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Snow To The North

I understand that snow isn’t that big of a deal to most folks – it happens at least every now and then. Even here in La La Land it’s right there in the mountains for several months of every year and you can see the snowy mountains from time to time, and there are ski resorts within a two or three hour drive of downtown LA.

But the snow level doesn’t always get as low as 3,000 feet. When it does, for a couple of days every few years, the lower mountains that surround all of our valleys and coastal areas can get several inches and look picture postcard like for a day or two

Looking north from Camarillo Airport, you can see the mountains north of Ojai, Santa Paula, and Fillmore.

Hines Peak and other smaller mountains in the area go up to about 6,300 feet, more than high enough to pick up some decent snow accumulations.

Beyond them, Mt. Pinos goes up to 8,848′ and can often have snow until late spring.

This morning at the hangar it all looked very scenic. Then an afternoon and evening of soaking rain came and I’m sure the snow will all be gone below about 7,000′ by morning. But for the Sierra and ski resorts up above 10,000′ it will be an excellent start to the ski season!

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Here It Comes

The holidays?

Well, yes, alright. There’s that. I can use the time off. But in about six hours, we’re going to get hit with this:

(Image from NOAA Hi-Def Radar app)

That should make the morning commute just…beyond description.

At least we’re not trying to drive a long way or get on a plane this weekend. Given the multiple large storms hitting the West Coast, Denver, the upper Midwest, New England, it’s going to be a good weekend to shelter in place.

Be safe out there, folks!

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Wind & Fire

The Santa Ana winds have started blowing again in Southern California. (As you no doubt have heard, in Northern California the winds have also been howling and the despicable and criminally stupid officials of PG&E have turned off the power to 1,000,000+ people for several days in order to avoid liability for any brush fires that might be sparked when their horribly poorly maintained system starts breaking and dropping  live power lines into dry brush. But I digress…)

My first reaction when I got home this afternoon was the “Hawkeye Pierce” go-to response for me – humor:

“Wind damage at our house – be strong, we will rebuild!”

This had been hanging by a cup hook but twisting in the 35 to 50 knot winds it had literally unscrewed itself and fallen. Hadn’t seen that before.

Yes, there were a couple of branches down in our yard. And on the way home I had seen three separate spots where streets or business driveways were blocked by fallen trees.

But our power was still on. This barely rose to the level of “inconvenience.” Nothing like everyone who was trying to deal with a multi-day blackout caused by bureaucratic incompetence, greed, and stupidity.

Then the fires started here in SoCal. (Fortunately, nothing near us. We had enough of that shit last year, thank you very much!)

Other areas haven’t been so lucky:

Welcome to California in the era of climate change.

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Purplish Sunsets

Some people have noticed a more purple hue to a lot of sunrises and sunsets recently. This seems to be due (“they” think) to dust and sulfur in the atmosphere from a volcanic eruption in Russia. I noticed it to be very prominent in the sunrises and sunsets when I was out in the desert last month.

Even in the last few days here in LA it’s still a visible effect.

Even when you stop down the lens to not blow out the exposure, it’s still there, although not as saturated.

Nice gradient you’ve got there!

What color is your sunset?

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On All Day

After a long day of being “on” from the word “go” with staff out sick and critical deadlines that had to be met anyway and meetings that I had to be prepared for and even more “ON!” for…

…it was wonderfully calm and cool with a little breeze and there were lines of puffy clouds when I finally fled the office.

Both west and east. I wished that I could be a hawk and go up and spin and circle through them just for the joy of it.

Instead I was just the geeky, weird dude standing in the parking lot taking pictures of clouds and making the other folks in the building think that maybe they should avoid sharing an elevator with me because who knows what other bizarre, non-conventional, freakish behaviors I might be capable of.

Their loss.

They also didn’t bother to notice the clouds.

How droll to be them!

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Wishing For Rain

We have some monsoonal moisture moving into the area with a Pacific hurricane developing several hundred miles off the coast of Baja. I’m hoping that it could bring us a bit of rain here in LA, but that’s highly unlikely. There may be some pop-up thunderstorms in the mountains and deserts, but not where we are.

What it did bring is a slightly better than boring sunset. I’ll take what I can get. Especially with what’s going on with Hurricane Dorian over the Bahamas tonight and potentially over Florida in the next 24-48 hours.

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Ring Around The Sun (With BBQ)

It seems that the weekends are distinguished from the weekdays only in that they slightly less hectic and crazed and busy. Not relaxing, not calm, not restful, merely the thinnest of shades less exhausting.

This weekend we managed to squeeze in a quick BBQ in 102° heat.

With the kids all grown up and moved out, the grill often seems a little empty and lonely. There’s some joy to be found in having a crowd over and milling about with beverages in hand, conversation bouncing all over the yard, and a jam-packed grill sizzling along with a second shift of assorted fare ready to go on as soon as the first round is off to the table.

While it was hot, there was a thin layer of high clouds. It made it a pain to see the ISS pass later that evening, but there was a nice 22 degree halo around the sun when I turned around from the grill.

It’s the little things. You’ve got to take them when you can find them.

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