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Panorama Playtime – March 27th

If you follow the instructions, move your iPhone in a slow, steady pace, keep it in the vertical plane, better yet use a tripod, then you’ll get a nice, wide, perfect panorama.

If you don’t give a crap about the rules…

(Click to enlarge to full size!)

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Storm Panorama

Another day of rain (which is good, we’re in a drought year – AGAIN), but no hail here today, although there was a couple of inches of it up in Simi Valley, just a few miles to our northwest.

What we did get here that we didn’t yesterday was lightning and thunder, which I dearly, dearly love.

Panoramic view of thunderstorm clouds(Click to open up full sized)

It was widely scattered, so there were huge swaths of deep blue skies with blindingly white, puffy clouds (on the left, to our south over Malibu) while just a few miles to our northwest, all that hail was being dumped on Simi Valley. That convective cell in the center-right was one of several that rolled over us, rattling the house with thunder every couple of hours, occasionally soaking us.

It was not a boring weather day.

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Eastern Panorama

The panorama function on the iPhone is amazing, but it can give some weird fisheye lens effects.

Our view down the hill, through the trees (where the owls and unexplained foreign quail hang out) and off toward the east. If you find the right spot through the trees you can see all the way to Griffith Observatory just north of downtown LA.

That sidewalk? It’s actually a circle around the backyard and from this point stretches out to my left and right behind me, back toward the house. So while it looks like I’m standing at the top of a deep ravine cutting into the hillside, in fact it’s convex, not concave.

Optics, FTW!

Have a quiet weekend, folks. God knows that I’m exhausted and can use a couple days off, with a short week and a four-day weekend ahead. I feel like I’m just barely going to make it to the finish line. I’m sure many (most?) of you know the feeling.

Keep breathing. One step at a time. Don’t panic!


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Puffy Cloud Panorama

After adrenaline comes the crash and exhaustion…

And then more adrenaline…

A couple of weather systems have been moving through SoCal this weekend, bringing the season’s first snow up over the Grapevine, a few showers around the area (I don’t think we’ve gotten a drop, damn it!) which can be hazardous and cause mudslides in those recently burned areas, made it windy as hell, and brought the temperatures way down near freezing at night.

It’s the winds that are probably responsible for knocking out the power three times at the office. Since it was out long enough and often enough to outlast all of the Uninterruptable Power Supplies and kill the server and my office computer, I got to panic and run in to bring everything online again so I can hit my deadlines for tomorrow.

It’s a hell of a drug.

So is sleep. Or so I hear, at least.

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Halloween Karma

Earlier today I was bemoaning the fact that the gods seemed to be mocking us quite deliberately. In past years, whenever possible, we would take several telescopes and binoculars out into the front yard on Halloween and show folks some planets and such while handing out candy. We lived on a street with lots of traffic, flat, just a few houses down from the elementary school, and we would always get a crowd. But we didn’t even try to do that last year since no one comes by this house for Halloween, which is on at the very top of a REALLY steep hill with almost no through traffic.

But tonight… Tonight would have been perfect. All day it’s been clear as a bell, not a cloud in the sky. And while some years there wasn’t anything too big and bright and easy to look at, tonight there’s Jupiter and Saturn and Mars and a full Moon!

Laughing gods suck.

“Fortunately,” it clouded up a bit. Which eased the sting a little. And gave us a nice sunset to send off October.

(click to see full sized image and scroll through it)

And once all was said and done, we never got a single trick-or-treater at our door. Not surprising – two years ago we only got two or three, last year we got zero, and this year with have COVID on top of it.

Tonight we turn our clocks back to end Daylight Saving Time, and then there’s something coming up on Tuesday that might cause some sturm und drang.

Hold on, folks. Here we go…

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Music City Panorama

(Click to embiggenate to the max)

Standing on the corner of 1st Street & Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles last night. The Disney Concert Hall is at the left, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (the south end of the Music Center) on the right. Just off to the far right of this view, down the hill, is the iconic Los Angeles City Hall.

The Ives 3rd Symphony was interesting, particularly after watching much of a pre-concert talk being given in the DCH lobby about Ives. There is so much I don’t know about him or his music. I’ll have to correct that.

The Dvorak 9th Symphony (the “New World” Symphony) was beyond words, spectacular, amazing, fantastic, ausgezeichnet, mind blowing… To hear it in that almost acoustically perfect space, with the LA Philharmonic giving it their all, and the energetic Gustavo Dudamel conducting… If you can listen to that without being moved to tears of joy, we probably can’t be friends.

Even if you’re not a classical music fan… Even if you can’t see it at the Disney Concert Hall or its like… Even if you can’t see it performed by the LA Philharmonic or an equivalent group… Even if it’s a high school band in the gym and you’re only there because your hair dresser’s kid is playing third flute…

Go see the New World Symphony performed live. It’s a bucket list item.

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Another Early Morning View From The Hangar

Taken the same day as last week, just a different view.

(Click to enlarge)

From left to right, the A6M3 Zero, the P-51 Mustang, the F8 Bearcat, the (red) F-24, and the F6 Hellcat.

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Early Morning At The Hangar

When you get there early, before everyone else, you can go talk to the planes all by yourself.

(Click to view full sized image)

  • From left to right:
  • Navion (silver)
  • F-24 (red)
  • P-47 Thunderbolt (in restoration)
  • F8 Bearcat (in front)
  • F6 Hellcat (in back, mostly just the prop showing to the left of the F8’s tail)
  • A6M3 Zero (green & gold, behind the P-51)
  • P-51 Mustang

Enjoy the silence.

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Panoramic Hockey

This will be quick – I just came up for air from being buried in accounting and righteous indignation on social media and realized it’s 23:59

Again, from last Saturday.

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Super Bowl Champions Monday

We won.

There was BBQ at our house because, well… Kansas City! BBQ! Duh!

(Click to enlarge.)

There was some tension being behind by ten points with only about eight minutes left – but you have seen us play, right? Like, really?

There was champagne that we had been saving for a special occasion, and they don’t get just a whole lot more special than this.

There was hanging out and celebrating and watching Andy Reid get his awards and Patrick Mahomes get his and everyone else looking at wedding pictures.

See you next year, same time, same place – back to back!

(And pitchers and catchers report in eight days…)

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