Whiskey Tango ACTUAL Foxtrot??!!

Apparently about this time of year in New York City there’s this “fashion” thing called the Met Gala.

Have you seen the pictures from this thing?





This is a joke, right? Lots of “celebrities” and “icons of the fashion world” all dressed up in outfits that are like a mushroom induced fever dream of a rabid ferret if that ferret had 220 volts of electricity running through a pair of smoking, burning jumper cables attached to its testicles.

Given the massive amount of coverage that oozed into my social media feeds despite the fact that I am 1000% the exact opposite of anything resembling the demographic for this lunacy, the coverage and reporting on it must have been equivalent to that of the first moon landing or D-Day.


If I never hear another word or see another picture from this event it will be 10,000 years too soon.

If anyone out there thinks I’m totally out in left field and wants to explain what a wonderful and uplifting event the Met Gala is – please don’t.

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Epic Fantasies

So, after four straight weeks of binging through Seasons 5, 6, 7, and the start of Season 8 of Game of Thrones, we’re now up to date and ready to watch the last two episodes with the rest of the world.

I won’t say much about GOT except to say that they have the most villainous villains I have ever even conceived of. And I love Arya Stark more than I think any fictional character that I’ve ever seen. Except for possibly Ripley. Possibly.

While “processing” the latest from GOT 8-4 tonight and heading to my office to get some work done, I found “The Princess Bride” on one of the premium cable channels. I’m pretty sure somewhere along the line in the last few years here I’ve described it as one of those movies that I’ll watch any time at the drop of  a hat. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it recently.

Again, watching it tonight, I’m struck by just how perfect it is. As many times as I’ve seen it, I can’t find a single scene or line of dialogue that isn’t pristine.

More significantly, to see it just after seeing the last couple of GOT episodes… Similar themes and settings, knights, castles, swords, horses, bad guys who are really bad, good guys who are really good, and so on. But what radically different worlds!

Finally, in the category of “You See Something New Every Time You Watch It,” (for $2,000, Alex!), I just noticed that the music was done by Mark Knopfler.

Wait, what?

THAT, Mark Knopfler? Dire Straights’ Mark Knopfler? “Sultans of Swing” Mark Knopfler?




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The Running Of The Butterflies

Something unusual has been happening around Los Angeles this year – butterflies. Clouds of them. Swarms of them.

We’re not talking “blotting out the sun” swarms, nothing apocalyptic. But for a few days last month there were days at the house on the hill where we would see what I estimated to be several hundred per minute flitting by for hours at a time. It’s been quite impressive.

They’ve been notoriously difficult to get pictures of. For the most part they’re not stopping or refueling on any of those flowers in our yard that I shared last month. They’re just bobbing and weaving in the breeze, a half dozen here, ten there, a few more over there, coming past the house and being gone downwind in just a few seconds.

Then they were gone for several weeks and I figured that was it. Until they started showing up on Thursday and Friday. Yesterday while driving back home from the hangar in Camarillo I saw the largest clouds of them I had seen yet, easily ten times the rate that I had seen last month.

This morning they were flowing past the house at a pretty good rate and I finally got some pictures. I found a corner of the house with a good view of the sky where the butterflies were coming around the house at my back and then silhouetted against the sky. I got video from my iPhone, than did some screen captures of freeze frames.

The individual images are somewhat blurry and small – they’re just a tiny crop of a full frame with a picture of a small-ish butterfly, typically five or six feet away. The video is found at the bottom.


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Red Vines

This is on our kitchen counter and caught the attention of my psychotic brain:

It’s the “Original Red” label that made my brain go “ping!”

Are there Red Vines® that aren’t red?

If so, are they still “Red Vines,” or are they just “Red Vines®”?

If the latter, are they allowed to vote or make campaign contributions under Citizens United?

Is this the new Red Menace?

Should I have had that Ace Pineapple Hard Cider® before writing this? It probably made much more sense then…


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Roses Are Red And Pink And White And Yellow And Orange-ish

At least, the ones growing next to our driveway are!

Damn, I’m busy – enjoy the roses that I don’t have time to stop and smell!


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Bottle Brush

What did they call “bottle brush” trees back before bottles and glass and brushes had been invented?

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No Context For You – May 01st

For those of you not celebrating MayDay in proper Jonathan Coulton style, or for those of you who have been all day and now need something calming to wind down with, I give you an abstract of sorts:

This image is safe for work, unlike Jonathan’s masterpiece.

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