Plan C

Okay, we’re not going to write that one. Not a good night after a long Monday to rip that psychic bandaid off in public.

So then the freakin’ muse (bitch!) pushes us to write THAT one. Um, a couple hundred words in … NO! I don’t care how much I like that song and how it inspires and it’s probably something I need to write sooner rather than later. Not. Today.

No new lizard pictures? No, Gandalf was out there again and still on duty, but I didn’t have my phone or a camera with me. (Okay, so that’s burying the lede! I didn’t have my phone with me??!!)

So what’s Plan C?

I took hundreds of pictures in Chicago, there must be something that I haven’t already posted, right? Here, have a panorama from downtown on Wacker Drive, just across the street from our hotel, next to the river on the right.

Mañana, y’all.

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Filed under Panorama, Photography, Travel

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