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Evening Showers

The clouds were beautiful, the sunset dramatic, and the rain was soft, if cold.

There’s nothing like a light rain right in the middle of the LA Friday evening commute to help one clarify your opinion of your fellow human beings and the human race in general.

But I got home. No bent metal. No blood spilled.

And the clouds were beautiful.

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I’ve got pictures of major cities at night from all over the world – New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle, London, Prague, Brussels, Seoul, Shanghai, Kyoto, Las Vegas…

But very damn few from Los Angeles, despite the fact that I’ve lived here for over 45 years.

I’ll have to fix that.

In the meantime, here’s the Intercontinental Hotel Downtown, which we were next to while walking to the Metro station after the Kings game last Saturday.

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This Reality Has Some Serious Continuity Flaws

Can’t make this shit up folks.

Trump got acquitted today, as expected. It’s incredibly disappointing and depressing and it sucks to be watching the death of the great American experiment as we sink into authoritarianism under a fascist, criminal regime – but that’s a rant for another day.

Here’s the thing…

Turning on the 11PM local news tonight, four stations (CBS, NBC, ABC, and KTLA) the #1 news story of the night, the lead, the biggest news that they’re ALL going to spend the first five minutes talking about was…

…the death of Kirk Douglas.

Okay, it’s Hollywood, La-La Land. We’ll cut them some slack, maybe? The impeachment will be second, right?

Nope. Some of them had the coronavirus scare #2 (a Korean air liner had to divert to LA because people on board had been exposed) and a local measles outbreak #3 (the irony is delicious and lost on them, running back to back stories about a panic over a 100% preventable disease like measles vs the coronavirus, which could be a humanity killing pandemic or just another false alarm that kills in ten years fewer people than die from car accidents in the US in a week), and some had the measles and then the coronavirus, but NONE of them had the impeachment acquittal.

Story #4 after the second commercial break seemed to be all over the place – a murder here, a freeze warning there…

This is how we’ve been worn down and beaten into submission by the Trump cult. Something that would have been the “Story of the Decade!” in another decade isn’t even reported in this one.

Geez, the LEAST they could have done is shown the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade as the #2 or #3 story! If you’ve done the measles story, just do “Coronavirus – ditto!” and move on to something good!!


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The Red Trees

A couple of weeks ago some of the trees at work went from green to bright yellow overnight. Today I noticed that the trees out in the parking lot had gone red.


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Things I Learned On My Morning Commute

If I’m fooled by the fact that it was relatively easy to get on the freeway… (Going past several schools and into a TERRIBLE intersection that gridlocks in a heartbeat means that a normal 6-7 minute drive to the freeway normally takes 12-15 on a good day and has taken as much as 25 minutes.)

And then I’m disappointed by the fact that the freeway was clogged and jammed and slow… (Once I get ON the freeway in the morning, it’s almost always been wide open, “maximum freeway speed” all the way to the office.)

And my head is distracted by a dozen different things… (There’s a lot going on!)

And the route to the new office is the same one as to the CAF hangars… (The old job was to the east, where the new job is to the west out on the 101 Freeway, just about half as far as Camarillo is.)

If I’m not paying attention it’s very easy to be sitting in the #1 lane, cruising along at 75 mph (“maximum freeway speed”, as opposed to the 65 mph speed limit) as I suddenly realize that the overpass I just went under was my exit to the office.


Fortunately, there are exits every mile and I know the area well, having run it all repeatedly when training for the 2011 LA Marathon with a Road Runners group. Take the next exit, double back, five minutes wasted, a lesson learned.

That should have been the biggest problem I had today!!

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Another Tree Heard From

Earlier this week the trees (aspens? poplars?) in front of our office building went from green to bright yellow overnight.

This afternoon some of the trees on the back side of the building were trying for some oranges and reds.

We’ll see how much they get done. For right now it’s a valiant effort, but they have a lot of practice to do before they’re ready for the big leagues in New England and upstate New York.

No tourism calendars will be showing these trees as an enticement to come and visit Beautiful Agoura Hills – but they beat looking at burnt hillsides and ash while taking a break from the office!

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Fall Arrives In SoCal

There are those who say that we don’t get fall in Southern California, or the foliage change of color that goes along with it.

Not true!

Granted, we don’t have the weeks of slow build up to an explosion of color like Vermont does. (These trees were all quite green on Friday, for example.)

In fact, our “fall foliage” season seems to last about 36 hours. Aren’t you glad that I captured some of it for you?!

In two days it will all be gone and these trees will be completely barren. Blink and you’ll miss it!

The thing to REALLY watch out for? On a cool, misty, foggy, drizzly morning like this, with a layer of these leaves covering the tile and polished brick walkway into the office it’s like being on an ice skating rink. Slippery little bastards!

But as you’re lying there, twisted and broken and bleeding, waiting for the paramedics to come, try to make sure you come down on your back so you can watch the glorious display above you!

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