Maybe It’s Part Of The Joke?

A Hallmark movie led me down the rabbit hole and into the Twilight Zone Time Machine, where I ended up watching an old Monkees video.

Listen to the music, particularly the drums, and watch Micky Dolenz “playing” the aforementioned drums:

Thank goodness they had the sense to usually be showing other band members when the more aggressive drum riffs were being heard. USUALLY.

I understand that his primary role was as the vocalist in the band, and according to his Wikipedia article he was taught to play the drums after the band was put together and could play passibly well by the time they went on tour. But on this song, “Fast” Eddie Hoh played the drums and Dolenz only sang.

Even in the Hallmark movies, when they have a character playing the piano or a violin, they at least do an acceptable job of faking it. This video? Well, not so much.

But on second thought – maybe it’s part of the joke?


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Big Hangar, BIG Plane

At the CAF SoCal site in Camarillo (come out and visit us some time! if you’re there on Saturday, look me up, I’ll show you around – or you can go around with one of the docents who actually know what they’re talking about rather than making shut ip) we have three large hangars. They’re not small.

Then again, neither is our PBJ.

Semper Fi will fit in the maintenance hangar, but not with a ton of room to spare. When she moves in, a number of other aircraft have to move out. It’s time for a little engine work (sorry, she won’t be at those last couple of airshows this season) so the squeeze is on.

It is, however, SPECTACULAR to walk into the hangar under that tail and those huge wings! (Again, stop by…)

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Weight & Balance

Weight and balance are important things for all of us to keep an eye on in the universal, all-encompassing, meaning of life sort of philosophical zeitgeist sort of thing.

In a more direct, calculated, numerical viewpoint, they’re also pretty critical when flying an aircraft. Too heavy, the wings can snap off. If the center of gravity is too far forward, the plane will never climb and will nose over and dive into the ground. Too far back, and the nose will go high until you stall, at which point you can have a similarly “bad day.’

Removing a very large, heavy item from the front of an aircraft (i.e., the engine off of a Spitfire fighter) will seriously screw with your weight and balance. Good thing that no one’s flying the plane without an engine, huh?

It ’tis a thing of beauty and it will pull that high-performance fighter through the air like a bat out of hell.  2,000+ horsepower on a V-12 engine will do that.

Oh, by the way, last night I mistakenly referred to this as a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. It’s not. (But the one in the P-51 is…) While obviously a Rolls-Royce, this is a Griffon 65 engine. (Good thing no one actually reads anything that I write, eh?)

At the moment however, this one needs to be sent off for a complete tear-down and possible repairs. That will set us back well into five figures (please, let it not be six!) but we’re all about safety.

Now I’ll see if I’ve got enough balance to take my overweight butt into bed! Monday awaits

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Spitfire Engine Removal

How exactly does one remove the engine from a Spitfire?

Very slowly and very carefully, apparently.

And with the use of a honkin’ big crane.

Given that a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine (if you can find one – pro tip, you can’t) will run in the neighborhood of $500,000, this makes perfect sense.

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Trash Bin Perspective

It caught my eye.

I don’t know why.

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I do love me some movies, both as entertainment and as art. There are certain actors I would watch read a shopping list – Jimmy Stewart, Helen Mirren, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Murray, many others. Similarly, there are directors for whom I will hand over my cash blindly to see anything they’ve done – Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, early Rob Reiner. But above all, there’s Stanley Kubrick.

Tonight I fell into watching the second half of “Full Metal Jacket” when I had had enough of the news. It was more relaxing.

Long, long tracking shots. Moving, bobbing, weaving through smoke and fire.

No. Special. Effects.

Real. Film.


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Make Art – October 02nd

So many questions. So many questions about questions.

So little information. So little context. So few answers.

Tough enough determining facts – “truth” borders on the metaphysical.


We have to keep asking, searching, seeking.

We must keep being lied to, being obstructed, being blinded.

As painful and frustrating as it can be, we need to remember that the alternatives are worse.

Or, so we tell ourselves. (We must!)

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