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If All Of Those Deadlines Got Met…

…then why am I even busier NOW?

Insert many, many head-exploding emojis here…

You know those “oh, shit, look at the time!” posts?

This is a classic.

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No Context For You – September 01

Welcome to September – for values of “welcome” which start with “Oh, GOD, is it ever going to get better again?” and go all the way to “JHFC, they’re doing WHAT in Texas now?”

Where every day feels like this in an endless loop:

Screaming is optional.

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“Payroll night” (there’s a pattern here which is obvious to me, but it occurs to me that others might notice it) so it’s late and there’s not much time to post, or think. Not that the two are necessarily related…

So all I’ve got is a question, probably for my British friends, but I’ll leave the comments open for all.

There’s a fair amount of BritBox television that gets watched, often their police procedurals, and I notice that a lot of the police cars shown have the “American” brand siren, a long frequency, maybe 10-15 seconds per cycle. But I always associated British police sirens with a much faster frequency with just two notes, about a second or less per cycle. (I know, that description sucks, but I don’t have time to go find audio copies of the sounds and embed them.)

Are both used? Is it regional? Is there some other distinction? Are the faster, sing-songy sirens for ambulances and not police cars or something else like that?

Just curious. And busy. And short on time. But mainly curious.


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No Context For You – March 21st

It’s not food.

Well, at least I’m pretty sure that it’s not food.

Speaking of food (smooth segue, amIright?), on the way home from the weekly grocery shopping trip this morning, a GREAT song came on my favorite SiriusXM channel. (Looking up the video for the link makes me pretty sure that I’ve linked to it in the past. That’s okay – it’s a really good song!) I found out that it sounds really, really good on the Volvo’s premium sound system, especially turned up to eleven. (Which makes me think that I’ve written about a very similar circumstance in the past. This might be a serious deja vu thing going on.)

The sourpuss woman who was stopped at the light next to me probably would disagree (hey, I didn’t have the top down, didn’t have the windows open, it wasn’t that bad!) but just gave her a grin, a thumbs up, and mentally composed a series of physiologically improbably suggestions for her.

Her loss for not headbanging along with the tunes. There was unbridled joy, right there for the taking. If she had some need to turn her back on it and scowl at me… Via con Dios!

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ISS Pass – March 19th

It figures – an excellent ISS pass for tonight, starting at 19:56. I check the sky at 16:00 and it’s clear and a million. I’m surprised after dinner at 19:00 that it looks cloudy outside. At 19:45 when I go out to set up, it’s almost totally overcast. Off in the distance over Calabasas there’s a layer of fog that’s crept in, very spooky. I can see the moon, or at least where it’s at through the clouds, and there’s some areas where the clouds are thinner, so let’s give it a shot!

With the moon shining brightly above, a fairly thick layer of high clouds, and a series of stacked 10-second exposures, it looks as bright as day, when it was actually full dark, almost a full hour after sunset.

Of course, it was also the one-year anniversary of California and Los Angeles going on full lockdown for COVID. Let’s hope that by the next time we do the giant, numeral-shaped balloon thing a year from now, this is all just a bad memory we’re recovering from.

And if this post looks weird, it’s because WordPress just changed their page all around again and I’m taking fifteen minutes of hunting to find where the command is hidden to do something that I could have done on the old version in fifteen seconds, but now all I can do is find it, accept that it looks wrong but for the life of me I can’t figure out any way to make it look “normal,” and move on because it’s close enough for government work. Not the best way to end what should have been 100% a day of celebration – not the worst, either.

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Vermont Omlette

I don’t blame Vermont.

This version of a ham & cheese omelette wasn’t designed by any left-wing political movement in Vermont, or a vegan restaurant gone to extremes, or even an embarrassing mix up by our waitress.

No, indeed I give the waitress some serious props for diving with both feet into her role of deception and subterfuge. She made it happen!

I do not blame the perpetrator of this switcheroo. A tiger can not change his stripes.

No, ultimately I blame myself. After a lifetime of experiences that should have left me hyper vigilant, I blissfully went and danced on the Bouncing Betty.

At least I wasn’t surprised when the trap was sprung. It’s all good fun, right?

Then the monster sent me the video that I hadn’t even noticed him taking…

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Forty-Five Years

What a wonderful day with old friends, some of whom I see every few years, some of whom I haven’t seen since we graduated high school, 45 years ago.

It was lovely. I enjoyed every minute of it.

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Verde Mont

It’s full of mountains. They’re all really green. Say it in French, quickly.

We spent the day driving around a great deal of it with only the barest of plans except to meet dear friends for dinner at 18:00 and to stay off of the interstate as much as possible.

And to see deer, loons, and moose. (Two out of three ain’t bad!)

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Presents From Vermont

We got to Vermont after an overnight in the big metal tube flying through the troposphere, followed by a drive north from Boston.

In celebration, the great State of Vermont left us with some presents!

See, there’s our rental car parked out in front of the amazing Hartness House!

See, in the rain and wind we got a gift baby maple leaf! A symbol of the state and its wonderful maple syrup!

Wait, what’s this? Also a “gift,” but obviously not from any wonderful Vermont representative! This must be a “gift” from a New Hampshire or Maine bird!!

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In The Big Metal Tube

They’re closing the doors – I’ll see you on the other side. That’s it for tonight!

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