Across The Sky

Cooler temps, a cold front, icy clouds up high, and ideal conditions for contrails.

Someone was headed almost due west, past the sun and off over the Pacific. Dallas to Honolulu? Who knows. Something like that.

Upon closer examination, there’s a bit of iridescence in the high clouds of ice, a bit of rainbow coloring just above the center of the photo.

And just to the right of the tree, no doubt headed into BUR Rwy 8, is a Southwest 737.

That’s a really sweet shade of blue, isn’t it?

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As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that there are more and more routines, daily or regularly scheduled activities that define the days and get done the things that need to get done, while also sucking up time and smothering the creativity and joy in life.

It’s a conundrum, a balance that is leaving me both confused and comforted. Lots of yin and yang, opposites that define each other.

Some are fairly important. Medications, for instance. As you get old and start falling apart (ask me how I know!) there are more and more meds that get taken in the morning, or at meals, or in the evening. They’re important (and in some cases critical) for controlling or preventing some serious conditions such as heart problems, diabetes, cholesterol, and so on.

Some are less important. Yeah, buying groceries every Sunday morning is routine (adverb) and a routine (noun) but will the world end if it gets put off until Monday, or even later, or pushed to Saturday if the Chiefs are playing the early game on Sunday. Hardly.

One of the things I find a bit exhausting is finding the balance every day with the routines vs. spontenaity. The big joker in the deck is “work,” a routine which can really harsh spontenaity’s mellow big time. But let’s not forget how even “fun” stuff can get to be a routine.

For example, this weekend, right after Thanksgiving, is when the Christmas lights go up. And with so, so many other things on the calendar, that time really, REALLY needs to be used for that if we want to put up lights. There just aren’t a lot of other times. And I *DO* want to get the lights up for the season!

But then there’s the humongous Christmas card list. Last year things piled up and we actually didn’t send out cards for the first time in almost 20 years. And I’ve felt bad about it all year.

So this year getting the cards out, while an annual routine, will be a priority. Which is a long, roundabout way of saying, if you’ve gotten cards in the past and you’ve moved in the last two years, let me know ASAP. And if you haven’t gotten cards but want to get on the humongous list and get one, ditto, let me know ASAP.

It’s all coming at us like a freight train. It does that every year.

It’s routine.

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Random Old Photos – November 21st

This would be fun! Why am I not doing this instead of all of the other things I’m doing which are less fun? Why am I not maximizing my fun to the maximum amount?

According to the N-number this is a Fleet 7B, built in 1936. (If you blow the picture up and squint, that seems to be what the logo on the tail and the lettering under it confirm as well.)

I’ve flown in open air cockpit aircraft, but I’ve never flowin in a biplane, and I’ve never piloted a tail-dragger or an open cockpit aircraft. But those shortfalls in my experience and licensing could be rectified with a few lessons.

This would be fun!


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Still Photos From Our Elton John Concert

Last night. Dodger Stadium. The penultimate Elton John concert in North America.

Care to guess what songs were playing given the video display behind the band?

The concert was incredible, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, SO glad that we went!

Finding Hissy in that massive parking lot and then fighting the traffic to get out? Not my favorite experience, but the price you pay. In the end, we didn’t get home until way, way after midnight and I didn’t get to bed and sleep until after 2:00 AM. Then we were up “early for a Sunday,” about 07:45, for the first World Cup game and to get rolling to go down to the South Bay area to meet friends for brunch. Then, of course, my beloved Chiefs had a big game tonight against the Chargers (I was so tempted to be unbelievably spontaneous, grab tickets off an online site, and go to the game in person since we were driving just a couple miles away coming home from brunch) and it was a real barn burner with the Chiefs winning in the last few seconds…

I’m so freakin’ exhausted right now! It’s a good thing! An amazing concert, brunch with friends, a great football game… But I could really use 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. That’s not going to happen, of course, but I could really use it!

Look out, Monday! I’m coming in hot!

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Sir Elton’s Penultimate Concert

Elton John’s Penultimate concert – Dodger Stadium, along with what I expect to be about 50,000+ of my closest friends!

Danny Elfman three weeks ago, Elton John tonight, who knows who’s next. (March at SoFi Stadium is who??)

Lots of folks in glitter and odd eyewear – I’m an olde phart, so I went with comfort. But The Long-Suffering Wife went wild with a streak of purple!

Let the tunes begin!!


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STILL Still Here

With last week’s rain and then a few days of sun…

…our favorite little not-a-weed is back, all colorful and happy.

This corner of the yard has NOT done will with the watering restrictions. Well, except for that ONE shoot of green up there near the top.

Normally I might consider this to be a weed, but around the corner there’s a whole 4’x10′-ish patch of them and they look like they’ve been deliberately planted. You don’t do that with weeds.

Well, maybe with dandilions if you want to make wine – but I digress. For now, just like me, our little not-a-weed is hanging in there. It might be by the last couple of fingernails, but it beats the alternative!

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Nocturnal Cloud Shapes

At the time it was just a picture of the moon through the clouds in the middle of the night. But then I look at the photo on the screen and there are shapes and forms and images. The human brain is good at that…

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Cheap Thrills, Blue Tags

It happens every year. Last year it was December 5th. The year before it was November 13th. Before that November 12th. And November 30th. I had thought this year was actually the earliest yet, but I see that it’s not, by about four days.

I hopped on the registration as soon as it came in and got it back quickly, so while we’re still pretty much guaranteed to be the first ones on the block with the newest year’s tags, it won’t be the earliest.

As I say every year, cheap thrills for the little kid inside who spent way, WAY too much time on cross country trips playing license plate games.

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That was freakin’ beautiful!

NASA’s Artemis I mission finally launched tonight, heading off planet to the moon on an uncrewed mission to prove the technology behind the Artemis rocket, the Orion spacecraft, and the ESS service module. There have been delays, hurricanes, cryogenic fuel leaks, and a gazillion other hurdles. Tonight the last of the hurdles were overcome and Artemis flew!

The mission has a long way to go – it has to get to the moon, orbit there for several weeks running tests on hardware and systems, then coming back to test the heat shield in a landing off of San Diego.

I went out to check out the Santa Ana winds in the back yard and see if I could see any sign of a brush fire that’s popped up above Lake View Terrace. No sign of flames, but through that smoke in the distance was the rising moon.

There’s the target! I regret that it’s taken 50+ years to get here, but from here let’s keep going!

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Skyscapes – November 14th

I wish I were a hawk…

…or a raven…

…or a sparrow…

…or a swallow…

…or an owl…

…or even a turkey vulture…

…so I could just soar up there all day long.

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