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The Final Roses

As the comet fades and vanishes from our skies (but remember, with binoculars you should still be able to spot it for a couple of weeks!) so do the roses that grow next to the driveway.

It’s gotten hot and dry in SoCal, and while these get some drip irrigation, they’re not going to be blooming much until it cools off and gets moist on a regular basis.

As always, I rather like these roses, not despite the fact that they’re imperfect and a bit ratty, but because of it.

They are fist-sized chunks of beauty and color in a year that is mountain-sized chunks of dreck.

From bud to bloom to blight in just a couple of weeks, but oh so glorious while they’re here.

And even when they’re gone, their memory lingers and brings enjoyment, while their spiky bushes promise beauty to come in days ahead.


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More Roses

It was a quiet Father’s Day. This is good.

There were calls from the kids, lots of Chiefs football repeats on TV, and a LOT of NOT thinking about work.

I hope you also were able to have some down time and relaxation. Perhaps even a touch of well-deserved sloth.

Plenty of time for stress tomorrow morning. Plenty of time next week for seeing how much the world we’re in is different from the world we WANT to be in, and seeing what we can do about rectifying that situation.


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Gladiolas & Roses

My thanks to Karen and Jemima who educated me on yesterday’s “mystery” flowers. Now I can show them in context in the garden.

Gives a whole new meaning to “GNR.” These must be the flowers they have in Paradise City!

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NOT Roses

I know far more about birds and critters than I do about flowers (which is not to say that I know much about birds and critters, just far more), but I know enough to know these aren’t roses.

Whatever they are, they’ve shown up in our yard at the edge of the rose garden down by the street. They’re stunning!

We’re just at the two year point for moving in here and this is the first time I’ve ever seen these bloom. Surprise!!


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Never Accept This As Normal

I fear that if I start ranting there won’t be any stopping, and there will so, so many obscenities used. I want this site to be a happy, goofy, thoughtful, occasionally joyous place. There are those who are trying to turn our society into a festering cistern of hatred and chaos, because that’s all they know. We can’t let that happen. So I’ll not start that rant. At least, not tonight.

But never, NEVER believe that my deferral from that rant in this forum in any way is a signal of acceptance or agreement. Just go look at my Twitter feed.

Never accept anything that’s happening now or what I fear might be to come as normal. NEVER. Fight it, always.

And remember to smell the flowers.

You might be seeing a lot of them in the weeks to come. I’m finding less and less to say that isn’t existential screaming.

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Beauty On An Ugly Day

The news is ugly. Our country is being ripped apart. The death toll continues to rise. Too many people continue to be more stupid by the day. Our “leadership” is actively evil and treasonous.

But these orange-ish roses are still beautiful.

I guess no one told them.

I’m not going to be the ones to break the news to them. Besides, there’s a nice new crop of fence lizards living out there.


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Vine Flowers

I’m sure there’s an actual name for these that’s far, FAR more accurate than “vine flowers,” but I don’t know it.

They grow on these vines that cover the back patio.

They’re flowers.

You do the math.

They open up like this in the evenings. Not super fragrant, but very pretty.

The humming birds love them. So do the ants. I don’t know who’s eating the ants, but I suspect the lizards.


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Tuesday White Rose

I apologize in advance for the stupid and lame article title.

It’s descriptive. But that’s about all.

There’s a certain “truth in advertising” aspect to it, but since I’m not really advertising, so what?

It’s a very nice white rose. I especially liked the bits of pink around the edges of the petals.

And it was most certainly a Tuesday, although it felt like a Monday, even though I worked Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in what was supposed to be a three-day weekend, but with everyone else back, it felt Monday-ish. Which was less than pleasant.

There’s also a chunk of that “getting old sucks” aches and pains going on at the moment – nothing life threatening and considering what else is going on in the medical world these days, being sore all the time because I threw too much batting practice twenty years ago isn’t much to bitch about. But it still hurts.

So I smelled the roses – they smelled lovely, even if they were white, even it was a Monday-ish-feeling Tuesday. And I heard two new birds in the neighborhood. Something else mind numbingly boring to talk at you about tomorrow, maybe.

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Beauty Fades But Is Still Beautiful

I caught this rose a day or two past peak.

The petal edges are curling and tearing, turning brown. The vibrant pinks and reds are fading to white and ochre.

And yet, to me, the faded colors just serve to emphasize the bright colors which remain. The contrast reminds me of the world, living and dying, growing and fading, vibrant and decaying, all simultaneously. Above all, the melancholy of knowing that everything fades with time, tempered by the faith that it will bloom again another day.

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Done With April

Like, I am absolutely SOOOOOOOOO done with April!

This freefall thing sort of sucks. I know who I blame, and it’s not even an individual, but a whole cadre of evil MFers who are destroying the country and the society that I grew up loving and respecting and believing in.

So 2016 sucked, 2017 was bad, 2018 was really bad, 2019 just was a nightmare, and then January was horrible, February was worse, March felt like it was ten years of bad road, and now April…

It’s not you, April, it’s us. Truly. I’m sure you’re a perfectly good month that just happened to get corrupted and infected by a particularly bad case of MAGAts. You’ll get a chance to make up for it next year as we try to rebuild.

In the meantime, your more or less every other day reminder that there is beauty in the world, even if the news doesn’t show it, and that the bees and flowers and everything non-human are doing just fine.

Most of the roses just grow one at time – this one’s a three-fer!

Love this shade of red-orange-something.

It’s always surprising to me that two roses on the same plant can have such different subtle color variations.

Something about the depth of field and composition on this one grabbed my fancy!

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