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The Power Of Meaningless Stickers

In kindergarten and early grades, there’s a lot of motivation to be found in a cheap, meaningless sticker. Do well and get a green one – need some improvement and get a red one. Get a whole sheet of green ones for Parent’s Day and you’ll never be more upset in your life than when you get your first blue, yellow, or, god forbid, red one.

As much as we might think we outgrow that, there’s a reason that almost every charity out there gives out SWAG. Give blood and you get a T-shirt. (I’ve got dozens.) Donate $10 and get a wristband or baseball cap. The WWF will send you a calendar for free with pictures of cute endangered animals, and if that inspires you to send them $25 or $50, well…

For WordPress, which I use to host this site, a few years back they started sending motivational posts to my comments if I posted something every day. I was already a little bit motivated (aka, “anal,” aka “OCD”) to post EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY! When I started getting e-stickers in my comment, I was five years old all over again.

I was doing pretty well. This was from June 4th.

But there are rules, apparently. And an atomic clock with no soul, no slack, no understanding of the need some of have to have something in our lives we can count on & control, no matter how miniscule that “atta boy!” might be.

So on June 5th, like many, many other days, I was running late, on a deadline, trying to get something quick posted, and trying to make the pictures look nice. And I probably took one more pass through Photoshop to eliminate some dust on the sensor in one of the pictures – and I posted this at about 00:00:06 AM. And I did not get an e-sticker that night. Or on the next. Or the next.

The string was broken.

But finally on June 10th, I was congratulated for posting 5 days in a row. And back at it, last night I got:

There but for a few tardy seconds, tonight would be day #524 in a row. But it’s not.

Fight on!

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Happy 8th Birthday, WLTSTF!

8 years.

2,921 days.

3,014 posts.

7,111 images. (About 90% are taken by me. The rest are images from the news, from cell phone screen captures, and so on.)

62 videos.

7 audio clips.


And despite the pandemic and lockdown and quarantine (or possibly because of it) I’m now getting these “You’re on a 384-day streak on We Love The Stars Too Fondly!” notices every day on the app.

No pressure…


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A Curiosity Question

WordPress tells me that there are over 500 folks who have “subscribed” to this site, who get a notice whenever I publish anything. Which is pretty much every day. And depending on what drivel I’m spouting, I’ll get one or two, or very rarely eight or ten, “likes” via WordPress or Twitter or FaceBook. So I’m thinking that 500-plus number might not mean what I think it means.

Anyway, one of the things I’ve always done with my pages is to put in internal links, like this, which point off to some relevant previous post.

Maybe something about critters, birds, or lizards. (Actually, I consider the birds and lizards to be “critters,” but let’s not split hairs. Or feathers. Or scales.)

Or a friend who’s no longer with us, who I think of pretty much every day.

Or a trip – where I really should finish posting pictures, were’ barely halfway through! (Didn’t I say that at the beginning of this year? What happened?! Oh, yeah…2020. SHAZZBATT!)

So the questions are:

  1. Do these links work for everyone? I assume they do because they work for ME when I look at my posts, but I’m also looking at it with my file permissions and publishing rights, so maybe it’s not working for everyone else? And…
  2. Do you use them, or is it a complete waste of my time?

Thanks, have a safe Halloween tomorrow!


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With A Little Help From My Friends – October 03

Thanks to suggestions from fellow writers & bloggers Wendy and Jemima, I think I’ve regained control of my WordPress editor. I’m grateful for their help – if the WordPress customer support had been 1% as useful I probably wouldn’t be still sticking pins in their mental voodoo dolls.

Of course, with everything (by which I mean EVERYTHING) going on along with all of the usual everythings, I’m too drained to do much tonight.

But I did get this:

As has been famously said recently, “I’m not throwin’ away my shot!” One vote might be the equivalent of a single drop of water – hundreds of millions of them will be a tsunami.

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Infinite Corporate Stupidity

I took some really nice pictures of the full moon rising tonight.

I can’t show them to you on my website, because WordPress in their INFINITE CORPORATE STUPIDITY has “upgraded” their editor. They’ve done this once or twice before during the seven and a half years that I’ve been using them to host this site, but always in the past I’ve been able to go back to the original, “classic” editor. Not this time.

Nope, now I find out, after an hour and change of having my blood pressure raised by some tech support chat person who’s only help was to send me links to the “Learning The New Super-Duper Ultra Fancy Wow-You’re-Gonna-Love-It WordPress Editor” documents and to “check my spam folder” for all of the notices they say they’ve sent (I’ve never seen a single word) about the imminent, fundamentally destructive change in their product.

So I have no idea what this is going to look like, or how long it’s going to take to figure out how to do fundamental things like insert a photo or a link or change formatting.

I did find a way to turn on the HTML editor. As long as there’s a learning curve to be battled, maybe it’s just time to do it old, old, old, old school.

Now, where did they bury, hide, stash, or otherwise conceal the Categories pulldown menu? Where would I put it if my goal was to make it hard and really piss me off even more? Hmmmm…

Yep, there it is!

(Oh, yeah, and for shits and giggles they apparently just announced that Trump, Melania, and about half the White House all are COVID positive. Fun times!)

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Happy 7th Birthday, WLTSTF!

April 29, 2013, first post. I think this year more than any other since then I can relate to how and why I started this site as my world was turning upside down and the foundations of my zeitgeist was crumbling. Only now it’s not just me.

Since then…

A couple of cancer surgeries in the family, both successful. My mother passing away.

Many, many, many trips. New York. Vermont. Virginia. Kansas City. Shanghai. Seoul. Kyoto.

Five NASA Socials. One total solar eclipse. Several lunar eclipses. Many pretty pictures of conjunctions and ISS passes.

Two new jobs and many new friends and challenges.

Many concerts and sporting events.

2,649 posts in 2,557 days. Some profound. Most not.

Thousands and thousands of pictures. A few videos, audio files, and supposedly clever Tweets.

And all of the folks who read and comment and have come along for the ride.

I try not to be boring. I’ll try harder next year.



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Meditation Might Be Worthless

Hear me out on this one…

I’ve never been much of a meditation sort of guy. Too much of a class clown. Not a big believer in the “woo-woo” side of life.

But I’ve mellowed with age. I’m long, LONG past the stage where I thought I knew everything and I’m now deep, DEEP into the stage where I’m not convinced I know anything. You know – mid-life crisis and all of that. (Anyone makes a crack about how I’m too old to be having a “mid”-life crisis gets shown the far side of the airlock door.)

(And yes, that is the class clown trying to come out and go all Hawkeye Pierce on the situation to distract from the actual crisis. I’m recognizing it – I just can’t stop it, so that’s progress. See?! There we go again…)

Anyway, where I work now we have Wednesday afternoon meditation sessions. Just ten minutes, but I’ll take the break. It’s actually quite relaxing and pleasant. I look forward to it. At last, I did until we went and had to shut down the office due to the COVID-19 crisis.

But here’s the thing.

On a day like today, because of this, and THAT, and then the day I had, and then… And god forbid you should actually read the news. And then we got word (which shouldn’t have been a surprise, but I still had hope) that the Ahmanson’s production of “1776” this summer is being cancelled. You have no idea how much I was looking forward to that.

And that in turn brought up the overwhelming likelihood that “Hamilton” will also be cancelled. It will be. It should be. The world is shit and millions are going to be dying.

And then one of the little escapes that I was truly enjoying (we’ve been binging “The Good Place”) hit the end of the 3rd season (which was an absolute gut punch) and I was desperate to move on to the 4th season to see how it’s resolved. But it’s not out there yet and probably won’t be until fucking AUGUST!!!

And I shouldn’t be starting every sentence with “and,” but I am.

I fully realize (especially writing this out) how privileged and highly ridiculous my particular whine is, given the magnitude of the crisis facing us all. I’ll own that. For better or for worse, this is where the camel’s back got broken for me today.

And as I’m teetering on the abyss, my brain spinning in circles like a rabid squirrel hopped up on meth, grasping at straws, it occurred to me. “Meditation.” Isn’t that what this is for? Isn’t that a much better solution than tearing off your clothes, covering yourself in raspberry preserves, and running screaming through the streets of Los Angeles at night?


Meditation is slow. It’s methodical. It’s pastoral.

It’s glacial.

I needed something RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

So it occurs to me that when the chips are down, when you’re facing your particular existential crisis, unless it’s a slow, methodical, pastoral, glacial sort of crisis, meditation might be worthless. Sort of like having a really good, really accurate single-shot long rifle when you’re suddenly attacked by a thousand rabid squirrels armed with machine guns.

And I now realize that my outlet, my solution, my therapy, my way to release Hawkeye Pierce, is to write.

I think there are about five, maybe six people who actually read this site. I don’t know if this outlet for my Day ‘O Shit would be better or worse if that was five or six hundred thousand.

Maybe that will be tomorrow’s existential crisis.


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2192 Days

2192 days

2286 articles published

5576 photos/images

50 videos

5 audio files

1999 comments (c’mon, someone be the 2,000th!)

The prize for the most comments, by well over a factor of three, is Jemima Pett. Thank you for the input, feedback, and conversation! (Wendy, you’re in second place.)

The article that received the most comments? They Crossed A Line, a screed about some truly ignorant and horrible astronomy in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

The article that’s received the most views? Still a bit of a surprise to me, but it’s the pictures I posted from the Military Aviation Museum in Pungo, VA, with 575 views. (I notice when I search the site to create that link the “birthday” articles at “730 Days” and “1096 Days” also come up, so this may be a positive feedback loop I’ve just given another shove to.) Second is the article about First Landing State Park in Virginia (522 views), with a P-51 engine replacement being third (504 views).

I find it funny to see that the only “Flash Fiction” I see in the top fifty or so is the one titled “Gigantic Honkin’ Nipple Clamps.” I do miss the weekly flash fiction exercise that Chuck Wendig used to run. Also, I had figured that people were reading that Flash Fiction more than the others because of the title, and it very well might be. But I just re-read it and it’s not half bad.

Most of the articles in the Top Posts are older, having had some time to build up a number of views over time. I’m pleased to see one quite recent in there as well – “My Battery Is Low And It’s Getting Dark.

Looking through those 5576 photos & images, there are probably several hundred (I’m not going to spend the time counting) “images” from phone screen shots and a handful of images from the Internet when something or the other caught my attention. But at least 90% of those 5576 images are pictures I’ve taken.

Space. Airplanes. Critters. Travels. Clouds. Sunsets. Flowers. Lizards. Christmas lights. Fireworks. And whatever other stupid shit catches my eye.

I always hope for greatness, but some days I have to settle for not being boring. Thanks to all of you for following along, no matter where I am on that spectrum.


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NaNoWriMo – 2018

I mentioned at one point that it would be great to get a bunch of big projects behind me at work and at the hangar and at home so that I could spend November slaving away at the keyboard being creative with a NaNoWriMo project.

(For those not familiar with NaNoWriMo, it’s the National Novel Writing Month – in brief, slap 50,000+ words onto the screen as a “zeroth” draft of a novel. It’s not pretty, it’s not even a first draft, it’s simply an exercise in Just – Keep – Putting – Words – TOGETHER! and seeing what comes out the other side. I’ve done it three or four times, but being incredibly self centered and foolish open about my process I’ve put my work up here on this site – just do a search to see some of the crap I’ve inflicted on my loyal readers in the past. Actually, that might not be totally true – while being “zeroth” drafts, at least two of them had stories that I actually thought were pretty good if I ever managed to get past the NaNoWriMo stage, finish them, and then start editing.)

I also mentioned that while doing NaNoWriMo I would like to start running and training for a marathon again. (The two projects share a great number of similarities.)

Needless to say, the big projects at work were replaced with other big projects at work, everyone at the hangar is still pissed with me because I’m so hopelessly behind on the older big projects as well as the current big projects, and I’m still unpacking at home from the move that consumed my life from February until May, so there’s no NaNoWriMo for 2018. And there’s no running right now either.

Just me mired in projects like I’m in quicksand up to my chin, watching things I’m passionate about going zipping by like fighter jets doing low-level strafing runs through the Valley of Happiness.

See? Wordsmithing like that is why I should be doing NaNoWriMo. There’s still time, after all. I only need to do 17,000 words a day for three days…

Image result for so you're saying there's a chance gif


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A Thousand Stories

Well, here we are at the end of 2017. In a year where it felt like my head was spinning 24/7, my year-end thoughts aren’t any more organized, but I would like to take the opportunity to throw out a semi-organized rant. With that in mind:

2017 – what a cluster fuck!

It’s not that there weren’t any good things at all. To me it seems that it’s the contrast between the highs and lows that was the killer. The highs were higher but fewer and further between. (The August total solar eclipse, “Hamilton,” seeing Depeche Mode at the Hollywood Bowl, to name a few.)

Meanwhile, the lows were just unrelenting and grim on several fronts. Both my day job and my volunteer job at the CAF had time and workload pressures all year that were like trying to stuff ten pounds of pickles into a five-pound pickle bag.

Over everything was the current US political and social crises. Looking back at the year in that light, the “good” news is that the economy hasn’t collapsed and we haven’t gotten involved in a nuclear war. But on both topics there’s a feeling of impending doom and the fear that the next word in the conversation is “yet!”

When that’s your standard for “good,” i.e., not having thirty or forty million people unemployed or not having three hundred or four hundred million people dead, it’s hard to feel giddy about the accomplishment.

Personally, one comment stood out and has stuck with me as I’ve been spinning and trying to juggle priorities with too little time, too little sleep, too little money, and too much stress. At one point this year, while trying to sort through priorities at work, my boss commented something to the effect of, “You probably have a thousand stories written, but none of them have a final chapter.

That stung – particularly because it hit so close to home. She was offering an honest, constructive criticism and I never thought that she meant it literally. (I don’t even know if she knows that I write or have written.) But in the broader sense she’s absolutely correct – at home, at work, and at the CAF I do have dozens and dozens of various ongoing tasks at any given point and it often takes forever to actually get them finished. Some never get finished, just dropped to the wayside, with the intent to get back to them “soon.”

So while I won’t be making any New Year’s resolutions (for all the reasons that make them artificial and useless and a waste of time) I will be trying to remember to be more focused and to always be more conscious of the “finish line” in any project.

For example, largely due to time pressure, there are a dozens of “loose threads” with articles I’ve written here. Have I shown any more of my series of travel pictures lately? A quick search shows that my New York pictures had parts #14 and #15 posted in April, part #16 posted in May, and part #17 posted in July. Since then…crickets.

What’s up with that?

Did I ever share the full stories and pictures and video from the eclipse in August? That would be a big, fat “no!”


I’ve written about running marathons and how I’ve found it to be about 33% physical and 66% mental. If you do the training, you know that you can run that far and you have a decent idea of what sort of time you can accomplish, along with a goal that you would like to push yourself to. Despite that, there will be a dozen times (or a hundred) along the course where your body just wants to quit. Your brain is being assaulted by stimuli and pain and it would be just a short jog along the path of least resistance to simply pull over and get on one of those buses that will take you back to the finish line.

But mentally, you have to have trained yourself to Keep. Going. Anyway.

You know that the finish line is out there and until you reach it, you Will. Not. Stop.

One of the things I found after starting to run was that I could use that same mental ability in other, non-physical aspects of life. Such as handling an overwhelming work load or an impossible deadline.

I’m not doing that now.

In both the physical (running) and the non-physical (getting a project done) worlds, it’s a pain in the ass, a full on horrible bitch of a time when you’re in it. You HATE it. But it is so incredibly satisfying when you hit that finish line, even more so if you’re able to meet or exceed your goals. So while you swear during the process that you will NEVER do this again, that sense of accomplishment will call you back. Especially if it’s something like work or something you’re passionate about. You’re going to be doing it (or have to be doing it) anyway, so why not set a goal, hit it, and get the self-satisfaction of the accomplishment?

I haven’t run in a while. I’ve lost that discipline, and it shows in several ways, most of which I’m not satisfied or happy with. I need to get it back.

Focus. Regain that “runner’s mentality.” Reach those finish lines.

Write those final chapters.

Even if that doesn’t help get rid of the festering cancers we have in Washington and their legions of vile sycophants that are now crawling out from under the rocks where they’ve been hiding, at least I’ll be in better shape to fight them, both mentally, physically, and financially.

Kick 2018’s ass!

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