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No Context For You – June 27th

One thing that came out of some reflection on the nature of the world last week was that I’m not using any time for recreational reading.

That seemed to be a serious problem. Since most days it seems like I’m skating on thin ice to begin with, what harm could it do to MAKE that time for myself to read for a half hour or so?

So I am, and it seems to be working. Not every day, but most days. With the Hugo Awards coming up and voting due in August, I’m working my way through this year’s nominees, and where necessary, the previous works in a series that lead up to this year’s nominated work.

This is a good thing. I highly recommend it.

The other thing, of course, is wishing a happiest of birthdays (it’s one of those) to the long-suffering wife. I hope you got what you wanted for the day and it didn’t suck.

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Skyscapes – May 08th

Some days you have pretty clouds and skies and trees and you just have to allow yourself to sink into the combination of them all while listening to the birds.

Better days ahead, worse days ahead.

Hopefully far more of the former and far fewer of the latter!

Either way, you have to take them both.

Some days it sucks, but that’s sort of how the game is played.

Yes, the game is rigged that way, but if you didn’t have the bad, how would you know how wonderful the good is?

Maybe you got to spend some good time with your mother today, either in-person or electronically. Good for you!

Maybe you couldn’t, but you got to remember her and talk to her anyway. Maybe she talked back. Good for you!

Maybe you’re a mother yourself. Good for you!

Whatever the circumstances were, I hope you had a good weekend and are ready to kick Monday’s pathetic ass.

Make Monday your bitch! Report back in here afterwards to sing the songs of your battles and tell of the glorious downfall of your fallen foe.

(No, I haven’t had anything at all to drink. Why do you ask?)

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Time-Warped Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas! It was a wonderful day for family, a huge dinner, and opening presents!

What’s that you say? Yes, today actually WAS Christmas Day, at least in our house!

Or just the latest domino to fall in our quest to cast aside the normal time constraints and conventions.

  1. Not going to Worldcon in DC this week meant that we could go see the Chiefs-Chargers game two nights ago…
  2. Which meant that the kids were in town to go with us…
  3. But they have to get back home and to work, can’t stay a whole week…
  4. So we declared Christmas to be TODAY, not next Saturday.

Let it be written! Let it be done!

First time we’ve all been together for Christmas in at least a dozen years. It was a great day. I hope that your Christmas next week is as wonderful for you.

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Is It The Weekend?

And does it matter?

Between my work schedule (there have been a LOT of really critical deadlines and all of the work involved, but so far we’re hitting them, even if some of them are by the skin of our teeth) and “life” and the holidays and family and that football game last night, the last two weeks I’m having serious issues keeping track of what day it is.

Life isn’t counted in days of the week and weekends – there’s no difference, they’re all pedal to the metal. I don’t count days to the weekend, I count hours to the next critical deadline.

That’s not quite over yet, but I think all of the REALLY REALLY critical deadlines are over for the moment. This weekend we’re doing Christmas a week early since all of the kids are here, our first full family Christmas in a decade or more.

I hope tomorrow’s Saturday.

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No Context For You – July 31st

It’s been a really long day following a really long week – but in the end the good guys triumphed.

Congrats to all involved. You know who you are. Love you all! 🧡🧡🧡 (That’s Mars Orange, BTW…)

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No Context For You – May 09th

I hope all of those of you who are mothers of any kind had a wonderful Mother’s Day today. I hope all of those for you for whom the holiday has difficulties of any sort were able to find a measure of peace today.

For me, the long and extremely busy weekend finishes with prep for the upcoming week. This little beauty is one of the most useful and regularly utilized gifts I’ve ever gotten – highly recommended.

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The good news, of course, was that as expected over the last couple of days, Day Five of the 2020 election finally got enough votes counted in Nevada and Pennsylvania (Georgia and Arizona are still up in the air, even now) to push Joe Biden over 270 electoral votes and the networks and news organizations both domestically and internationally all declared him the President-elect.

Of course, the whiny, spoiled, guanopsychotic man-baby in the White House who made the last years such a shit show is threatening to sue everyone and everything and never, ever concede defeat. But so far there’s not a single shred of evidence that he has a single fact to back up his insanity (pretty much like every other day of his regime’s atrocities for the last four years) so I don’t see that going far.

In the relief and realizing that we had been holding our breath for days and days and days (“I’m going to hold my breath until either I or Georgia turn blue” was one comment I saw), there was a tremendous release of adrenaline in the celebrations. Watching the outpouring of joy across the country made me truly realize just how much stress we had all been under. Even though it’s not over, I think we can see the finish line from here. Please, sweet baby Jesus, let us be seeing the finish line from here…

An hour after getting that great news, because of course life has to be a freaking roller coaster ALL THE TIME, I got this on my phone:

Again, the adrenal gland is designed for speed over accuracy, that whole “better to ask forgiveness” thing in a wetware implementation. The brain took a second to go, “Oh, his phone just got triggered and went off after detecting an ‘accident’ because he’s riding roller coasters at that theme park there.” (See, I told you it has to be a freaking roller coaster ALL THE TIME!) I’ve had my iWatch detect an ‘accident’ when I was hammering on something and set off my phone’s “ARE YOU OKAY??!!” response. And yes, that’s what happened and he’s fine.

But between the stress of this entire week and the stress of this year and the release of relief and then this shot of adrenaline, well… I’m sure there are a fair number of you out there who will agree that the whole country could really, REALLY use a good night’s sleep.

Sleep in tomorrow, forgive yourself any tasks that you think are critical and don’t get started early enough. Skip church if that’s your thing, or at least allow yourself to be late. God will understand – tell him I said it was okay. If you have to watch the 10:00 football games (the Chiefs are an early game tomorrow, damn!) maybe watch it from bed instead of after being up and running around doing errands and housework for four hours already.

EGBOK – Everything’s Gonna Be OK!


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That’s the word of the day. It fits.

My phone started nagging me this evening because it can tell that I wasn’t on my way to downtown LA to see “Hamilton” at the Pantages.

It can tell that because it can read my email, but apparently it’s not smart enough to read the news and understand that “Hamilton” has been cancelled due to the 128,000 dead Americans and total lack of any sort of sane response by the excuse that passes for the US government right now.

But that’s not what I came here to talk about.

That’s a somewhat… “disturbing?” image that was on my screen when that nagging message showed up, wouldn’t you say?

Actually, it’s quite wonderful, in a disturbing sort of way. It’s what I was watching, while waiting at a great BBQ restaurant pickup lot, waiting for a birthday dinner. (The birthday, not mine, was a high point of the day, BTW.) I was watching it because one of the folks I follow religiously on FaceBook and Twitter recommended it:

On FaceBook, he said, “Trust me.” Yes, you should. This is truly fucking awesome. And bizarro.


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No Context For You – April 15th

You had to be there.

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No Context For You – November 09th

There’s something tantalizing here. Almost enough detail to recognize where and when I inadvertently pushed a button and saved an image without realizing it.


Meanwhile, Jeez Louise, *WHEN* did it become **NOVEMBER**??!!

Sorry, it caught me off guard today.

Way back at the beginning of the year I wrote about how last year became the “year without Christmas” for me. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, given what I got to exchange Christmas for, but it was odd. (And to answer the question posed at the end of that article – right here at home, given the nature of the business at my new job.)

But then 2019 has had its own unique sets of “challenges,” many of which have impacted other holidays, both societal and personal.

For example, between 2018 and 2019, it’s the first time in forever that we didn’t go somewhere to watch fireworks on July 4th. Oh, from the new house, which is on the top of a hill, we can see them off in the distance – but it’s not the same.

In both 2018 and 2019, it’s the first time in forever when we haven’t been to an Angels baseball game. None. Not one. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Labor Day or thereabouts used to be Worldcon. Maybe not every year like when I was in college or soon thereafter (i.e., before the kids arrived) but usually at least 2 out of three years, or three out of five. Now – nothing since 2009. Hell, we didn’t even get to the Worldcon in San Jose last year!

Our trips to the movie theaters have plummeted. We used to go at least once a month – now it’s once or twice a year. Maybe.

Halloween at the new house has been a non-event for two years in a row now. We used to have so, so many kids come by and bring out the telescopes. Now, even though we’re only a mile away, we might as well be on a rural highway halfway between Renwick and Hardy, Iowa.

So here we are in early November and Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away. We’ll be doing…what?

And Christmas is only six and a half weeks away. We know we won’t be traveling, but will the lights and festivities and decorations and celebrations be up to our familiar standards?

One might start to think that we’re doing this “adulting” thing incorrectly.

(Thank you for attending my TED whine!)



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