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Favorite Pictures – August 03rd

Have I mentioned that I take a **LOT** of pictures? (Hint — I have)

As proof that if you do that, eventually you’ll take one that just pops, where you look at it and say, “Damn! I took that picture and it’s just about perfect!”

Here’s one of those that I took.

September 2008, Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, Madison, Illinois


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Someplace Special – August 02nd


Kaiserslautern, specifically, a city of about 100,000 near the French border in southwestern Germany.

I only had a day to spend there, visiting my son as I was on my way to Prague and later Brussels with my Pepperdine MBA class. But I had always wanted to visit Germany and enjoyed the one day I had wandering around this mid-sized town. Even on foot we in the central city we visited several churches and cathedrals (despite my conflicts with organized religion per se, I’m still a sucker for unique architecture and stained glass) and there were fountains all over the place, some traditional, some more modern and whimsical.

I can’t wait to get back to Germany and see more of the country. I’m thinking one of those tours where you go over and pick up your new BMW at the factory, drive it around Germany for a couple of weeks…

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Favorite Pictures – July 23rd

Have I mentioned that I take a **LOT** of pictures? (Hint — I have)

As proof that if you do that, eventually you’ll take one that just pops, where you look at it and say, “Damn! I took that picture and it’s just about perfect!”

Here’s one of those that I took.

August, 2009 – Stowe, Vermont

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Silly Twitter Ads

On the one hand, it’s sort of impressive (in a Big Brother’s watching, creepy sort of way, but I completely understand how it’s done and there’s potentially as much good as evil, so I’ll let it stand) how Twitter is able to track where you are and insert ads based on that.

For example, when I went to visit the Norfolk / Virginia Beach area at the beginning of June I started to immediately get ads in my Twitter feed for businesses in the northeast Virginia area. (The Twitter app saw what network I was connected to, communicated that back to the mother ship, and Mother started feeding ads for that area – simple.)

At risk of giving them ideas though, I have to wonder at the TYPE of ads I got. Almost all of them were for things like car dealerships, utilities, industrial consultants, and so on. With all of the data they have, why aren’t they about 99.9% sure that I live in Southern California? (I mean, simply based on where I’m always connected from, down to the cell tower(s) nearest my home and office.) And if that’s the case and I suddenly vanish for five hours and then show up in Virginia, how hard is it to figure out that I’m travelling? It’s probably irrelevant for a first cut analysis to know if I’m travelling for business or pleasure.

If you know I’m travelling, why would I want a utility company? Or a car dealership? Or a light industrial park real estate ad? How about restaurants? Tourist traps? Theaters?

As invasive and even more creepy as that might be, it might actually be useful.

But then, here I am back at home, well over a month later, and I’m still getting ads like this:

DelMarVa Power?!

Sure, I would love to save energy and money. But for this ad to have anything to do with my reality I would have to have be spending at least $0.01 on power or gas or water or some sort of utility in the Delaware – Maryland – Virginia area.

To repeat, I’ve been back in Los Angeles for over a month.

For an app that has functions that can be really clever, this one can be pretty freakin’ stupid at the same time!

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Someplace Special – July 06th

Boston, MA

Near the end of the Freedom Trail, after you cross the Charles River but before the walk up to Breed’s Hill and the Bunker Hill monument, you’ll find the USS Constitution.

If you ever get a chance to get to Boston, it is MOST HIGHLY recommended that you set aside the better part of a full day to walk the Freedom Trail in its entirety. It’s only a couple of miles, you could do it in an hour or less if you were just walking, but you can easily spend all day looking at everything along the way.

Do it.

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Taken on the beach in Virginia Beach two weeks ago.

Looks like fun!

Probably a skill level here that I’m not at.

Of course, my first thought went to how warm the water might be. (No clue.)

And in my case, fun and excitement need to balance with all of those potential drowning issues.

This guy just had MAD skills, cruised on the breezes like it was in his DNA. (Plus, his mouth can hold more than his belly can!)

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No Context For You – June 21st


How…industrial. With a touch of something biological down in that hinge, something that I’m just as glad that I didn’t touch.

As I was taught by Kevin MacNamara in high school, “Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things.”

Kevin had a great deal of wisdom.


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