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Summer At The Theatre

All this week we were getting warnings about the heat wave coming.

Okay, maybe. But it’s either not here yet or it missed us completely. We’re at the Ahmanson again tonight (“Come From Away” tonight, really looking forward to it) and out here on the plaza having dinner before the show I’m freezing my ass off!

It’s 64° and breezy, which is fine if I’m dressed for 64° and breezy, but if I’m dressed for 85° or 90°, not so much.

Stay warm, enjoy your Saturday night folks!

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Long Weekend

It’s a three-day, holiday weekend in the US, but I’m not sure that has anything to do with the stars aligning and loading up the social calendar. Maybe. I don’t know. I think that’s well above my pay grade.

Last night we were back at the Ahmanson Theatre, this time for “Hadestown.”

Utterly spectacular! From the first words out of Hermes’ mouth to the last toast to Orpheus, I was totally enraptured. It was an absolute delight.

(Panorama – click to see full sized.)

This afternoon we went down to the sea in Redondo Beach to meet friends for lunch.

I only had a few minutes before lunch to wander around the marina with camera in hand, looking for the storks, seagulls, pelicans, and harbor seals that I could see and hear off in the distance. I didn’t really find them. But there were boats. LOTS of boats.

Holes in the water that you pour money into.

But cheaper than planes. (But planes are better and worth it!)


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East, West, And In Between

At the east end along Grand, the LA Cathedral.

At the west end, the Disney Concert Hall.

In between, our destination for tonight, The Music Center.

We’re seeing “The Leman Trilogy.” I have no clue about what to expect. It will be fun.

(And yes, those people in the panorama looked JUST LIKE THAT! It’s LA…)

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Downwind Leg

Another nice thing about being at the Giltinis game at the LA Coliseum yesterday was that the Coliseum is just a couple miles south of Downtown Los Angeles, next to the USC campus. And for plane watchers in SoCal, downtown LA is where the big jets coming into LAX from Asia, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest all are finishing up their downwind legs (from west to east) and turning base (toward the south) in the landing pattern. See that green line?

(image from

So sitting in the stands at the Coliseum (the green square just south of USC on the map) it’s easy to watch a string of jets, many of them the big trans-Pacific jumbos, descending through 3,500 feet and making that big right turn overhead.

What a nice afternoon! The only thing better for plane spotting is to go down to LAX and watch them land!

Which sounds like another great idea for some sunny day soon!

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Another Year 2022

I went to my first professional rugby game tonight, the LA Giltinis hosting the San Diego Legion.

A fun game, with the Giltinis winning 26-13. I only understand the big picture on the rules and I’m totally ignorant of about 99% of the nuances and fine details, but it was still a fun experience!

The Los Angeles Coliseum has hosted two Olympics, the LA Rams, at one point way back the LA Dodgers, and for decades the USC Trojans. It seats 93,607 currently. The Giltinis drew maybe 2,000 today, so it’s an interesting experience in a stadium that big.

It was a fun day.

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Friday At Last, But No Joe

Not Jack Webb, or Dan Ackroyd, but the building you saw in every “Dragnet” episode is still iconic.

Los Angeles City Hall, as seen from the Music Center and Ahmanson Theater.

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Yet Another Night At The Theatre!

We’re all masked and vaxxed (and so is everyone else, which I love) so we’re out at the theatre again tonight.

The Ahmanson Theatre, to be exact, to see “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.” I know very little about it, so it will be a surprise!


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If You Squat Right Here

Folks who think we never get snow in SoCal haven’t ever been here. We have ski resorts within an hour’s drive.

It’s extremely rare to get snow down in the valleys or on the floor of the LA Basin. These areas are all about 99% under 1,000′ elevation. But the mountains all around go anywhere from 1,600′ in Griffith Park, right near Hollywood and downtown LA, to 3,300′ in the Santa Monica Mountains, to well over 10,000′ in the San Bernardino Mountains. I can remember once getting about 1/4 inch of snow in a house that was at 910′ and next to the foothills in about 1987 or 1988. Our current house is at 1,062′ and we’ve never even come close.

However, after last week’s storms, when a fair amount of snow got dropped down to about 3,000′ there are plenty of places to see snow-capped mountains off in the distance. I just didn’t know that our yard was one of those places.

But it’s winter, and a lot of the trees have finished dropping their leaves. While talking to the crows today I noticed that if you go way over to the corner of the yard, and squat right here, and peek through the trees over there…

It’s not one of those picture postcard views that they show between every other float and marching band at the Rose Parade, but it’s our very own view!

Just as long as I don’t throw my back out trying to stand again after squatting and peeking!

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The Proverbial Room Where It Happens – Part Two

A couple years ago we saw “Hamilton” in Los Angeles at the legendary Pantages Theater. Then we had tickets to see it again last year, but there was that whole pandemic, quarantine thing

Now we’re all vaxxed and masked (to their credit, they seem to be very aggressive about enforcing that at the Pantages) and the touring cast is back, so it’s our turn to see it again.

The first time we saw it I knew of the hype and the awards and the hubbub – but I had not yet ever listened to the music or gotten caught up in the mania. I had doubts…

Then I saw it.

Oh!! My!! God!! (As they say.)

Now, having seen the Disney production of the live version a dozen or so times, not to mention having listened to the album AT LEAST 100-200 times (no BS, at least once a week for a couple of years), I’m anxious to see how different the viewing experience is this time.

Damn, forgot tissues! We’ll see how absorbent this sweater is, I guess.


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High-Altitude Smoke

California’s been burning, a LOT. Most of the fires have been up in the Sierras and in Northern and Central California, and I’m sure many if not most of you have heard about Lake Tahoe coming within a hair’s breadth of burning to the ground. A lot of that smoke has ended up Colorado, Utah, and points east, as far as Chicago and Pittsburgh.

But very little has hit the Los Angeles area.

Today that changed, rather suddenly.

Most of the smoke is up at high altitude, so we’re not doing any choking. You can’t smell anything on the ground.

But it sure is orange.

It’s supposed to blow out of here again over the weekend. Say hello to Sheboygan!

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