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It’s Fifty-Eight Minutes After The Hour Somewhere

The music swells. Cymbals crash. We ascend to a major key! There might even be a flourish of trumpets with a hint of a Christmas carol theme!!

Without even looking, you know that it’s about “Something:58,” often referred to as “Two Minutes from the Top of the Hour,” aka “They’re Finally Kissing at the Conclusion of the Hallmark Christmas Movie!”

Every. Single. Hour. 24/7. From about a week before Thanksgiving until 00:01 on the 26th. At which point the New Year’s movies start.

Or it means that the DIY Christmas cards are finally going in the mail tomorrow.

Po-TAY-toe, po-TAA-toe.


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How Do I File For An Extension?

When April 10th rolls around and I’m stressed as hell and there’s no way on Earth I’ve got the time to get my tax returns done, I can file an extension and get another four months before I have to worry about it.

When property taxes are due and I’m stressed as hell (and broke), I can file an extension and get another couple of months by paying a small penalty.

Christmas is now less than five days away, I’m stressed as hell, there’s no way on Earth I’ve got the time to do half of what I need to get done — so where do I file an extension and get another three or four months before I have to worry about it?


You’re telling me that the alleged “jolly,” fat, old elf is more hardcore and tightassed about deadlines than the IRS is?

That must be a definition of “jolly” that I’m not familiar with.

“Ho, ho, ho!” my ass!

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DIY Christmas Cards

Desperate times (or lack of any time at all) call for desperate measures.

I can also report that Microsoft Publisher, while containing the odd bug and annoyance, actually works – unlike my fully paid for but totally non-functional copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3. From zero to “Hey, this doesn’t completely suck!” in just three hours.

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Music I Needed Today – December 17th

Christmas is eight days off and I’m about 99% unprepared. It’s turning into more of a “Charlie Foxtrot” situation than normal, and I’m embarrassed to say now bad that is normally.

Regardless, ended up going a bit down the YouTube rabbit hole today looking for an alleged Christmas song (which shall remain nameless) but then found these two bits, which I thought I would share.

The first I found terribly nostalgic, since I don’t think I’ve heard it in at least twenty or more years:

From the ridiculous to the sublime, while perusing the other “suggested” videos that came up while this was playing, I found something that sounded intriguing, if not quite Christmas-y. For the record, Mozart’s 40th is one of my most favorite pieces. This version and mash-up didn’t disappoint:

Does anyone have any musical suggestions or recommendations to throw into the pot to help us all get through the next couple of weeks?

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I’ve Been Working On The Railroad

Along with the neuvo faux Tannenbaum and accouterments, this year features the premiere of our under-the-tree railroad line.

No one was more surprised than I was when it actually moved, stayed (more or less) on the tracks, and went (more or less) around the tree as designed.

I’m gonna need me one of those corduroy engineer’s hats and overalls!



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Full Moon & Christmas Lights

Okay, so the moon was only about 97% full. Close enough for government work!

It’s tough to find a balance…

..between the moon & the Christmas lights. The dynamic range is too large!

Up close and personal…

…it’s even worse. Overexpose the moon just enough so you can still see features, and you can barely tell there are Christmas lights to be seen here. But…

…pull in the Christmas lights and the moon is completely overexposed.

This is why composite photos are needed. Or you can get artsy-phartsy…

…and just go for something more abstract.

Time to post this before the electricity goes out. It is REALLY howling out there tonight, and it’s just a matter of time before the wind brings down a tree branch and we go dark!

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Nuevo Faux Tannenbaum

For those of you not illiterate in three separate languages, we got a new artificial Christmas tree this year. Today was the day to put it up!

Yes, we need to get that ornament at the very top a bit more straight as seen from this side.

From this side it looks much better.

What did you do with your weekend?


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