Gobsmacked Today

I’m a little tired and fried tonight (been an odd weekend for lack of a better term) so I’ll share one mind-blowing factoid that I learned this weekend. I even double checked to make sure it wasn’t a silly meme thing designed to see how many folks would fall for it. Ready?

Historically and chronologically, Cleopatra lived closer to today than she did to the building of the Great Pyramid at Giza.


I know that in a very general sense, I figured they were sort of concurrent. At least, within a few hundred, maybe a thousand years. That’s a pretty broad range. And I’m handicapped by having an American education.

But Cleopatra lived from 69 BCE to 30 BCE, roughly 2,180 years ago (to her birth). Where the Great Pyramid of Giza was started around 2,550 BCE, and finished about 2,500 BCE.


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One response to “Gobsmacked Today

  1. I reckon I knew that a while ago, when I realised Cleo lived around the BC/AD border. All that shenanigans with Julius Caesar helped me place her.
    But the time scales are wondrous, aren’t they. Long wave technology change and all that. Probably why we’re on the brink of self-destruct.
    Gosh, aren’t I feeling positive this morning?!


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