No Context For You – February 10th

There are places that we need to have ready if we should need them – but we really don’t want to ever need them.

There are places that don’t exist that we desperately need to have, but we go on every day knowing that they’ll never exist.

This reality thing is really weird sometimes.

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Sunset & C-46

Some days you just have to be lucky enough to be taking the trash out at the right time.

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Is Good Enough Good Enough?

That’s often the question of the day.

Most days it seems there’s a list of “gotta do’s” that’s longer than my arm, plus a list of “wanna do’s” that’s even longer. Not enough hours in the day, not enough days in the year, not enough years before it’s dirt nap time.

Is there wisdom or resignation in realizing that the abbreviated laws of thermodynamics apply to life as well? You can’t win, you can’t break even, and you can’t get out of the game. So at what point is “good enough” good enough?

Today I got a lot done, and tonight I spent hours getting more done. There were moments when the “wanna do’s but probably am NEVER going to get to” feelings were almost overwhelming – but I pushed through to the other side. I kept moving and got stuff done. It’s that whole “marathon way of thinking” thing.

And here on the other side I have some great tunes. The Long-Suffering Wife is doing well in her recovery from surgery. A couple of big, roadblock-grade problems got attacked finally and at least partially pushed aside, so there’s visible, significant progress.

Is that good enough?

I guess it’s going to have to be.

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If I Were Her…

On the way home tonight I was deeply saddened to see how far the quality standards for BMW manufacturing have fallen.

A good chunk of my drive home coincided with a similar route by a woman driving a brand new (still has the paper plates!) BMW X6 M. It was deplorable how shoddy the construction was!

First of all, the vehicle was obviously built with no turn signals whatsoever. How can they get away with that? Aren’t there Department of Transportation standards that they have to adhere to?

Apparently not. Block after block she drove, weaving through traffic like Dale Earnhardt at Daytona, and no matter what, those turn signals never blinked.

And that’s not all! Being stuck behind her at a couple of red lights, I was horrified to see that her brand new, shiny, $100,000+ vehicle apparently also came without a gas pedal! The light would turn green and we would just sit there, waiting, going nowhere! She was obviously aware of the problem since she appeared to be texting a BMW service agent about the problem.

It’s sad that such a prestigious, luxury automobile could have such defects. But what other explanation could there possibly be?

Let’s just hope that the airbags aren’t defective when that freakin’ moron with the ten-cent brain driving the $100,000+ SUV wraps it around a bridge abutment…

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It’s Important To Remember

…I’m doing this because it’s fun.

Wait, what?

I’m doing it because I’m neurotic and due to traumatic experiences in my life I’m almost pathologically unable to let go or quit?


Well, that explains the lack of fun.

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Headphone Quest – I Think We Have A Winner!

I’ve blathered on a couple of times recently about my quest to find some decent earbuds or headphones. Thanks to a suggestion from my son who was visiting last weekend, I think we have a winner!

He had a really, REALLY good pair of Bluetooth, noise cancelling, over-the-ear, full sized headphones. So I grabbed a pair.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II. Not cheap. Worth. Every. Freakin’. Penny!

They’re light. I’ve been wearing them for three or four hours and except for the amazing sounds filling my head, I can barely tell they’re on. And given that they’re sitting on top of my head and completely covering my ears, they’re not constantly slipping out and changing the sound and having to be pushed back in like most of the earbuds that I’ve tried.

I can see wearing these while I run, as long as it’s not raining. I don’t think they’re built for that.

They’re supposed to last for over 20 hours on a full charge and recharge in under two hours, so that’s not going to be an issue.

They have the Google Assistant built in and a mike so I can take phone calls if I wish on them. Or I can push the button and ask for weather, news, make appointments, set reminders, and so on.

All of that’s nice. But the sound…




I’ve been at concerts where I was literally in the first dozen rows. Except for those experiences, this is the best I’ve ever heard.

I knew from trying out my son’s pair that I was going to like it. So I’ve hit the “Greatest Hits” list hard.

Hamilton. Brad Paisley. Jethro Tull. Dvorak’s New World Symphony 4th movement. Jean Michel Jarre!

It’s all of the “PLAY IT LOUD!!!” stuff. Jarre’s “Oxygene 11” or “Chronologie 2” or Supertramp’s “Child of Vision” or Paisley’s “Whiskey Lullabye” or Hamilton’s “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.” With these headphones they’ll bring on tears of joy.

As I said, not cheap. (And they’re my first noise cancelling headphones, so it’s still a little odd to not hear the keyboard as I’m typing.) But if you want to listen to music while you work and you need to be wandering around, or you need some really good workout or running headphones (assuming that sweating hard doesn’t kill them – have to watch out for that), these are SPECTACULAR!

Highly recommended. Finest kind.

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Jewels In The Trees

There’s beauty there. You just need to keep your eyes and heart open to see it.

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