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What An Interesting Place!


It looks like someone’s planning on playing some of that music stuff here. I wonder who?

While we’re “Waiting For Night,” this place is like “Heaven.” We took the subway to get here, but there were other folks “Walking In My Shoes.” I hope they make it on time and “Never Let Me Down Again.”

There’a guy coughing a few seats over – I hope he’s able to “Shake The Disease” before the music starts. I don’t want to start any “Blasphemous Rumors” because I’ve got a “Policy Of Truth,” but I “Just Can’t Get Enough” of “Strangelove.”

Let’s hope there’s really music, but it will be a nice night either way. We’ll just sit and “Enjoy The Silence!”

(This post brought to you by the Department of Low Hanging Fruit!)

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The Abyss & I Wrestle Again

It’s been a long day. The Abyss and I again wrested to a near stalemate. I may be ahead on points today. (I might also be delusional, or it might be a war of attrition that I’m slowly losing.)

I did not get the opportunity to rappel at our event today. I was very, very busy elsewhere. Many, many other people did, like these two very nice people, who may be vaguely familiar. And sixty or seventy more. Plus all of those who went yesterday.

Does the Abyss need sleep too, or does it spend my night time off staring at other victims?

Is there an Abyss union? You know, like mine might be a member of the Fraternal Brotherhood of Abysses Local #6969?

Regardless of the Abyss’ need for sleep, mine is obvious.

Tomorrow we will rejoin the battle.

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The Abyss Has Bad Breath

And body odor. (Probably something to do with festering or rotting down there somewhere. It’s a guess.)

The Abyss wasn’t loved as a child and was always chosen last when teams were chosen for kickball.

The Abyss is a virgin. Because, you know, “abyss…” Who would want to… Figure it out for yourself.

The Abyss can eat a bag of dicks.

The Abyss might still be ahead on points today. But I am scrappy and I never get up until the clock says 0:00, the whistle blows, and the last out is over.

Tomorrow I think I’ll go over the edge of the roof of a 26-story building. (That woman looks familiar…)

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The Abyss

It’s staring at me tonight. And I’m not talking about that silly James Cameron movie.

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No Context For You – October 04th (Video Edition)

If the Universe is a giant simulation in God’s computer, I would like to file a bug report.

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TheMoonlight Was Wonderful Tonight

Don’t forget to do the little things at least once a day. Or an hour. (Enjoy life like a boss!)

It was lovely and cool and quiet. (Except for the pissed off raccoons scrabbling around on the roof.)

The bad juju can not touch you here. (The mosquitoes, on the other hand, can kick your ass here.)

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My Twitter Feed Just Lit Up

The news is breaking as we speak about shootings at a concert in Las Vegas. I won’t repeat or spread any unconfirmed reports and add to the misinformation and chaos. However, in this day and age where everyone has a cell phone, the initial videos being sent out from the crowd are pretty disturbing.

I’ll admit it, I can’t take much more tonight. I’m going to go curl up with some ice cream and some music and try to get some sleep.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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