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I Don’t Know How Long It Will Last

I’ve started writing again on my “Paulietics” blog after over a year’s hiatus.

Be very forewarned – it’s all about the nasty shit going on in politics these days (I’m against it) and I swear a lot. I mean, like, A LOT!

I also try to occasionally be clever and make fun of the shit as opposed to simply screaming into the void. Maybe that’s working, maybe not.

Hey, look at the bright side! If I’m screaming obscenities about politics over there, I’m not doing here! So stay here for the goofy stories, pictures, space stuff, travel pictures, and so on! Go there for the vitriol, bile, and hatred!

So very, very much hatred…

Treason’s Greetings!

There’s Been A Theme For The Last Few Days

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Rising Full Moon

From the new house. We’ve been here over a month so I’m sure this isn’t the first one, but it’s the first one I’ve seen.

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There are a lot of things pulling and tugging at my priorities and time right now. The end result is that I’m feeling adrift, cut off from my usual routines and the anchors and predictability that our daily schedules provide.

Part of it is the move – while we’re out of the old house, there’s still a ton of unpacking to do, as well as dealing with a garage and three storage spaces full of “stuff” that got put there out of a lack of time in the rush to get out of the old house by the deadline. There’s a roller-coaster like thrill to meeting that deadline, then the plunge downward as you realize that’s only maybe a third of the total task.

Part of it was the trip last week, then trying to catch up at work (where we’ve had our own “challenges” for months) and again, while those challenges are wrapping up, now it’s time to deal with everything that got put on the back burner while that was going on.

Part of it is the hangar, where the volunteer work there got put on the back, back, back, back, back burner while I dealt with work and the move – but none of it went away.

Throw in some serious lack of sleep issues and the fact that I’ve been playing bachelor for a few days after getting back from Virginia…

Faith is needed. Faith that by just drifting I’ll end up where I need to be, even if it’s not where I knew that I needed to be.

Faith is not my strong point.

We’ll see.

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I Deserve It Tonight

Don’t judge.

You may be jealous, but you may not judge.

It’s been a tough day/week/month/year.

Today I take the small joys wherever I can Find them.

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Moving Out & Moving On – May 31st

Escrow closed yesterday. Really.

Now it’s the long road back to normal. It’s the little things that will mark the progress.

Finding the box that has my stapler, tape, pens, sticky notes, and so on for my desk.

Finding the box that has all of my ties. You can only wear jeans to work so many days in a row with “I’m moving” as an excuse.

Getting the printer hooked up to my computer. And a decent set of speakers.

And listening to “Hamilton” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” in their entirety as I work through the evening.

This may yet turn out to be survivable.

A royal freakin’ pain in the ass, undoubtedly.

But survivable.

Let June begin!

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Moving Out & Moving On – May 30th

Escrow closed today. Maybe. I think.

Mixed signals at best. I was still getting emails with documents to sign way after closing was supposed to happen, and I never did get any confirmation. On the other hand, there’s a wire transfer for about the right amount (-ish) in my checking account, so that’s good, right?

It would help a lot if tomorrow the bank website showed a zero balance on some mortgage accounts.

I also continue to be viscous – nay, may I even say ruthless beyond recognition in continuing to throw things out. The presence of a huge trash bin out in front of the new house helps the decisions. Giving a lot of side eye to some office furniture that has seen better days – it doesn’t take a lot of doubt to find myself trying to lift things over the side of this huge bin.

Madness, I tell you.

Sleep deprivation. Adrenaline. Exhaustion. Diet Coke and Extra Strength Excedrin.

Ask for it all by name.

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Moving Out & Moving On – May 29th

One day to go. Escrow closes tomorrow.

Wait… that was yesterday, wasn’t it? Well, yes and no.

The Memorial Day holiday seems to be delaying things a day. But the buyer has wire transferred the funds, I’ve filled out all of the paperwork at my end, and most importantly, we’re out of the old house.

I was expecting it to be far more emotional. Instead, exhaustion has made its presence known.

Last night I was at the old house until almost 1:00 AM. This morning I made two trips early to get the last load of stuff and two loads of trash out.

But it’s done.

Escrow closes tomorrow.

Then the major unpacking job starts.

This is why I only move every thirty years or so. (I’m hoping that the next move, in 2048 or so, will be done by robots controlled by my brain waves.)

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