Super Bowl Sunday

I might be a bit busy and preoccupied later today, so let me get this out there for everyone now, an hour and a half before game time.

We’re ready.

(Click to enlarge so you can see the signed Len Dawson photo in the corner…)

The BBQ and the guests will be here soon.

It’s going to be a good day. I hope yours is too.


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Super Bowl Eve

The Son showed up from Japan for our Super Bowl party tomorrow. He would have gone to Miami, but we were his second choice.

Since he was here, and since the Kings were playing the Ducks, we got tickets so he could surprise the Younger Daughter. (She figured it out.)

The area around Staples Center is insane right now with tens of thousands of people here for the Kobe Bryant memorials.

But we’re here for the hockey game.

We got great seats – now we need to win!

Go, Kings, Go!


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Waiting Room Observations

There are a LOT of hungry, cranky folks in the gastroenterology waiting room.

Snake, garden hose, and alien probing jokes are not so funny here. At least, no one’s laughing and this is some of my best material. Where’s Dennis Wolfsberg when you need him?

On the other hand, being decked out in full Chiefs gear is a great conversation starter. Especially great is one older, shy, Hispanic lady. I suspect limited English, but I catch her glancing over at me and she finally says only, “Mahomes,” and gives me a thumbs up. GO CHIEFS!

As always, the television in here is annoying as hell. At least they’re not playing one of the those truly horrible and soul sucking talk/reality shows that litter daytime TV, but this home renovation thing on cable is no bargain. Why can’t we get cartoons, like some Looney Tunes or something? This place could use some cheer.

Oh, god, they could have the Impeachment coverage on! I love this home renovation show, it’s fantastic, great, engaging, enrapturing! Don’t EVER change that channel!

In recovery: Apparently there was a memo that any staff who wanted to could relax the recommended dress code a bit for today if they wanted to wear purple and gold or something Kobe Bryant related. They’re everywhere!

And we’re good! Mission accomplished. It’s been a year (not me, I’m just on chauffeur duty) and with luck it will be another.

Back to the salt mines!



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That Feeling When – January 30th

That feeling when FaceBook pops up with a notice that it’s the birthday of a high school friend – and you remember that he died this year.

And it’s the second or third time that’s happened in the last month or so.

It sort of sucks.

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Before You Freak Out Over The Coronavirus…

…get your flu shot!

It’s indicative of how we’ve lost all ability to do any kind of sane risk management. The new Chinese coronavirus has killed 170 people, which could actually be ten times that – but it’s in a country of over a billion people. There are five, maybe six people in this country who have it and it’s front page news. They’re cancelling flights to China for weeks. Every news hour shows folks coming into US airports and being screened and quarantined.

Five, maybe six people.

And yet the flu kills, on average, over 8,000 people a year in this country.

Not five people. Or six. OVER 8,000. And in a bad year that can double.

Not sick. Dead.

Did you get your flu shot this year?


Then STFU about coronavirus.


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No Context For You – January 28th

Kicking the bucket?

More like trying not to drop my phone into the trash can, I suspect.

Not today, Death. Not today!

(That’s death for the iPhone, not me. I’m fine.)

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A Tough Time Of Year

Fifty-three years ago tonight, these three men lost their lives in an inferno atop a Saturn rocket.

(Image: NASA)

Tomorrow’s the 34th anniversary of our losing Challenger.

Seventeen years ago Saturday, February 1st, we lost Columbia.

Even if I don’t initially remember, there’s something buried deep in my brain that remembers and knows. Then I see some comment and it’s, “Oh. Yeah. That.”

And yet…

We’ve still got folks living on ISS every day for over twenty years. We’ve got folks, men and women, who have lived in space for almost a year at a time so that we can see what happens to the body on a trip to Mars. We’re still out there doing EVAs and keeping ISS running.

(Image: NASA)

We remember.

But we keep pressing on.

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