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Off At A Con

I’ll have to tell you more about it tomorrow or Sunday. I flew up to San Jose this evening and saw the most AMAZING sunset between two layers of clouds.


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Sleeping With The Window Open

It’s that time here in SoCal. It’s probably a coincidence that it also happened as the shift to Daylight Saving Time started, but last night it was warm enough to sleep with the window open

I understand that from Kansas City to the Carolinas to Chicago to Maine it’s snowing like hell. New York City was expecting 14″ to 18″ in the last NWS bulletin I saw this morning.

Chicago’s getting a good blast of snow also – after having the┬áleast amount of snow ever recorded in the months of January and February. Starting December 18th, O’Hare got 0.7 inches of snow total until March 11th. Normally they would have well over 24″ in that time period.

After five years of drought in California, the worst in over a hundred years, this year out of nowhere we got the wettest winter on record.

If climate change is a Chinese hoax (as our Idiot-In-Chief has stated), they’re doing a great job. If only there were a more simple theory, perhaps backed up by decades of scientific research…

Meanwhile, a week after I had the furnace going to only be a little bit frozen, it hit 90┬░ today and we’ll be sleeping with the windows open again.

It’s so much more special that way when the raccoons howl and the skunks get spooked in the neighbor’s yard.


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I’ve seen worse. I grew up in the midwest where we had thunderstorms and tornadoes that would turn your world upside down in an instant. I’ve been in Vermont, Vrigina, Illinois, and New York where it rained harder. With lightning and thunder to boot.

We even got caught in the remnants of a hurricane once, driving from Maine to Boston at night. We literally couldn’t see twenty feet and there was so much water we wouldn’t have been able to tell if we had gone off the road into a river. That’s how you take a two hour drive and turn it into a six hour nightmare.

But for LA, this was the worst in many, many years.

I had the iPhone up against the glass to minimize any reflections from inside the office. The sound year hear is the rain hitting the window sideways in the 50 to 70 knot wind gusts.

The “best” part was feeling the big plate glass window flex with every gust. I’m sure it wasn’t really moving a couple of centimeters in each direction, but it felt like it.

You gotta love rain in LA.


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Convective Activity

After a morning of low clouds and a bit of drizzle, it cleared out nicely at Camarillo Airport. To the north of in a band from Santa Barbara east across Ohai, Santa Paula, Santa Clarita, and down into the San Fernando Valley, the unstable air got heated, rose, started condensing into clouds, which in turn released energy, which in turn caused more condensation and clouds, which…


Nice flying at CMA – but don’t fly to the north or east in that little plane!


Santa Paula Airport (KSPZ) was over under this thunderstorm, which pretty much just parked there for several hours. NOT a good day to be flying in to or out of KSPZ!


Just before sunset, with the sun at our back setting in a clear blue sky while it was still raining over Santa Paula, physics and the optical properties of water droplets in the atmosphere took their natural course.


Someone was nice enough to leave our F6F-5 Hellcat sitting out there to look gorgeous in the sunset light along with that colorful optical illusion.

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High Flying Ice

There was a stream of high-altitude ice passing by when I went out for a walk at lunch today.


The sundog was clearly visible on the right (west) side as I went out.


There was no sign of anything on the left (east) side.


But by the time I had walked around the block, the sundog to the left of the sun could be seen.


But now there was nothing to be seen on the right.

Maybe next time we’ll get to see both of them together.


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You Can’t Have One Without The Other

The Universe is funny like that.


Too many of us never quite figure it out.


Today was a good day to remember that. Tomorrow will be too.

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Take Time To Look Up

It was a “nose to the wheel, shoulder to the grindstone” sort of day. Working at the computer on my desk, my back is to the windows. I tend to take a glance every now and then, but today it was more “then” than “now.” Our new intern stopped by for something and said that it was beautiful out on my side of the building with the sun coming out and the clouds clearing.

She was not inaccurate.


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