The Dusk Lizard

I’m no herpetologist, professional or amateur, but I have been watching and observing our yard lizards (both here and at the old house) for ten years or more. There a few things that seem pretty consistant, and the number one on that list is that they’re not nocturnal. At all.

Do you see it? This silvery critter. I’m calling it “Dusk,” because that’s the only time I’ve seen it. Which is weird.

Granted, at this point it’s not exactly dark. A this time of year the sun doesn’t set until a few minutes after 20:00, and these pictures were taken at 19:52, about twenty minutes before that.

But in my experience, these fence lizards and the odd alligator lizard are all off in their hidey holes a good hour or so before sunset. Maybe it’s so hot these last few days that the sidewalk is still hot enough for this critter to be sucking up infrared photons from below, but it really hasn’t been. I’ve seen days when it’s MUCH hotter, 10° to 15º hotter.

This critter’s also fearless, guarding their spot on the sidewalk and not budging for anything. I was within a couple of feet before it finally decided that discretion was the better part of valor and it retreated into the bushes along the fence.

It’s odd behavior all around. And all done way into the shadows and gathering dark.

“Dusk” indeed.

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Moon Above The Belt

The waxing moon is bright in the sky just before sunset last night

…while at the horizon the Belt of Venus was very dark and purple (much more than shows here) with the bright pink band above it.

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An Excellent Sunset

On this somewhat disturbing day, especially in the US, there was a very, very nice sunset in LA.

(Click image to see it in full-sized and in all of its gloriosity!)

A bit after quarter moon up there on the left above the semi-shredded tree, all the way around past 180º to the pink, cotton candy puffs above the garage.

Thanks, powers that be! I needed that today.

Tomorrow’s another day to be brave, even if we don’t feel brave.

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Another Thin White Line

Another thin white line across the sky. Another tube full of people going somewhere I’m not.

Can you see it there, 40,000 feet up, from San Diego behind us to the south, headed toward Sacramento far beyond the horizon up that way?

And here we are. One day at a time.

Beats the alternative. But it would be nice to have options.

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Fine Feathered Friends – June 07th

Crows. An airborne murder of them.

One of them starts the trouble, cackling and cawing and screaming something that I can’t quite understand.

The rest of the murder shows up, doing their best Eagles of Manwë impersonation.

They start filling up the neighbors’ trees, making an impressive racket in the process.

Not clear if they’re fighting, mating, or both. Strange are the ways of crows.

Like an avian gang of punk kid thugs, the show off, fight, try to impress everyone, then fly off to find another tree to do it all over in again.

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Some Days

Will WordPress post a GIF? More to the point, will it show it animated?

One way to find out.

For the record, I stand corrected from last night. It hasn’t been 80 years since D-Day, it’s only been 78.

For the record, “Come From Away” was utterly spectacular, amazing, emotional, hilarious, astounding, and anyone who knows me at all will know exactly which song, and which line in that song, hit me like a gut punch.

Let’s not do today again, okay?

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Skyscapes – June 05th

So much time being spent looking backwards this weekend.

Forty years ago, in 1984, so many classic movies came out. Blade Runnier. E.T. Poltergeist. The Wrath of Khan. The Thing. Tron. Ghostbusters. The Last Starfighter.

Eighty years ago tonight and tomorrow morning, the largest armada in world history left England and hit the beaches in Normandy. Omaha. Sword. Utah. Gold. Juno.

I’m wondering if I’m thinking so much about the past because there’s so much about the future that’s so scary.

But face it we must.

The clouds? They don’t care.

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Summer At The Theatre

All this week we were getting warnings about the heat wave coming.

Okay, maybe. But it’s either not here yet or it missed us completely. We’re at the Ahmanson again tonight (“Come From Away” tonight, really looking forward to it) and out here on the plaza having dinner before the show I’m freezing my ass off!

It’s 64° and breezy, which is fine if I’m dressed for 64° and breezy, but if I’m dressed for 85° or 90°, not so much.

Stay warm, enjoy your Saturday night folks!

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Up One Side Of The Sky, Back Down The Other

Taking a breather to watch the clouds and feel the breezes, here comes Hawaiian Airlines Flight #5 from Las Vegas to Honolulu, climbing up from the horizon like a bat out of Hell at 40,000 feet and 437 knots.

Then it’s back over the top, past the moon, off toward the Western horizon.

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Check Before You Back Out

Going somewhere? Great! It’s good to get out of the house. Properly masked and vaxxed and boosted, of course. It’s still nasty out there.

Wait! Do you see the hazard?

Remember to clear the area around and under the car. Unless, of course, you’re a heartless, evil, vile, MONSTER!

These two I call LongTail (on the left) and StumpTail (on the right). They like to hang out under the wheels, so make sure you get them to run off into the bushes before you back out and squish them flat!

LongTail is jittery, so they’ll take off when you’re halfway down the driveway. But StumpTail is getting used to us and also hangs out a lot on the front porch, right in front of the door.

I try to avoid stepping on them there, but they tend to not want to run off these days, especially if they’ve laid claim to one of the really good, warm spots in the sun. Which is fine, I’ll step over them, but they sometimes wait until the foot is up before darting off right to where it’s going to come down. This leads to that whole stumbling, falling, tumbling across the lawn thing which the neighbors and the crows find so funny.

Maybe that’s why they do it…

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