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Cloudy Dusk

And so it was. After almost a week of 90°+ temperatures, it cooled off quite a bit yesterday, and tonight it was downright brisk, mid-50’s. With some coastal clouds and fog rolling it, it was lovely, and would have been more lovely if I had a sweatshirt or jacket instead of a T-shirt on. Good thing I wasn’t out there long, I’m not a fan of being cold.

I hope your upcoming work week is pleasant, or at least tolerable. Even when we have jobs which we enjoy and find fulfilling and people to work with who we find to be complementary teammates (a position I am fortunate enough to find myself in), there are still going to be days when you have to grit your teeth and just power through.

May your teeth this week be ungritted!

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Edge Of The World

Fog rolled in last night, this morning it was cool, misty, and for all you could tell from the back yard we were at the top of a 100,000′ cliff

Which would actually be pretty cool! The opportunities for hang gliding would be excellent!

I haven’t quite worked out how I would get back up from the bottom, but that’s just engineering, not world building.

See you in the thermals!

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What’s Wrong With These Pictures?

Something I’ve mentioned in the past is having a secondary monitor or two on my home office computer setup and liking live webcam feeds running on them when I’m not using them. Hummingbirds, jellyfish, volcanoes, Venice, whatever.

Lately I’ve been watching a LOT of feeds from Virtual Railfan cameras, set up in train stations and train museums all over the country and just watching the freight trains and Amtrak passing by. For example, tonight:

(Image from Virtual Railfan)

My favorite site, Fort Madison, Iowa. LOTS of trains, plus the swing bridge over the Mississippi River. Plus the river, and wildlife, and birds.

(Image from Virtual Railfan)

Kearney, Nebraska. Lots of long, fast freight trains passing through every day.

(Image from Virtual Railfan)

Quincy, Illinois. I actually spent a lot of time in Quincy as a kid, my parents had good friends there from college and we would go visit them a couple times a year.

All of these images were captured tonight, either just before or just after midnight local time. Essentially, all on March 31st.

What’s wrong with these pictures?

The end of March. Places in the part of the country where I grew up. And it never, EVER was snowing heavily at the end of March.

Meanwhile, it was 70°F above normal in Antarctica this week.

Meanwhile, there were brush fires this week in Colorado and California, where we now have 12-month fire seasons.

Meanwhile, there were massive tornado outbreaks across the south, Texas and New Orleans, last week, months earlier than normal.

Good thing that climate change is all fake, huh?! Otherwise we might just be in some deep shit!

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March Rain Aftermath

The squirrels again came out on the soggy side this morning.

They seemed less than thrilled about it. Californians, on the other hand, loved it.

It rarely rains in LA in March, but we’re grateful for it, especially this year, which is quickly turning into the third (fourth? fifth?) drought year in a row.

Meanwhile, our two regular soggy squirrels brought friends.

I was told there was a fourth out there as well, but I never saw all four together. Plus, there was lots of running around, chasing, hopping, up the tree, down the tree, and so on. Lots of that springtime, barely concealed squirrel lust stuff. For all I know there were six or seven of them in a regular squirrel bacchanalia and in 38 to 46 days we’ll be hip deep in little squirrels.


In between all of the other shenanigans they were cleaning out the bird food that had been thrown out, so I threw out a couple of handfuls of the bigger, “critter” food for them. Gotta keep your strength up…

It’s raining again, even though it’s the tail end of the storm and expected to stop soon. We’ll take what we can get and ignore the opinions of the squirrels. I mean, really, they have brains that are only theeeeeeeeeeeeeese  🤏🏻 big.

You know – like politicians. (Ba-DOM-dom!! 🥁 I’ll be here all week! Tip your waitress!)

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Fog & Crescent Moon

Behind me to the east, the front that passed through with scattered rain and hail, snow down to 2,500′ in the mountains.

Ahead of me to the west, rolling in from Ventura County, a cold fog bank.

Caught in between, the three-day old moon, 7% illuminated, the other 93% glowing softly in Earthshine.

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Nineteen More Days Until Spring Arrives

I know there are parts of the country (HI, VERMONT!) where it’s still below freezing on a regular basis.

SoCal is not one of those places.

We might get some rain on Friday and be back down into the 50’s and 60’s, but for the last several days and today it’s been pushing 90ºF.

On the rough days, one advantage to working from home is the chance to go out for a quick stroll around the back yard and recover your sense of balance and re-connect to the real world.

Even if you’re in an office and not working from home, I highly recommend it once every couple of hours!

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War Again

Mad men leading us to the brink again, an invasion that could lead to a larger conflict with no good way out, and a full-blown nuclear exchange just a little bit closer to reality.

Doomscrolling is hard, but ignorance doesn’t seem any better.

Take a moment.


Watch the clouds.

The helplessness and anger are strong.

How did we get here? More importantly, how do we get out?

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Wild Weather

We didn’t get much actually AT our house, but you can see one of the nastier cells moving by to our west and south.

This cell dropped a pretty good load of hail in Calabasas where one of my daughters teaches high school, then went on to cause some havoc down by Santa Monica Airport and then LAX. I happened to be listening to ATC for Burbank at the time and they were getting folks diverting there who had intended to go to Santa Monica and then thought better of it. Later on I saw that some of the big commercial jets, instead of coming straight in from the east onto the runways for LAX were heading 20-30 miles north up over Covina before looping back down to catch the glideslope just because of a long tail of nasty showers and hail stretching from Long Beach to Pasadena.

It was in the mid 90’s here on Sunday for the Super Bowl – today it looked like it has snowed at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena there was so much hail.

We got a smattering of rain and it was thirty to thirty-five degrees colder than it was two days ago. Almost like East Coast weather…

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Random Old Photos – January 21st

Well…semi-random at least. Tonight I decided to look for other photos taken on January 21st in other years.

Tough search. Not many to be found, and most of them to be family related, personal, not necessarily for sharing here.

But in 2010, a dozen years ago…

Apparently, it was a “frog drowner.”

Not so much tonight. While we’ve had some showers in the past week, and we got a LOT of rain in December, it’s dry and SUPER WINDY in SoCal tonight.

Here we’re windy. In many other places in SoCal it’s gusting to 60 and even 70+ and there are power outages all over the place. Up north, on the Central Coast by Big Sur, there’s a brush fire that’s started. And many folks are pointing out that if we hadn’t had a soaking through most of December, the entire West Coast could be in flames with these winds.

Hang on. It’s 2022. Looking back at 2020 and 2021 we were hoping that 2022 would calm down. It seems instead to have said, “Hold my beer!”

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Full Moon & Rain

Again, as always out here where they decided to build megalopolises in a desert, we need the rain.

The three days of it we just got came as a complete surprise.

The clouds are headed out (I think) and the moon is about 99.8% full, so I tried playing with how it looked through the now barren tree.

The owls off down the hill added to the spookiness quotient.

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