Persistance Awards

I’ve mentioned before (here) that WordPress gives you an “atta boy!” notification any time you post more than five or six days in a row. And, as a reminder, I’m easily amused, so it becomes a thing to keep the streak going.

With me, that can go on quite a while! I was at 420 days on June 4, 2021 when I missed the midnight posting deadline by a few seconds and re-started the streak. I was at 245 days in a row on February 5, 2022 when again, I missed the deadline by a minute or so – and started over.

I haven’t missed since.

If not for those two missed deadlines (and to be clear, I did post on those days, just not by midnight local time) it would be 1,032 days in a row. But I’ll take the 365.

Remember getting “perfect attendance” awards at school? Yeah, I was that kid.

And yes, I got beat up for it. *shrug*

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