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No Context For You – December 11th

What color is chrome?

Is there a chrome Crayon?

It’s sort of grey, or silver-ish, but with lots of white highlights.

I probably should have learned that it all of those art courses I took decades ago, huh?

A dark month, December. The days get shorter, the nights get longer, the temperatures drop, the winds howl, the rains arrive.

Is it any wonder that at the solstice we celebrate, no matter the religious or cultural justification?

Do we think we can frighten the night and the cold away with frantic noises and celebration? Do we as an “enlightened” people simply recognize the results of axial tilt and recognize the circumstantial passing of a defined point in the calliope of Newtonian mechanics? Or does it even matter?

We’ve made it through 11/12ths of this 2018 ordeal. Let us gather our strength to finish strong and bravely meet 2019 head on.

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No Context For You – October 16th






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No Context For You – October 09th

Remember to fly – remember what you’re passionate about – remember to stay with the light.

Without passion we’re just random bits of protoplasm metabolizing oxygen on an infinitesimally small dust mote in an infinite and infinitely uncaring universe.

With passion, we are alive, we are observers and participants, we are a vital and irreplaceable component that allows the entire universe to be alive, to be aware.

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Make Art – October 08th

Missing my muse…

Tonight, no matter how much I tried to add color and be vivid, the results kept being asymptotic with grey, silver, tan.

Maybe the muse was telling me something I wasn’t listening to.


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No Context For You – September 25th

If you’re tired enough and squint they start to look like trombones.

Are there seventy-six of them? Is Ronnie Howard running around with a lisp?

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No Context For You – September 18th

What’s a guy got to do to get a day off around here?

What? You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me!

Oh, okay, if I must…


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Make Art – September 13th

Learn from your mistakes.

One mistake, for example, might be picking an “innocuous and innocent” picture to post from your Camera Roll since you’re busier than god and short on time to write something – only to end up with your subconscious going off on a rant in a direction that you never saw coming.

Doesn’t mean it wasn’t true. Doesn’t mean that it didn’t need to get said. Doesn’t mean that I’m sorry I said it.

But it was interesting in retrospect. An extremely complex yet potentially chaotic system there between the eyeballs and the ears. You never can tell when a simple input will bring about a massively oversize and unexpected response, way out of proportion to what was expected.

Makes you wonder when that next innocent tidbit is going to go hypergolic and take your cerebellum off on a Nantucket sleigh ride.

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