Sir Elton’s Penultimate Concert

Elton John’s Penultimate concert – Dodger Stadium, along with what I expect to be about 50,000+ of my closest friends!

Danny Elfman three weeks ago, Elton John tonight, who knows who’s next. (March at SoFi Stadium is who??)

Lots of folks in glitter and odd eyewear – I’m an olde phart, so I went with comfort. But The Long-Suffering Wife went wild with a streak of purple!

Let the tunes begin!!


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2 responses to “Sir Elton’s Penultimate Concert

  1. berich56

    Excellent. That is one positive about LA, everybody plays there.

    On a separate note, have you checked out It is a map showing a slice of the universe from “us” to the edge of the known universe. Pretty amazing.


  2. From sea to shining sea… My friend Noelle went to one on your oppsite shore 🙂 Strangely, I never did go to see the lad from about five miles away who went to school with some of the boys I knew….


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