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Milestone For The Big Blue Max

I told you it would happen!

I kept waiting for the transmission to blow out or some maniac doing 100+ mph in the rain and traffic to take me out in the last mile, leaving it forever stuck on 199,999 miles – but nothing like that happened.

It was uneventful, except for possibly the trivial and inconsequential coincidence that it happened EXACTLY in front of my office, which happens to sit right next to the freeway. That was a tiny bit weird and random.

On to the next 100,000 miles! She may be neither small nor zippy (like Hissy is) but she’s reliable and reasonably comfortable. And we’ve been through a lot together.

Which brings up another point. I know that my kids name their cars and give them personalities because I do and in that sense I’m either an outstanding, super cool role model or a terrible, psychotic one. But does anyone else do this?


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Life Commentary In Eleven Words

Some days this just describes the whole shebang:

Stupid server.

Time to count backwards, slowly, in German, from Dreihundertsiebenundvierzig, then reconnect.

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Thanksgiving 2019

I was curious so I went to see what I wrote her last Thanksgiving. I see that I was probably tired and a bit overwhelmed by the events of the holiday. We had just been through a large brush fire a few weeks earlier. There were a lot of stressors in our lives.

I wrote, “Let’s all hope that next Thanksgiving we can all be thankful that those crises are less threatening than they are this Thanksgiving.”

It’s next Thanksgiving. On a personal basis, a number of issues are better, some much better. On a national, historical, planetary basis, those crises are worse, not better at all.

NEXT Thanksgiving – people, we’ve got to do better!

On a much more granular level, it was a lovely Thanksgiving feast. I hope that you and yours had a wonderful holiday as well.

Tomorrow we start the Christmas lights, weather permitting.

Damn, Thanksgiving is late this year!

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No Context For You – November 25th

That’s no moon…

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No Implied Context For You – The Day After November 19th

So, last night it was late and I was doing a quickie “No Context” post which usually means I go through my iPhone photos and find something vague and/or blurry and/or bizarre and then write a few paragraphs of free association with it.

It’s not supposed to be deep, it’s just supposed to be quick. (Deep would be gravy, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for it.)

With an image that was various shades of brown and tan and had a bright spot in the upper corner (done, if I recall, by noticing that with the camera on but the camera face down on the desk it made different various gradients and lights depending on the overhead shadows and lighting) my first thought was that I was underwater in a very muddy place with the ray of sunlight to swim up toward to escape. Then, of course, it occurred to me that it might not be muddy water but something more fecal, and that in general was in tune with what’s going on in the world today, particularly in Washington and London, and I went with it.

This might have worried some folks.

It was a metaphor, or possibly a simile or an analogy, or even an allegory. Probably not a similitude.

I’m fine. While there might be days when I’m figuratively drowning in shit (who among us doesn’t in these interesting times?) I am not in any real sense literally drowning in shit.

So, here’s that same image, sprinkled with a few seconds of Photoshop magic, to be much more happier and much more upbeat. (Which is an anthropomorphication which is just as much BS as portraying last night’s as sad and downbeat, but hey, “whetevs” as the kids say. [The kids do not say this.])

Now it’s an algae-filled tank I’m swimming in, but it’s that special new bioengineered algae that’s going to give us unlimited, CO2 free energy while simultaneously sucking the excess CO2 from the atmosphere, pushing the CO2 levels back down below 300 ppm and saving us from climate change. That salvation would be the electronically enhanced, bigger, and brighter future in the upper right.

(DAMN, that’s smarmy!)

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Cheap Thrills, Red Tags

I’ve mentioned that as a child we spent LOTS of time on cross-country road trips – crammed into a station wagon with seven siblings, and parents, and occasionally pets, playing “license plate games” was necessary for survival. They were formative years. So now I always look for the first sighting of the next year’s colored tags on California license plates.

With Hissy being a “January baby,” I get to cheat. I got her registration about ten days ago and went online and paid immediately. And I’ve been keeping an eagle eye out for anyone else who might have gotten one first. Believe me, with the commute to the new job, I’ve been staring at a lot of bumpers recently.

Haven’t spotted one yet.

I’m a weiner!!!

(Assuming, of course, you don’t take into consideration that I’m so pathetic that getting my car registration sticker earlier than everyone else is such a big event in my life. Good thing there was that wedding last weekend or this might be the highlight of the month!)

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Yesterday’s morning commuting weather fit my mood and state for the past week, month, bunch of months.

Foggy. Hazy.

On the other hand, when I have a moment to step back and take stock, I’m a bit astonished at how much I’m getting done, especially given the cotton candy fuzz that my brain seems to always be muddling through.

I got a gazillion things done and loose ends wrapped up at my old job before leaving (plus that whole TV shoot on site thing). Things are going very, VERY well at my new job even though it seems like we’re going at 200 mph from the time I hit the door every day. (The learning curve is a bitch!)

We got that wedding thing done! It was a huge success! With parties the day before and the day after! And relatives in town all week!

I’m even making progress on getting caught up in my volunteer gig at the CAF hangar, aiming toward the year-end close coming up.

And all while not being 100% sure which way is up half the time and not being able to remember my own name, let alone those of all my new coworkers, the other half of the time.

I guess it just proves the line from “Bull Durham” to be true.

“Don’t think. You can only hurt the ball club.”


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