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PBJ & Convection

The weather at Camarillo was quite nice, if a touch windy. But that wasn’t nearly enough to stop our PBJ or other planes from flying.

While the PBJ was sitting out on the ramp waiting for our passengers to arrive, I noticed the view with some growing convective clouds building 25-30 miles north, up over the mountains along the northern edge of Ventura County. Later in the day they grew into some significant thunderstorm cells with flash flooding along the I-5 over the Grapevine, but at this point they were just a pretty background for the gorgeous plane.

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May’s Weird Weather In LA

Rain. Thunder. Lightning. In May. In Los Angeles.

Yeah, I get it. You live in Tornado Alley and weather like this just means that it’s a day that ends in “Y” and you think I (and everyone else in LA going ape over a little bit of convective activity) am a real goober.

Fine, wait until you come out here and run into Anne Hathaway or Keanu Reeves in Starbucks and you can’t remember your own name for five minutes…

I wasn’t sure we would actually get any rain at our location, but then the first drops hit the window.

The the lightning started and with it the downpours.

It was great to watch at lunch from the dry safety of my office.

(Image from NOAA Hi-Def Weather Radar Pro app)

Yeah – that’s a lot of yellow, orange and red!

(Image from Weather Underground app)

After the fact I noticed this on Weather Undergound – look at that temperature drop! 14°F in about an hour.

Fun times!



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The Raindrops’ Origination Story

They had to come from somewhere to get here. Their aim was true!

My prime suspects were these guys, lurking overhead.

Refugees from the North Pacific, starting out somewhere between Honolulu and Anchorage and getting to us via Santa Barbara.

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Minimal Convective Activity

With a front moving through last night and making a mess of rush hour in LA I was hoping to see some convective activity (clouds building up into thunderstorms) when the sun came out.

It looked hopeful for an hour or so, but then fizzled as the winds came up. Instead of thunderstorms I came out to a car covered with pine needles, pollen, and debris.

Not a decent trade.

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WE Build Weather

While the weather down here in the LA Basin tends toward boring, you don’t have to get far up into the mountains and high desert valleys to find places where you’ll have it in the 40’s in the morning and 90’s in the afternoon, with thunderstorms and some most interesting clouds.

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Clouds Don’t Care

It doesn’t matter how stupid, hateful, ignorant, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or clueless we get as individuals, or as a species.

Clouds don’t care.

Nor does it matter how intelligent, loving, resourceful, inclusive, or insightful we get as individuals, or as a species.

Clouds don’t care.

I wish I could be a cloud.

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Pre-Dusk Clouds

It wasn’t really “afternoon” any more at 18:15 local, about forty-five minutes before sunset, but it wasn’t really “dusk” either – so let’s call it “pre-dusk,” shall we?

The clouds were beautiful and layered and interesting, but the sun was still really bright. How do I block it just a little so my picture isn’t ruined? Maybe stand right there in the shade of the trunk of that pine tree?

A little further out into the parking lot another option presents itself. The parking lot lights have these huge, smoky colored glass balls on top of the column. What if I stand right in the shadow of that? I like that one a lot!

Over by the car, not being blocked by the building any more, there looked to be some sort of mechanism at work in multiple dimensions and at multiple altitudes, breaking the clouds into rows and ripples. There’s a low-level band of them from center left to lower right, but another very high level group going at 90° to that from center left to center bottom.

Gravity waves, perhaps?

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