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Paul’s Septuple Slit Experiment

If you’ve studied physics, or even have a casual layperson’s interet, you’ve probably heard of Young’s double-slit experiment. It’s an early exploration into the nature of light and demonstrates some effects of quantum mechanics.

Now in my backyard I seem to be accidentally creating a far more macro-scale experiment of my own.  Soon after it started to drizzle and rain lightly, I noticed that underneath this lawn chair it was still dry. Shouldn’t SOME of the rain drops get through the slits in the chair’s webbing, leaving wet strips instead of one big dry spot underneath?

There are seven openings in the webbing, so instead of a double slit experiment it’s a septuple slit experiment.

Underneath the far side (better seen in the first picture), between the front and back right-hand legs, there are seven spots or holes, spaced about right for the seven slits. I’m guessing that’s from the heavy rain recently, where water is accumulating and dripping down into the dirt from the seven straps?

I’m also guessing that I’m easily amused. But that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone reading this site for very long, now, should it?


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It Was, Of Course…

Part of my daily breakfast is a hard boiled egg, so every Sunday night I prepare six of them using this handy, dandy hard boiled egg maker that my wonderful daughter got for me a few years back.

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes an egg will crack a little and a bit of the cooked egg will spill out.

Tonight there was a “CRACK!!” like a rifle shot that could be heard across the room, with this result.

It was, of course…


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Gobsmacked Today

I’m a little tired and fried tonight (been an odd weekend for lack of a better term) so I’ll share one mind-blowing factoid that I learned this weekend. I even double checked to make sure it wasn’t a silly meme thing designed to see how many folks would fall for it. Ready?

Historically and chronologically, Cleopatra lived closer to today than she did to the building of the Great Pyramid at Giza.


I know that in a very general sense, I figured they were sort of concurrent. At least, within a few hundred, maybe a thousand years. That’s a pretty broad range. And I’m handicapped by having an American education.

But Cleopatra lived from 69 BCE to 30 BCE, roughly 2,180 years ago (to her birth). Where the Great Pyramid of Giza was started around 2,550 BCE, and finished about 2,500 BCE.


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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The photo isn’t from today, but seems appropriate for a Friday the 13th.

Things seeming a bit wonky today? My iPhone knew how you felt.

Not edited or Photoshopped – just…off

May your Saturday the 14th go smoothly!

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An Extremely Fine Line, Indeed

A friend from high school sometimes referred to certain “odd” classmates as “easily amused.” It seemed appropriate at the time.

On the other hand, especially as I’ve gotten into my later decades, I’ve developed a major appreciation for the ability to maintain a childlike sense of wonder, particularly in regards to some of the simple things in life.

Today I had an experience that I initially thought was full of childlike sense of wonder, but my brain shouted at me that I was just easily amused, and it occurred to me that the difference between the two states might be an extremely fine line, indeed.

The subject in question was water temperature. Specifically, water temperature gradients in an insulated sports bottle.

Here’s a quick, crappy picture of said insulated sports bottle:

(This is my Angels bottle – don’t worry, OF COURSE I have a Chiefs bottle! But this is the one that amused/amazed me today.)

So, fill it with ice and water (or any other fluid) and it will keep it nice and cold for hours. Ditto for hot chocolate or soup, they’ll stay hot for hours. Thermos bottles have been around since I was a kid, had one in my lunch box in first grade way back before most of you were born. It works as expected and designed.

Let it sit for a day or two and forget that you put ice and cold water in it and you’ll have 18 ounces of room temperature water. As expected.

But somewhere in the middle there…

I’ve noticed a number of times that there’s a middle ground where if one picks it up without undue jostling, pops the top, turns it over and chugs it, you can very distinctly taste the room temperature water first, then getting several degrees colder, and then by the end getting much colder water.

On the one hand, that’s what I would expect as well in a “big picture” sense. Fundamental fluid dynamics says hot fluids or gasses will rise, cold ones sink. So it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that the top water in the bottle, which I drink first when I turn it over, is warmer, and the bottom water, which gets drunk last, is cooler.

What DOES surprise me is that the temperature difference is so distinctly noticeable. It’s not a subtle difference. Secondly, I’m surprised that the water stays differentiated by temperature even as the bottle is picked up, opened, and upended. I would think that there would be enough disturbance there to mix the water and destroy the effect.

Yet the effect is there – I notice it all the time.

So – childlike curiosity and wonder at the simple facts of our bizarre existence on this dust mote in the infinite cosmos? Or, “You’re easily amused!”


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Reality’s A Bitch

…some days more than others.

Why is it that on the day when you wake up late, are supposed to be in a few minutes early, have a blinding headache, get blocked through two cycles of the stoplight by the fire trucks being parked and blocking traffic on Fallbrook, then get stuck behind some clown who can’t figure out what a freakin’ green left turn arrow means

(cleansing breath – in through the nose – hold it – …three, four, five – let it out slowly through your mouth – all the way out – squeeze it out – now hold it – …three, four, five)

Why is it that on that morning, reality decides to screw with your brain?

Did anyone else know that Lincoln, one of the premier luxury car models in the United States, the dudes with Matthew McConahey being emo in a tuxedo to pitch their cool and trendy and ever-so-desirable cars, yes that Lincoln — sells a pickup truck?

I spent all day thinking that either I was hallucinating badly (and not one of the good kind of hallucinations) or it had to be some sort of joke, a custom job done by someone with a bizarre sense of humor and more money than God.


What’s next? It’s madness, I tell you!


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No Context For You – February 4th

Madness approaches…


The prey is at the bottom…

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What’s up with the marketing department for the National Council of Orange Growers? (An imaginary organization so far as I know, but there’s got to be something along those lines…)

It occurs to me that the apple guys have been working overtime. Go to the grocery store and you have:

  • Granny Smith
  • Pacific Rose
  • Envy
  • Jazz
  • Cripps Pink
  • Honeycrisp
  • Gala
  • Golden Delicious
  • Red Delicious
  • Fuji
  • Opal

and more that aren’t in season right now. There are dozens of varieties of apples!

Even the pear guys have some variety – Bartlet pears, red pears, Bosc pears, and Anjou pears just in the store today. And that’s just at the neighborhood Ralph’s. If you go to a Trader Joe’s they’ve go all sorts of weird pears.


Jumbo – Large – Medium.

They aren’t even different types at all, they’re just split by how big they are!

C’mon, NCOG marketers, get your act together!

In other news, my brain isn’t always quite right at the grocery store…


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Vivid Dreams & Nightly Torture

The nocturnal leg cramps are back. With a vengeance.

But this time there’s a twist. Perhaps related, perhaps not. Perhaps coincidental.

The dreams this week have been vivid, detailed, and unique. None of this “standing in front of a crowd naked” or “can’t find my classroom for the big final exam” stuff for me. Not even the more common (for me) recurring dreams.


They’re almost full blown movies, albeit with the somewhat choppy plot lines. More like scenes from a full blown movie with some of the scenes in between missing. But there’s a story in there.

A giant starship, waking from cold sleep in a pod, stuffing the pod with dummies filled with explosives in case we’re caught by those chasing us. Getting to a huge, shiny, skyscraper-like city orbiting a gas giant. We’re the second colony ship here to follow them and see what they’ve built in the decades they’ve been there before us. But they’re horrified to find that we didn’t bring more advanced weapons, something to deal with the ships that are following us…

A scene out of some technothriller, a European city, some sort of plot or heist going on. Rooms full of computers and giant screens a la “War Games.” Not a need to shut down the computer but instead to convince them to keep it going. I’m with an agent of some kind, a young Asian woman dressed in all black, but they’re separating us, taking us away and I have to stay with her…

Under water, floating, wearing some sort of scuba gear. There’s no bottom, no coral reefs, no shipwrecks, no anything. A bit of light from above but it must be moonlight since it’s so dim. Swimming past me are rows upon rows of various fish, like I’m in the middle of a marine 405 Freeway. There’s no danger, no sharks or anything like that, but I can’t decide whether to swim along with one group or the other. Somehow it’s critical that I make the correct choice…

So here’s the question – if the fascinating and somewhat entertaining dreams are tied somehow to the leg cramps and getting rid of the leg cramps will also get rid of the vivid nocturnal adventures in my head, do I take “the pill” and kill them both? Or are the leg cramps a small enough price to pay for the show?

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Walking Through The Twilight Zone

This last week or so I’ve been making sure I get my daily allocation of steps (my fitness smart watch demands my obedience) by going out for a late evening stroll. I’m usually out at 21:00 or even 22:00, walking at least a mile and a half to three miles.

Most nights I’l piss off the occasional dog who objects to my existence on the other side of their wall, and I’ll spot a clown or two running through a stop sign at 50 mph. As long as I’m not actually in the crosswalk at the time, the walk is (hopefully) calming.

Last night it was spooky quiet. I don’t think I saw more than one or two cars all night. After a while it became quite noticeable that I hadn’t heard a single dog barking. I didn’t hear any music playing or noise from any televisions coming from any houses, despite the fact that it was a comfortable night and I would have thought that many folks would have their windows open. No helicopters, no jets heading into Runway 08 at Burbank.


Tonight flipped to the exact opposite. And it was all odd, at least a little bit off in small, subtle ways.

That car parked next to the high school? Only when I was passing it did I realize that it was running and occupied by a couple. No brake lights, no motion, just a sudden realization that there were shapes in there and they were talking loudly. More like an argument than making out, but not exactly threatening or dangerous. I did give a couple of thoughts as I went by as to what I might do if the woman inside saw me and took the opportunity to jump out and shout for help.


Around the corner, I can hear an unfamiliar sound. Sort of like a cricket but more metallic or mechanical. It’s soft but somewhere straight ahead of me. Within ten seconds or so I hear the location switch to a location out in the middle of the street about 45° out, then to a spot that sounded like it was about five feet away out in the street, then to a spot behind, at which point it became a more steady drone and quickly dopplered away. The street is well lit there with a high school on one side and a shopping center parking lot on the other, yet I saw nothing passing me by or anywhere near me.

Very odd.

Around the corner, the grocery store had closed at 21:00, about fifteen minutes earlier. There was suddenly an alarm bell going off and I saw three or four people get out of a very high-end SUV and run over to the locked doors. The alarm stopped and they went back to their car and just stood around, waiting for something. I’m going with the closing shift doing a poor job of setting the burglar alarm, correcting the error, and then wasting their time doing something or the other.


As I go around the next corner I can see a kid twenty or thirty feet in front of me. A Mini pulls up and there’s some kind of exchange between the several occupants of the car and the teenager on the sidewalk. He gets in but doesn’t seem enthusiastic about it. They roar off – and run through the red light ahead of them. (At least that part was “normal.”) Big brother rounding up the kid who broke curfew? Gang members? Something completely innocent?


Now that it’s dead quiet again, coming through the red light from the other direction I can hear music, getting louder. Over the little rise appears a HUGE guy on a bicycle with a boom box blaring away. He reminded me of some of the passing characters in “Blade Runner.”


Approaching my home block after about a mile and a half, I can see a large SUV pull over at the corner ahead, stop, and the hazard warning lights turn on. I see someone get out and stand in the middle of the street nearby. As I approach I can hear someone talking quite loudly. It’s the lady standing in the middle of the intersection, talking on her phone. I don’t understand what she’s saying or even recognize the language. She’s quite excited and agitated. Is she having mechanical trouble? Did she run out of gas? As I cross the street I see that she’s tall, really tall, like basketball center on the US Olympic team tall, at least 6’6″ or more. She’s dressed in what looks like some kind of African dashiki and is wearing a turban or headdress of some sort. She never looks at me, just keeps shouting into her phone. As I get across the street to where her car is parked, I see that it’s running, the interior lights on with the driver’s door open. What made her stop her car so fast and jump out? Why is she shouting and who is she shouting at on her phone?

Very, very odd.

As I turn the final corner toward home I half expect to see Rod Serling standing there smoking a cigarette. He wasn’t there, of course. That whole “been dead for a long time” thing and all. But given the rest of the evening, it might not have been as unlikely as it would have been in broad daylight.

Walking through the Twilight Zone is mind bending.



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