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Three Days Out & Counting

This would be fantastic weather on Monday:

This, not so much, although very pretty:

This was a very cool place to visit, even worth the 3.5 hour drive each way from Kansas City:

Much more about it, of course, when I’ve got a few minutes to breathe. Which won’t be this weekend, I expect.

Interesting to note that even in Hutchison, KS, over 200 miles from Monday’s path of totality, and every ten to fifteen miles all the way there and back on the interstate highways, were electronic signs (the kind used in LA to warn of a freeway accident, closure, or Amber Alert) flashing, “Solar eclipse August 21st – Expect additional traffic.”

I’m not surprised to see that here, in or near the path of totality. But 200 miles away??!

Three days out and counting…

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Once More Into The Sunset!

If the sky’s going to keep lobbing softballs up there for me to hit, I’ll keep swinging!

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On The Edge Of A Summer Storm Cell

We don’t get a lot of these in La-La Land, but I try to enjoy them when we do.

I was trying to get home in time to close the windows on the van – the heavy rain started when I was about three blocks away. As it does.

After running around and getting damp, I went back in for one of the good cameras and an umbrella. (These shots are from the cell phone – the “best” camera is the one you have in your hand when you need to take the picture.)

It only rained hard for about ten minutes, then passed on to our west, part of a whole lot of tropical moisture wrapping itself counterclockwise around a low somewhere way to the south of us. That put “our” shower between us and the sun at sunset – we know what that means!

(Image: National Weather Service)

There was some thunder heard while I was out there, which makes sense given that bright red and orange and yellow spot over house at about that time.

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Sky Archipelago 

That’s wide open airspace out in that direction – time to get an ultralight or glider and go island hopping!

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Beams Of Sun

No rain, but lots of high, broken clouds in just the right places at sunset.

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Sunset Don’t Know…

…that the world’s on fire.

It’s just a sunset…

…doing what a sunset…

…has got to do.

The rabbits were out in force tonight on the lawn while I was taking these.

Do the rabbits ever look up with awe and wonder at the sunset?

We’re stuck between the rabbits and the sunsets…

…aware and intelligent enough to appreciate and recognize their beauty, but too short sighted and stupid to bother to watch because we’re busy destroying the planet and our society.

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Blue Sky, Pink Clouds, White Moon

The moon was two days shy of being full tonight, which has it rising above the house into a twilight blue sky.

Above was a layer of clouds turning pink in the sunset.

Behind me, out of the west, I could hear a big jet on the way into Burbank, swinging way around to the west over Ventura County before heading straight in to Runway 8.

As the clouds began to fade to grey, the UPS Cargo 757 lined up and vanished into the east.

In minutes, the pink and blue faded, leaving only the cold, white reflected light from the lunar surface.


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