Time-Warped Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas! It was a wonderful day for family, a huge dinner, and opening presents!

What’s that you say? Yes, today actually WAS Christmas Day, at least in our house!

Or just the latest domino to fall in our quest to cast aside the normal time constraints and conventions.

  1. Not going to Worldcon in DC this week meant that we could go see the Chiefs-Chargers game two nights ago…
  2. Which meant that the kids were in town to go with us…
  3. But they have to get back home and to work, can’t stay a whole week…
  4. So we declared Christmas to be TODAY, not next Saturday.

Let it be written! Let it be done!

First time we’ve all been together for Christmas in at least a dozen years. It was a great day. I hope that your Christmas next week is as wonderful for you.

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Filed under Castle Willett, Christmas Lights, Family, Photography

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