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We Plan, God Laughs

Some days…

We have hopes, dreams, plans to achieve them, and we get frustrated when there’s little or no progress.

Then all of  a sudden it seems to all start happen at once. That’s good.

Then an hour or two later you see something that just proves that God is laughing at you, and not even being particularly subtle about it.

The odds are excellent that the BIG possibility (a house) doesn’t work out. But the odds of it actually happening aren’t zero.

No place is perfect. One of the things I notice in the Zillow pictures is that there aren’t any roses.

But there’s a big, circular driveway with plenty of room for roses to be planted.

That “issue” can be fixed.

If everything miraculously falls into place (it won’t, don’t worry, I’m not building up unwarranted expectations) we’ll have something to look forward to.

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A Multitude Of Colors

Even on the grey and cloudy days (which seem to be the only kind we’ve had for weeks) the wide array of colors over here can always bring a smile.

That’s probably going to be needed tomorrow and the rest of the week. Remember, tomorrow’s Tuesday, or in this case, Monday^2. It’s almost not worth having a three-day weekend. Almost!

Be good out there, keep smiling, and be kind. Everyone else is in the same boat and you don’t know what they’re going through, so cut people some slack.

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Rose Petal Gradient

I might have let this one get past its prime by a day or two, but I’ve been admiring it every day when I go out to the yard.

Don’t worry, there’s another one coming down there, we’ll see if it shows the same pattern and coloration.

This one was spectacular, yellow in the center, pink and purple at the edges, with a subtle gradient from one to the other.

There’s also a lot of very fine detail in the petals, darker purple lines in the pale gold.

And all of those pistels in the middle! The bees have had a field day with these, which is a GOOD thing.

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Less Pain Day

Thank god for drugs.

Not gonna lie, yesterday was unpleasant. But I’m happy to say that by this afternoon the discomfort is just that, a nagging minor ache, and biting down on the affected tooth (accidentally, I assure you, still eating everything on the other side, very carefully) is sore and a reminder to not do that, not an invitation to passing out. I even got to eat a normal dinner, my first real food in about five or six days other than scrambled eggs, broth, bananas, or cottage cheese.

Tomorrow the plan is to start cutting back drastically on the pain meds. I appreciate what they do, but I’m a firm believer in paying attention to the “as needed” warning.

The pleasant surprise of the day was this batch of bright red flowers around the mailbox. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before.

(This, of course, guarantees that there are at least two posts here, probably about this time of year, where I said the exact same thing and posted extremely similar pictures. I’m consistant, if nothing else.)

Whatever they are, they’re lovely! Some kind of roses, maybe, but not like the ones over by the driveway? Time for a little research.

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Iceplant Flowers 1-2-3

The iceplant is in bloom. As always, they’re spectacular.

How many there are depends on your perspective.

And how close you are.

And how zoomed in you are.

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The Rosy Side Of The Driveway

Last year was “thin” for roses – not getting any water will do that. They’re on a drip system, but even that was cut back to two days a week with the water rationing measures in place in SoCal.

This year, after near record rainfall over the winter, rain STILL coming very late in the year and well past the end of the rainy season, and use of the sprinklers again authorized when it’s not raining:

There are still a couple of little holdouts there in the middle, but I have faith that they’ll get their act together and start contributing soon. Or maybe they’re holding out for all of the others to bloom and fade so that they can then have the stage to themselves.

Roses are so tempremental!

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Potential Fulfilled

A pair of rose buds made me think about “potential” a few days ago. Now that potential is coming to fruition.

The roses go from buds filled with potential to gloriously beautiful flowers just by existing, although I’m sure there’s more to it that behind the scenes in the operation of the Universe. For you and I, the potential’s a little harder to conver to glory and beauty.

If only it was as easy as the roses make it seem.

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A Bevy Of Broses

This plant went off all of a sudden and there were seven bright pink and white flowers with another threatening to pop.

As with the old kid’s joke, these were “broses” – they had “B”s in them!

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Yesterday I looked back on the last ten years of “We Love The Stars Too Fondly” and the last year in particular. Today, let’s look to the future.

I saw these when I went out to go to the grocery store today and my immediate first thought was that they symbolized “potential” to me. You know it’s there, it’s a rose bush, it’s produced spectacular flowers in the past. But now, with these two buds just starting to swell and burst with color, you can get that first glimpse of the true potential there.

Let’s hope the upcoming year(s) are also like that.

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Barren Tree & Bush Follow-Up

I was out re-filling the hummingbird feeders and there was something about the late afternoon light that really drew my attention to the big tree in the back yard.

A couple months ago this tree was unexpectedly almost leafless, which is unusual. Possibly caused by the drought and super dry summer, but it’s come back strong.

The bougainvillea bush back there was also surprisingly barren in mid February. It has come back a bit, but nowhere near as well as the big tree has. It’s at maybe 50% to 60% of normal. You can still see the gas meter back under there. (When we moved in it took me a major search to figure out where that meter was hidden because of how full and lush this bush was. Not now!) We’ll see what more sun does for it, as long as I keep it watered.

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