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It Snow Use

It’s melting.

Spots that are in the shade most of the day aren’t showing much change, of course.

On the other hand, spots that saw a lot of sun are almost clear.

There are some big piles where snow was shoveled or plowed to get it out of the way. They’ll last for days or even weeks. But for the most part it will all be gone before we leave next week.

I understand that none of this is news, or even interesting, to those of you who live with snow. I haven’t in over 40 years, wasn’t expecting it at all now, and it’s novel.

And I’m having fun at FilkOntario! It’s a good place to be this weekend.


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There Went That Evening

Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.

As Colonel Saito said, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

I didn’t mean to spend all night watching a movie instead of packing and panicking. Really. I didn’t.

But it was “Bridge On The River Kwai,” an all-time favorite, a truly wonderful film, and on TCM so it’s widescreen and with no commercials…

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll work twice as hard. Promise.

But the look on Colonel Nicholson’s face as he says, “Dear God, what have we done?” For two years now I’ve been waiting for the GOP leadership to one day wake up and have that look and that moment of comprehension…

Not holding my breath.

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The Skunk Opines

I was going to say, “The skunk has spoken,” but I don’t think it made much sound at all. A different set of sensory apparatus has been activated, but the message has been communicated loud & clear.

Still, as a commentary re: recent events, it’s no worse than any ranting and raving I might do. No worse, assuming you don’t need to breathe. Or use your eyes.

I’m not the target here, just collateral damage. The skunk got spooked by a dog or hit by a car somewhere out in the yard or just down the block. But that collateral damage comment might be more on target than you might think.

Not to worry.

I am a calm pool.

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Like the rest of us, it might have seen better days.

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That Was A Weekend?

Geez Louise, I worked harder for more hours on both Saturday and Sunday than I did during the week, and my weeks are freakin’ exhausting at this point. And now it’s 23:58 on Sunday night and Monday’s here in two minutes.

I’m open to the possibility that I’m doing this wrong.

Meanwhile, the deadlines are coming at me like fence posts by the roadside as I’m tearing along at 1,000 mph.

I did sit and watch the lizards for five minutes while I put up the new flag. Does that count?

Gotta go, bye!


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Christmas Eve 2017

The last lights are up, the last cards are ready to get mailed out, the stockings are hung, we’ve eaten way, way too much, “Love Actually” has been watched, and the train is running.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hug your loved ones and tell them how much you love them.

Now go wrap those last presents!

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White Christmas

We’re out at the Disney Concert Hall tonight for the “White Christmas” singalong concert.

There are celebrities here – we’ll leave them alone if they leave us alone. No paparazzi!


It’s truly a wonderful, world-class venue. We will have to get here more in 2018, perhaps for a bit of Mozart or Tchaikovsky.

Or maybe something featuring that honkin’ huge organ hiding behind that screen! A little Toccata & Fugue in D Minor would be wonderful!


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