Full Moon & Christmas Lights

Okay, so the moon was only about 97% full. Close enough for government work!

It’s tough to find a balance…

..between the moon & the Christmas lights. The dynamic range is too large!

Up close and personal…

…it’s even worse. Overexpose the moon just enough so you can still see features, and you can barely tell there are Christmas lights to be seen here. But…

…pull in the Christmas lights and the moon is completely overexposed.

This is why composite photos are needed. Or you can get artsy-phartsy…

…and just go for something more abstract.

Time to post this before the electricity goes out. It is REALLY howling out there tonight, and it’s just a matter of time before the wind brings down a tree branch and we go dark!

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Nuevo Faux Tannenbaum

For those of you not illiterate in three separate languages, we got a new artificial Christmas tree this year. Today was the day to put it up!

Yes, we need to get that ornament at the very top a bit more straight as seen from this side.

From this side it looks much better.

What did you do with your weekend?


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Santa Clarita Valley By Moonlight (With FEELING & Four-Part Harmony)

Damn, I haven’t screwed up a post that badly in several years! I guess the serious lack of sleep might be catching up with me. Sorry ’bout that!

Tonight with the full moon shining overhead, we visited the William S. Hart Museum‘s Cowboys & Carols event. From the top of the hill where the Hart Museum’s mansion is located, the view of the Santa Clarita Valley was wonderful. The iPhone can’t do it justice:

Well, at least the “Camera” app in the iPhone can’t. But there are other apps! NightCap did a much better job of showing how the entire park was lit up by the moonlight, with the lights of Santa Clarita, Valencia, and Newhall beyond:

Inside the mansion there were carolers, plenty of docents to tell the story of Hart and the park and the mansion, carolers upstairs, and a violinist downstairs in the foyer.

Outside, the full moon was high. It was a very nice way to spend the evening in “sweater weather.”

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At The Hanger On A Friday Evening

As long as you’re stuck out there…

…you might as well watch the sunset.

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No Context For You – November 30th

Let us finish this month as we started it – blurry and confused!

I’m trying to figure out the perspective here since elements of it seem familiar. But it’s like an Escher print – if that’s hanging that way, what’s that doing pointing in that direction? And if that other thing is that, how is it going that way compared to the other things? If I could bend like that I wouldn’t need to… Oh, never mind.

It’s just a jump to the left…

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Someplace Special – November 29th

New York City

(There’s no guarantee that the “good guys” are going to win, you know. That’s a societal meme that we all buy into, and the arrow of progress over the long term is generally angling upward – but in the short term, i.e. less than a decade, it’s quite possible that the assholes, morons, and dipshits might come out on top.)

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The Voice Of The Ghost

There’s some comfort in finally recognizing one of the voices that’s been whispering in your brain all these years, dimly heard back in the quiet folds of grey matter where you would like comfort and satisfaction to lodge and take root but instead find only an itch that can’t be scratched.

The question then becomes whether you’re being haunted or guided. Again, a distinct matter of perception.

Is there a demon who’s haunting you with reminders of failure and disappointment, eternally dangling in front of you a bright and shiny future that you’ll never be able to touch?

Or is it a guardian angel, patiently reminding you of dreams and aspirations you once had, gently nagging across time and space to urge you to try once again to reach for what’s beyond your grasp?

Two sides of the coin. Every day it gets flipped in the air again, it seems.

Heads or tails today?

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