Mission Secondary Objective #8 Achieved!

Kansas City has many great old buildings downtown that have been restored to fantastic condition, so I made a conscious decision to look for someplace unique. We’ve stayed at plenty of Marriotts and Sheratons and Crown Plazas and so on, and there’s a lovely Marriott right next to the convention center and next to where we stayed. But we went for unique and stayed at the Hotel Phillips, a 20-story hotel build in 1931 and recently restored by Hilton.

It’s freaking gorgeous!

From the outside, the brickwork is exquisite.

Plenty of big glass skyscrapers around, but also plenty of stunning old brick buildings. (Don’t these people ever worry about earthquakes?)

The lobby is marble and polished wood and brass, all decked out for Christmas.

There’s a second-story mezzanine that’s full of more comfy chairs and quiet spots.

The double staircase is Art Deco made of wrought iron and dark wood and nickel filigree.

Then there’s that statue overlooking it all. (By the way, the building is on the National Historic Register.)

When I win the lottery and design my own 20,000 square foot mansion, I want THIS in the main foyer!

“The Goddess of The Dawn” was created in 1931 by Kansas City sculptor Jorgen Dryer.

If you get a chance to stay at the Phillips in KC, take it!!


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Mission Secondary Objective #7 Achieved!

One thing I loved about this trip was our ability to be flexible & take advantage of opportunities that came up.

For example, I didn’t know that Kansas City had a great theater which hosted a series of touring Broadway plays and other productions. I most certainly didn’t know that it was only three blocks from our hotel. And until we got there and checked in, I didn’t know that for five days only, while we were there, it was showing a play we had wanted to see for years.

Once again, serendipity reared its ugly head!!


“The Book of Mormon” was a ton of fun, if decidedly NOT for the easily offended!


The KC Music Center theater is a great venue!


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Mission Secondary Objective #6 Achieved!

Kansas City boasts a world-class art museum. I spent several hours there, could have spent several days! (More pictures, etc, when I get settled after the new year.)

It’s free (except for parking) and I highly recommend it!

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Mission Secondary Objective #5 Achieved!

There are also air museums in Kansas City!

The TWA Museum was nice, with some amazing, knowledgeable, and very friendly docents!

The Airline History Museum and the TWA Museum are both at the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.


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Mission Primary Objective #2 Achieved!

This Sunday was more fun and had a more satisfying result than last Sunday!

Arrowhead Stadium is a holy place to my people…

We had really great seats and were playing our hated arch rivals, the Oakland Raiders.

WE STOMPED THEM, 35-3! And it really wasn’t as close as that score might indicate.

The Chiefs now have won the AFC, have a bye week next week, and now are just two wins away from the Super Bowl for the first time since 1969.

Meanwhile, we’re packing for a busy day of travel tomorrow. Back to reality – or at least “reality-adjacent” for a transition day.

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Mission Secondary Objective #4 Achieved!

Kansas City has the finest BBQ in the world. We love us some BBQ. We’ve been on a mission to work our way through some places that show up consistently on “best of” lists.

The original site, still a gas station as well.

Not only was the food good, but the live music was a ton of fun! John Paul’s Flying Circus had blues & jazz & rock and roll and they could play, especially Bill Dye on guitar.

Tonight was Q39, a newer, upscale place that was packed – glad we had reservations!

Those are the highlights so far (others had us wondering how they ended up on a “best of” list), with one more day to go. Something else going on tomorrow though…

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Mission Secondary Objective #3 Achieved!

We flew to Kansas City on Christmas Day. That whole thing about Christmas Day being a GREAT day to travel because the airports & planes are supposedly half empty on that day? Total BS, it was a cattle car.

In KC we have six days to “kill” before the football game on Sunday. Fortunately, the KC area has plenty to see.

The Negro League Baseball Museum is just wonderful. (More pictures, full story when we get home & I’m not writing this on my phone, etc…)

The same building also has the American Jazz Museum, also worth a visit!

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