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Nice Depth Of Field

The color saturation’s pretty good too. Some days it’s better to be lucky than good.

FYI, things seem to be heating up a bit so far as the schedule is concerned, so you might be seeing more of these “one picture, one caption” posts for a while.

We’ll see.

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How Are The Roses Doing?

We’ve seen a couple of them, but almost all of them are blooming at some point or the other. Maybe I’ll get back to this year’s crop, but for now we’re hip deep in new birds and various critters…

So I played a bit with focus and depth of field.

Best compromise for an elongated, vertical field.


Middle of the depth of field…

Distant field of view…

Next thing you know, folks will think that I know what I’m doing!

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Flowers – Evening Primrose

A week or so ago I talked about a new patch of flowers that I had found around the corner of the house, partially hidden from normal view, a surprise after three years of living here.

The little daisy-like flowers on the right-hand side were featured in that earlier post.

Over on the left were more of these – a LOT more.

There are a couple of them down by the mailbox, but I didn’t know what they were. And there are literally just five or six flowers down there. Here there are dozens of them.

I’m not as good with flowers as I am with birds, so I finally dug around today and found a nice online site for ID’s my photography subjects.

These apparently are “evening primrose.”

I suspect if I put a time lapse camera they would be pointing the opposite direction about 10:00 when the sun pops over that fence to their east, and over the course of the day they would move to track the sun.

At the interface between the little, tiny daisies and the evening primrose.

Tucked way in the back are two baby palm trees. I’m pretty certain they weren’t planted here deliberately – more likely to be the spawn of some of those huge palms across the street that you see in every astrophotography picture of the western horizon. Give it twenty or thirty years and they’ll be fifty feet tall, just like their parents. (And destroying that fence behind them.)

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Flowers – May 04th

Coming up on three years next week that we’ve been renting this house and there are still surprises.

Around the corner of the front yard where I rarely go unless a circuit breaker has tripped or I’m putting up Christmas lights, I’ve found this huge patch of flowers.

I’ve never seen the flowers blooming like this, or even at all over in this somewhat hidden corner. There’s a  big patch of bare dirt over here, and I always thought this area was just some sort of ground cover.

I don’t know what sort of flowers these are, although I might guess that the white and yellow ones are some sort of daisy? I don’t know about the smaller reddish and yellow ones.

These are partially hidden from the sidewalk as well, especially for a short dude such as myself. The house and yard are up on an embankment from the sidewalk and I might or might not see them from the street. The flowers might be in bloom for a very short period. Or I might simply be going full Charlie Gordon in my old age.

But they were pretty this weekend!

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Flowers – April 25th

Yesterday I showed that the pink roses were back. In addition to the one that had fully bloomed there was a bud just starting to open.

I don’t know if this one, on the same bosh, will get a chance to display it’s whole rosy goodness. There’s a little rain coming through tonight (which we desperately need) which might mess with it, but more to the point, there’s some strong winds coming through.

That cold front in general and the winds in particular will not only potentially mess with this young rose, but is likely to cause a weather delay in tomorrow’s Atlas V rocket launch out of Vandenberg up the California coast about 150 miles.

I had hoped to go up to see that launch, but given the weather, the way I’m feeling after this weekend (which is a good thing, mind you, but still), the odds of a scrub and delay, my workload this week, my appointments for the rest of the week – it’s a lot, so I’m thinking the smart move might be to skip seeing another launch.


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Flowers – April 24th

The pink roses have joined the party.

I wish I could look at these in the infrared – aren’t there patterns or markings in the IR that bees see that we don’t?

The bees rule the front yard flowers. Nothing out here for the hummingbirds.

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Flowers – April 20th

Lavender Trumpet Vine

These vines are climbing the support posts on the outside patio and it’s time for them to be blooming. At least some of them are.

A big section was torn down by the idiot squirrels  as they climbed the vines and support posts in quest of the bird feeders. The squirrels are NOT my friends.

The hummingbirds on the other hand love these. The feeder is right near them but sometimes gets defended by a particularly aggressive male, so these are excellent alternative feeding sites.

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Flowers – April 15th

Normally we would all be sweating to get our tax returns (or extensions) filed in the US today – but hey, thanks to that little pandemic thing, we get another 32 days!

So instead, let’s look at what pops out of the ice plant growing along the chain link fence at the edge of our property.

Yes, they really, really are that bright!

They only bloom for a few days around this time of year.

The bees love them – surprisingly to me, the hummingbirds don’t seem to ever touch them.

I figured that before the invention of hummingbird feeders (and, you know, humans) the little buzzbombs would have feasted on something like this!

If so, then they’re doing it in an extremely stealthy fashion.

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Flowers – April 13th

Where was I before I went off on a rant? Flowers or birds? Lizards?


Not from Texas. These are next to the driveway.

The first of the season to pop out – won’t be the last if this year is anything like last year.

No secrets of the universe here, nothing profound. Just a tiny bit of a reminder that beautiful things exist in the world and we need to pay attention to them every now and then, even if it’s just for a minute while spending the day battling the Forces of Evil.

Fight on!

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Flowers – April 08th

Flowers and birds, all from our yard. It’s spring. Again. And we’re still spending 99.99% of our time in quarantine at home. Again. (The other 0.01% of the time is when I go out to get groceries or pick up the CAF mail at the hangar every other week.)

These are popping up next to the mailbox – some are heartier than others, fighting for space with some sort of decorative desert drought-resistant plant.

The bees seem to love them. I can see why.

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