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Another Thin White Line

Another thin white line across the sky. Another tube full of people going somewhere I’m not.

Can you see it there, 40,000 feet up, from San Diego behind us to the south, headed toward Sacramento far beyond the horizon up that way?

And here we are. One day at a time.

Beats the alternative. But it would be nice to have options.

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Some Days

Will WordPress post a GIF? More to the point, will it show it animated?

One way to find out.

For the record, I stand corrected from last night. It hasn’t been 80 years since D-Day, it’s only been 78.

For the record, “Come From Away” was utterly spectacular, amazing, emotional, hilarious, astounding, and anyone who knows me at all will know exactly which song, and which line in that song, hit me like a gut punch.

Let’s not do today again, okay?

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Skyscapes – June 05th

So much time being spent looking backwards this weekend.

Forty years ago, in 1984, so many classic movies came out. Blade Runnier. E.T. Poltergeist. The Wrath of Khan. The Thing. Tron. Ghostbusters. The Last Starfighter.

Eighty years ago tonight and tomorrow morning, the largest armada in world history left England and hit the beaches in Normandy. Omaha. Sword. Utah. Gold. Juno.

I’m wondering if I’m thinking so much about the past because there’s so much about the future that’s so scary.

But face it we must.

The clouds? They don’t care.

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Wrinkles Maximus

One of the problems with shaving your head…

…is that when you get this face, the wrinkles don’t just stop at your eyes and forehead, they go all the way over the top and back down your spine. For all I know my … never mind.

The good news about doing it at this age is that you don’t really give a rat’s ass about it. You shouldn’t be spending a lot of time and effort trying to impress anyone. If you are, you probably deserve what you’re bringing down on yourself.

Those who love you and want you in their lives will do so even if you’re involuntarily prunish. They’ll understand that you look like a shar-pei and laugh “with you” when you make funny faces, even (especially?) when you’re not trying to make a funny face.

Those who don’t will hate you whether you look like this or like George Clooney, so invite them to take a long hike off of a short pier.

It also helps if you’re a decent human being and not a flaming asshole, but that’s a different discussion altogether. One for another day.

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Not A Marathon Or Even A Triathalon

That finish line? It’s not, just the start of the next race.

Off in those branches there used to be two adult squirrels. In the last couple of weeks there were two adult squirrels and at least three, maybe four (or more?) baby squirrels. Now there are two adults and two former baby squirrels, so presumably there’s also a well-fed hawk or owl around. Circle of life.

The squirrels don’t race. They just are. Trust me, with brains the size of peanuts, nothing profound passes across those squirrelly neurons beyond stealing bird seed.

We race, and if we expect something at the end of a marathon other than another race, well, that’s on us, not on the races.

If we think we’re running a triathalon and we expect something after the swimming, biking, and marathon other than some other kind of race, and then another, we don’t have any cause to be disappointed when our expectations turn out to be bogus.

As Hawkeye Pierce said (more or less), “Carry on! Cary Grant! Carry me back to old Virginny!”

Hawkeye kept on going. He didn’t have a choice. And neither do we.

Stupid squirrels.

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No Context For You – May 09th

Blurred. That’s what reality feels like at times these days. Like a Twilight Zone episode where you suddenly can start to see the machinery behind the scenes or be able to poke your finger through the fabric of spacetime and see what’s lying underneath, maybe give it a little tear.

Too many deadlines some days, too little time to breathe, headaches just a bit too sharp, everything just too, Too, TOO!

Maybe there was a dream that was a bit too vivid, a bit too desirable, an inch too far out of reach when we woke up. Maybe the news was a bit too bizarre, a touch too threatening, a dollop too insane.

Maybe all of the above.

Keep moving, don’t look too closely into the corners or shadows.

Keep moving.

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California Voting

Like many states, California has midterm primary elections coming up in a month or so. With that on the horizon, today I got, within the course of about three minutes:

  • A text message from the LA County Registrar of Voters, telling me that my mail-in ballot had been mailed today. I should get it within a week.
  • A voice mail message from the LA County Registrar of Voters, telling me that my mail-in ballot had been mailed today. I should get it within a week.
  • An email from the LA County Registrar of Voters, telling me that my mail-in ballot had been mailed today. I should get it within a week.

I spent about two seconds thinking about how this was overkill, but then reality set in and I remembered how many states (guess how many of them are controlled by an uber right-wing, conservative political party?) are banning mail in voting, early voting, drop boxes for voting, and doing everything they can, legal and otherwise, to prevent folks from voting. I’m a demographic (male, white, reasonably well off) that probably wouldn’t suffer much from those efforts, but I have no interest in living in one of those states where people like me are working so stinking hard to completely screw over people who are not like me.

So I’m going to be grateful to be in California in general and in Los Angeles County in particular where voting is encouraged, even for those who aren’t necessarily like me. They can bombard me with helpful, transparent information all they want.

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Healthy Lunch

Apropos of just about nothing other than it’s been a busy, busy day in a busy, busy week and I’ve got some tight deadlines coming up and my brain is still stewing and festering about *waves hands vaugely at everything* so let’s see what a normal lunch is for me. It caught my eye today because it’s colorful!

  • A slice or two of low sodium turkey
  • A slice or two of Swiss cheese, but sometimes a hunk Monterey Jack (the cheese and turkey used to be a sandwich, but in order to cut down on the carbs that I so dearly love but my A1C readings hate, the bread and condiments are gone)
  • Radishes (or sometimes carrots)
  • Strawberries (or sometimes grapes)
  • Apple (or sometimes a pear or orange)
  • Diet Coke or water (not shown)

Compared to what I might like to eat for lunch if I were still working in an office, particularly if that office had dozens of fast food places within a block or three, this is pretty stinking healthy. There are enough alternatives and options to keep a little bit of variety in there, which is good. Even with a fair amount of flavor, the same thing every day like clockwork would be … BORING!

I would also note that lunch is served at my desk with keyboard at the ready. Remember, sometimes it’s not so much “working from home” as it is “living at work.” As so many of us know these days.


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No Context For You – May 03rd

I have few coherent words at the moment given the news of the past 24 hours and the rage it has ignited in me. And that doesn’t even take into account the ongoing horrors in Ukraine.

So take an odd picture without any context, because there isn’t any there to be had.

Meanwhile, while thinking about the 19-year-old, Eisenhower Republican, Midwestern, raised strict Catholic Paul who would be totally gobsmacked to see mid-60’s Paul sharing this, have some interesting and possibly extremely useful information for the days ahead…

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Okay May, Let’s Talk

First of all, April? Long hike, short pier, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split ‘ya! Capiche? You were better than January, February, or March, but that bar wasn’t set very high and we had such hopes for you. Which you failed at delivering.

May, listen up! I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings!

Big picture – if the stock market could start recovering and stop plunging, if gas prices could get back under $5/gallon, and if the Russians could stop whatever insanity they’re up to that would all be super great! Make it so.

It’s good that the Kings made the playoffs and the Angels are off to a hot start and in first place after three weeks or so. It’s a little icing on the cake that the Ducks, Sharks, and Golden Knights are sitting at home watching the playoffs on cable, and the Dodgers aren’t in first place while we are. (What, me petty and vengeful? Damn straight!) Now let’s see those things continuing and improving even more. It’s that whole “Big Mo” thing (momentum, for the non sports addicted) and we need to see it snowballing.

It’s been pretty good at work and I’m hoping that continues, although there are always storm clouds on the horizon. If those could hold off another month or so, so much the better. If not, then at least give me a bit of a heads up, okay?

On the personal time management and existential stress front, some time to get caught up on “Picard,” get started on “Strange New Worlds,” and get to the theater for “Top Gun 2” would really push your evaluation score towards an A+.

And as always, if you really want to graduate cumma sum laude, you could do something appropriate with COVID or the GOP. Do both and you’ll be a freakin’ legend.

It’s up to you, May! We’re dancing as fast as we can here, a little help on your part would really be appreciated!

You’re on in 36 minutes.

Good talk!

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