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No Context For You – January 25th

It’s only eleven months to Christmas!

It’s only ten-ish months until we can put the Christmas lights back up!

I’ve got a feeling that by the time we get there, we’ll have earned the right to a little joy.

On the one hand, WOW! How in hell did it get to be almost the end of January already?

On the other hand – wait, it’s still January? Wasn’t Christmas, like, six, maybe seven months ago?

Or is it just me?

I don’t think it’s just me…

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Last Light – Christmas 2021

As usual, we’re the last house on the block with our Christmas lights still up. There are a couple around the area, but not many. So the time has come.

I don’t know if I’ll actually get the lights down tomorrow, although they come down a lot faster than they go up. But the power needs to be cut tomorrow.

So, here’s last light for this year.

Let’s see what happens in 2022. Ten and a half months from now, will we even be in this house?

If so, I’ve got some ideas on where to add even more lights. Perhaps fewer commitments in 2022 will allow more time to do a more extravagant job.

If not, well, let’s just say that in the great Zillow hunt of 2022, one set of considerations includes how the roofline would look all lit up, how much roofline there is, how many other trees, bushes, and yard structures there are to cover in lights, whether the house is on a street where everyone within ten miles will see the glow on the horizon… You know, the usual things!

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Christmas Lights In The Rain

No Comet Leonard tonight for SoCal. But the lights on the ground are still lovely.

The rush is on to the year end. It’s yet another “Nantucket sleigh ride” as we head toward the event horizon of 2022 and beyond.


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Christmas 2021

I hope it was a wonderful holiday for you and your family if you observe, and a wonderful normal day of the usual 365.25 if you don’t.

It was a little odd for me, the timing of our family celebration last week, the disrupted schedule, the big family event at the football game last week, this morning’s highly anticipated and highly successful rocket launch of JWST, life, life, and more life…

Thank goodness we have electronic devices that can tell us what day and date and time it is at a second’s notice. Even then, it’s been just…disorienting.

But the presents have all been opened, JWST is on her way, and stability, as much as it can be treasured, is probably a bit overrated.

At least, that’s my story. I’m sticking to it.

Merry Christmas, y’all.


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Almost Christmas

It’s the end of Christmas Eve Eve. At least the tree is decorated.

The annual flood of 350+ Willett Family Christmas cards? Yeah, soon now. Really, really soon. For very large values of “Christmas.”

One way or the other, we’re almost there.

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I Blame The Flag

I was checking the Christmas lights tonight to see if anything was broken or burnt out, particularly the big bulbs. I was pleasantly surprised to see only three out.

See them? What caught my attention was their positioning, on either side of the flag, about where the flag would be snapping against the roof in really high winds. We’ve had a lot of really high winds. That flag being whipped out full and snapping against those lights…

(Annotated, to show the position of the three lights)

I blame the flag. Well, the flag and the wind. They’re in cahoots.

On the other hand, three bulbs at about fifty cents each is a small enough price to pay being as we’re 2/3 of the way through Christmas lights season.

Fingers crossed.

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Pushing Back The Dark

It’s the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s no coincidence that all of the major religions have significant holidays around this time of year. Their ancestors knew. We sometimes forget.

These days are dark, both literally and figuratively. Let’s all work to make the coming days brighter, shining our light into the world, pushing back on the darkness. The astronomy and physics will be what it will be, even if none of us is here, so let’s work on some of the things we can affect so that we will be here in the future.

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Time-Warped Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas! It was a wonderful day for family, a huge dinner, and opening presents!

What’s that you say? Yes, today actually WAS Christmas Day, at least in our house!

Or just the latest domino to fall in our quest to cast aside the normal time constraints and conventions.

  1. Not going to Worldcon in DC this week meant that we could go see the Chiefs-Chargers game two nights ago…
  2. Which meant that the kids were in town to go with us…
  3. But they have to get back home and to work, can’t stay a whole week…
  4. So we declared Christmas to be TODAY, not next Saturday.

Let it be written! Let it be done!

First time we’ve all been together for Christmas in at least a dozen years. It was a great day. I hope that your Christmas next week is as wonderful for you.

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Lights, Sunset, Moon

And it got cold! I know we’re not talking about Vermont cold or Minnesota cold, but low 40’s, upper 30’s for SoCal is COLD.

We got a bit of rain this morning, a bunch more expected Monday and Tuesday, but this evening most of the clouds were breaking, the sunset was pink, the moon was bright, and the Christmas lights were on.

Not bad. But cold.

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Motion Vs iPhone 13

This effect is much easier on a more stupid camera.

With any old DSLR, set it on a 1 second to 30 second exposure, open the shutter, and swing the camara around a bit in front of some bright Christmas lights.

But the iPhone 13 is a very clever beastie, with a built in assumption that anything looking like this is an accident, AND IT’S GOING TO *FIX* IT FOR YOU!

But when I want to get this effect, then I have to trick the iPhone into doing what *I* want, not what some software designer in Palo Alto assumed (incorrectly) that I would want.

It’s a challenge. Practice, practice, practice!

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