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Sunset – Winter Solstice 2022

(Click to enlargenate!)

The winter solstice was about seven hours ago. Tomorrow, in the Northern Hemisphere, the daylight will last for a few seconds longer. South of the equator, the days will start getting shorter.

For us in the north, the light returns, the cycle repeats, the journey moves onward.

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Christmas Lights – Crowds & Coasters

Unseasonably warm, bright lights, nice crowds, ill-advised life decisions that made perfect sense forty years ago…

Fun times!

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Music Center Panorama

From Saturday.

(Click it – blow it up.)

The full moon and Jupiter on the far left, LA City Hall lit up in red, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion center left, the fountains in the Music Center Plaza, and the Mark Taper Forum.

The search for the “forever home” is on and unless there’s a lottery jackpot out there, Los Angeles is out.

But I will miss this and its like.

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Plan C

Okay, we’re not going to write that one. Not a good night after a long Monday to rip that psychic bandaid off in public.

So then the freakin’ muse (bitch!) pushes us to write THAT one. Um, a couple hundred words in … NO! I don’t care how much I like that song and how it inspires and it’s probably something I need to write sooner rather than later. Not. Today.

No new lizard pictures? No, Gandalf was out there again and still on duty, but I didn’t have my phone or a camera with me. (Okay, so that’s burying the lede! I didn’t have my phone with me??!!)

So what’s Plan C?

I took hundreds of pictures in Chicago, there must be something that I haven’t already posted, right? Here, have a panorama from downtown on Wacker Drive, just across the street from our hotel, next to the river on the right.

Mañana, y’all.

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An Excellent Sunset

On this somewhat disturbing day, especially in the US, there was a very, very nice sunset in LA.

(Click image to see it in full-sized and in all of its gloriosity!)

A bit after quarter moon up there on the left above the semi-shredded tree, all the way around past 180º to the pink, cotton candy puffs above the garage.

Thanks, powers that be! I needed that today.

Tomorrow’s another day to be brave, even if we don’t feel brave.

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Long Weekend

It’s a three-day, holiday weekend in the US, but I’m not sure that has anything to do with the stars aligning and loading up the social calendar. Maybe. I don’t know. I think that’s well above my pay grade.

Last night we were back at the Ahmanson Theatre, this time for “Hadestown.”

Utterly spectacular! From the first words out of Hermes’ mouth to the last toast to Orpheus, I was totally enraptured. It was an absolute delight.

(Panorama – click to see full sized.)

This afternoon we went down to the sea in Redondo Beach to meet friends for lunch.

I only had a few minutes before lunch to wander around the marina with camera in hand, looking for the storks, seagulls, pelicans, and harbor seals that I could see and hear off in the distance. I didn’t really find them. But there were boats. LOTS of boats.

Holes in the water that you pour money into.

But cheaper than planes. (But planes are better and worth it!)


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East, West, And In Between

At the east end along Grand, the LA Cathedral.

At the west end, the Disney Concert Hall.

In between, our destination for tonight, The Music Center.

We’re seeing “The Leman Trilogy.” I have no clue about what to expect. It will be fun.

(And yes, those people in the panorama looked JUST LIKE THAT! It’s LA…)

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Another Year 2022

I went to my first professional rugby game tonight, the LA Giltinis hosting the San Diego Legion.

A fun game, with the Giltinis winning 26-13. I only understand the big picture on the rules and I’m totally ignorant of about 99% of the nuances and fine details, but it was still a fun experience!

The Los Angeles Coliseum has hosted two Olympics, the LA Rams, at one point way back the LA Dodgers, and for decades the USC Trojans. It seats 93,607 currently. The Giltinis drew maybe 2,000 today, so it’s an interesting experience in a stadium that big.

It was a fun day.

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Wild Weather

We didn’t get much actually AT our house, but you can see one of the nastier cells moving by to our west and south.

This cell dropped a pretty good load of hail in Calabasas where one of my daughters teaches high school, then went on to cause some havoc down by Santa Monica Airport and then LAX. I happened to be listening to ATC for Burbank at the time and they were getting folks diverting there who had intended to go to Santa Monica and then thought better of it. Later on I saw that some of the big commercial jets, instead of coming straight in from the east onto the runways for LAX were heading 20-30 miles north up over Covina before looping back down to catch the glideslope just because of a long tail of nasty showers and hail stretching from Long Beach to Pasadena.

It was in the mid 90’s here on Sunday for the Super Bowl – today it looked like it has snowed at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena there was so much hail.

We got a smattering of rain and it was thirty to thirty-five degrees colder than it was two days ago. Almost like East Coast weather…

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An “Empty” Hangar

Well, “empty” in the sense that I was the only one in there as I was locking up at the end of the day.

Not empty in the sense that I was surrounded by incredible aircraft!

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