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Three Days Later

4:57, 4:58, 4:59… and all I’ve got is that it wasn’t “tomorrow” but three days later.

Then it occurs to me that I came up with THIS, so while it’s very, very meta (not failing to be creative by creatively talking about an article in which I talked about possibly failing to be creative) it is better than nothing. But it’s very Ouroboros-ish and I’m not fond of snakes.

Beggars can’t be choosers, but they can apparently be snake charmers.

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No Context For You – June 19th

Lightning round!

A very quick search of the site (and I don’t have time at the moment for much more than a very quick search) does not find that I’ve ever used the phrase, “Make art!” This makes me think I have not yet related a best and favorite story of my college days.

Maybe tomorrow….

The punch line (spoiler alert!) was that I got some very valuable lessons that taught me how to look at problems and problem solving from a much different viewpoint. I had to learn to see things differently and allow myself to be creative.

With the deadlines I’m working under currently and very little time to spend on this site, it occurs to me tonight that what I’m doing is a bit of that only in a much shorter time frame. I only have a few minutes a night so if I don’t already have a thought or something I took pictures of to share, my brain says to my brain, “Five minutes to be creative and clever… GO!”

Somewhat stressful, but also curiously exhilarating. At least, it’s exhilarating as long as I have yet to get to 4:59 while sitting there slack jawed with a look of terror in my eyes.

Maybe tomorrow…

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Happy Father’s Day, Y’all

I hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day, either by talking to your father, remembering your father, being a father (I got the pleasure of having nice, long chats with all three of my kids), or at the very least, getting into the whole NPR twitter thread about “dad jokes.”

There were some in there I hadn’t heard since I was a kid. It was a true flashback in many respects.

How do you hide an elephant in a cherry tree? Paint their toenails red!

Have you ever seen an elephant hiding in a cherry tree? It really works, doesn’t it!

Dad, can you make me a sandwich? Poof – you’re a sandwich!

There are a million of them, pretty much literally.

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Here, I Needed This, You Might Also

As the original post I saw said, “That’s pretty much EXACTLY how I would expect someone to talk after they got hit by lightning!”

I thought that I might need to call the paramedics to revive me ’cause I could barely breathe.

Some days…

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True Man

Have you ever had days when you swear that somewhere just out of sight, Ed Harris is watching your every move and seeing what he can do to mess with your world because it’s sweeps month?

Then it gets really meta thinking about how “The Truman Show” was actually made in order to throw you off the scent, because obviously if you were Truman, what could possibly be more ludicrous that having a show about Truman inside of a show about Truman. Which would be inside of another show about Truman. Which would…

It’s Trumans, all the way down.

And before you start thinking that I’ve got totally around the bend on this one (instead of the usual little bit around the bend) consider the possibility that we’re all actually programs or simulations of some kind being run in an immensely complex virtual reality. Then consider the recent proposal which speculates that, since paid subscription models of gaming haven’t proven to be viable, you are actually an advertisement!

I hope someone’s having fun playing my character, although if being me is a form of entertainment for them, their lives must suck pretty bad!

But honestly…

“A” was bad enough. Throw in “B” and it’s a joke, right? Then have “C” come in out of the blue, and ALL of it on top of what’s going on in Washington. Statistical fluctuations will only take you so far!

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Correlation Or Catastrophe?

Back at home after a long weekend at Baycon. Nice convention, good to get away. Unfortunately, had even worse nocturnal leg cramps than even the consistently BAD bouts I’ve been enduring for the last two or three weeks.

As part of my dietary regimen for other reasons I try to keep a food log, and this evening I was looking for anything that might jump out at me from the data. Is there possibly something I’m eating or when I’m eating it that’s making the leg cramps bad or worse some nights?

One possible suspect food which appeared was…


I brought this horrific and terrifying observation to The Long Suffering Wife. She thought it would be a good piece of information if confirmed, because then we could control things and I wouldn’t have leg cramps any more.

Am I the only one who sees how backwards this logic is?

If chocolate is somehow causing my leg cramps and leaving me awake and screaming and sleepless night after night, that does NOT mean that the problem is solved! It means that when I’m laying there awake and screaming every night I’ll know what’s causing it!

I mean, c’mon! Let’s stop the crazy talk here!

(P.S. – there almost certainly is not any actual correlation here. There isn’t, there isn’t, THERE ISN’T!!)


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Adulting Sucks – May 24th

Oh to be young, stupid, and irresponsible again.

Is it actually better to not know better and do it anyway? In other words, having learned from experience, is it better to be like an exuberant and energetic puppy and get into the trash and chase that skunk when a wiser critter might hold back?

Was Dirty Harry correct? Does a man really have to know his limitations?

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