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That Feeling When – April 15th

That feeling when you hurt in places you didn’t know you had places after four days of intense physical exertion in a big push to get stuff moved out of the house prior to escrow closing, either to storage or to the trash or to someplace where it can be donated, and everything is hurt and bruised and you just want to hold very still but the gods have a wicked sense of humor so all of that dust you’ve been sucking into your lungs throughout this ordeal now has you sneezing and when you sneeze you involuntarily clench every muscle in your body and every muscle in your body screams out in agony and then you have to sneeze again and you’ve become something like a badly designed toy that does nothing but hurt itself and it would be really funny if it were happening to someone else but it’s not and excuse me I have to go start sneezing again…




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That Feeling When – March 27th

That feeling when you realize that the long nights and lack of sleep up to this point where just practice and now it’s about to get REALLY hard – but at least you’ve found a couple of new Sirius XM channels that you like and you got a neat pair of bluetooth headphones for your birthday, so at least you’ll have tunes.

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That Feeling When – March 23rd

That feeling when that channel on Sirius XM that you were really starting to like suddenly isn’t there and you think it might just be that you need to turn the app on and off again or maybe jiggle the cable to the internet to bring it back but nothing’s working until you remember that you have the internet so you google it and find out that SXM just made it go away and you try a couple of the channels that are supposedly “close” to the same sort of music and they’re really, REALLY not so you go back to listening to a country channel for a while but somehow it’s become so pop and Brittany Spears-like that you want to stuff your ears with rabid man-eating eels while knowing that you’ll be scarred for life after listening to that crap so in the end you’re back listening to classical because if it’s good enough to survive three or four hundred years it must have something going for it, right?

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Someplace Special – February 28th

UC Davis, Picnic Day, Battle of the Bands

(This was a great day – not perfect, but great. Picnic Day is a fun tradition at UC Davis and I went to visit when my daughter was in college there. A parade in the morning, ball games in the afternoon, food and booths and music and the usual crap everywhere, with the Battle of the Bands next to the lake in the afternoon. It went on forever and ever with bands from Davis, Berkeley, UC Irvine (my alma mater), Cal State Sacramento, and probably another one or two I’m forgetting. It would be wonderful to go back someday when I’m not so freakin’ busy.)


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No Context For You – February 15th (Video)


And Haydn’s Piano Concerton In D Major, apparently.

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That Feeling When – February 10th

That feeling when you’re indulging in a little bit of “musical therapy” to unwind on a Saturday night and it’s a good night on the Sirius Channel 33 “1st Wave” Saturday Night Safety Dance show and they keep playing favorites and when they do of course you turn it up REALLY LOUD and your phone keeps pinging alerts and you finally give in and look at it and find out that the music is loud enough to be triggering the security camera on the front door three rooms away and you’re disgustingly pleased by that fact.

I’m easily amused.

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Someplace Special – February 08th

Staples Center, Los Angeles (about row ten or eleven – February 2010)

(About row ten or eleven, almost ten years ago. February 2010. Great concert, not sure that he’s capable of doing a bad one. I remember being freezing cold all night, even though we were indoors – the ice surface that my beloved Kings play on was right under us with just a layer of padding and some sort of hard flooring surface to protect it from us.

Go see a concert. Country, classical, rock, punk, whatever. Stadium seating, a big indoor arena, a place that only holds 100 with no chairs, whatever. Live music is good for the soul. Our souls can use some good these days.)

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