camera in my pocket just about 24/7. The fact that it can also be used as a supercomputer and a phone are just gravy.


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Some Excellent ISS Passes Coming To SoCal This Week

…and I guarantee I won’t see a single one of them!

Magnitude -3.7? That’s like 747-on-final-approach bright!

72° peak above the horizon? Nice & high, trivially easy to spot!

Almost six minutes from horizon to horizon? SWEET!

Rising at 5:07 AM? My ass will be warm, comfy, and ASLEEP IN BED!

As Dirty Harry said, “A man’s got to know his limitations!”

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Sunset + Airport + Moon + Contrail

That about sums it up!



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Sunset On Trappist-1e


It’s only forty light-years away! I’m ready to go!!

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