A Time of Changes

As I’ve aged (which is not to say gotten more “mature”) I’ve come to note how many facets of life are a balancing of opposites. Light vs dark, good vs evil, love vs hate, that sort of thing. Currently, “change vs stability” is high on my list of things to ponder.

On the one hand, change is constant and inevitable despite what we may wish for. On the other hand, change is often looked upon with fear and trepidation.

On the one hand, the rational mind understands that change contains the seeds of progress, growth, and new adventures. Without change, there can be no progress. On the other hand, change can be terrifying, especially when the forces behind the changes are out of our control. Without change, there will be no disasters.

Finally, on the one hand, change (embraced despite the unknowns) has led to some of my most satisfying endeavors and memories. On the other hand, change (resisted at all cost) has led to some truly rotten trials and tribulations.

I’m in the midst of some of those major changes now and it’s time to embrace the change. It’s time to recognize that a lot of the fear of change comes from the unknown and lack of control, and the way to address those factors is to take action. To that end, it’s time to recognize that a key action I can and must take is to write more and share what I write. It’s time to find my voice and let it out of my head so it can play with those of you who wish to join in the conversation with me.

What will we talk about? Anything I feel passionately about and have an opinion about (hint, I’m a huge fan of John Scalzi’s “Whatever” site http://whatever.scalzi.com/), but I’m sure common topics (in no particular order) will be the space program, science, books, music, family, sports, stupid people, politics, amazing people, photography, flying, humor, and travel. For starters.

The blog’s title, “We Love The Stars Too Fondly”, is a variant of a quote commonly attributed to Galileo, “I’ve loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” I remember first hearing it as “For we love the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night” when I was a member of the Orange County Astronomers while in college in the late 1970’s, and it’s always been a quote close to my heart.

The blog’s tagline, “Shared thoughts & images while questing for what we all want to be as we grow older,” is what I want this blog to grow into. It’s meant to recognize that we’re all looking for something, we all want tomorrow to be better than today, and it needs to happen not as we grow “up”, but as we grow “older”. As the T-shirt says, “Growing Older Is Mandatory, Growing Up Is Optional.”

So, welcome! Please comment, please contribute, please share. Over the next days, weeks, months, and years I’ll figure out WordPress and blogging and I hope many others will join me and this site, whether you be family, friends, or strangers.

It’s time to write! It’s a time of changes!


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2 responses to “A Time of Changes

  1. Johwee

    I suggest pictures of cats as well as those other cool things. The internet always needs more cats to keep running. You don’t want to break the internet do you?


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