Conejo Valley Panorama #2

Where yesterday’s panorama was taken looking due west toward Moorpark, this one was taken looking more northwest, toward the far western end of Simi Valley.

This was taken from the replica White House South Lawn at the Reagan Library, which can be seen at the left hand side of yesterday’s panorama. Naturally, this means that the location from which yesterday’s panorama was taken is seen at the far right side of this picture. (Geometry, FTW!!)

You do get some fantastic views from up here – probably one of the reasons they built the Library in this spot.

It must have been an amazing place to be last November when about 90% of what you see was on fire. I’ll let the built-in security cameras take those pictures. There are pretty much only two narrow roads in or out of the Library grounds. If it’s surrounded, you might have a “bad day” on your hands.


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Conejo Valley Panorama #1

From last weekend, taken at the Reagan Library, looking out to the west toward Moorpark.

Who’s that in the turquoise, watching the goober out in the blazing sun taking pictures?

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No Context For You – July 25th

Highlights! Interviews! Analysis!

None of the above!

Sometimes you’re just too tired to do much more than twitch. Good thing I’m not using any heavy equipment. Like, a pen. Or a paper clip.

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Monsoonal Moisture

None of it reaching the ground and it’s hotter than hell and muggy (not Mississippi muggy, but at least Indiana muggy) but it’s causing some interesting clouds with the high level winds blowing from the west at sunset.


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Sunset Remnants

After yet another loooooooooooooooooooooong day at the office, tonight I got to follow it up with a trip out to the hangar to deal with a situation.

Coming down the Camarillo Grade on the 101 northbound (by which I mean “due west”) out of Thousand Oaks there was a sunset that was a couple of steps above average. By the time I got to the hangar and parked it had faded, but it still didn’t suck.

Getting home at or after 22:00 and having just the time and energy to grab dinner and crash and burn (and post pictures) – now THAT sucks!

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Just What The Doctor Ordered

After a day at the office that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long and stressful, I was sort of just vegging out, listening to some tunes.

Then came the opening beats, and I cranked it up to an eleven with the good headphones on…

I may have listened to it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too loud (and I might have pulled something doing air drums) but the stress levels are a lot lower!!


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Eighteen Years

Eighteen years ago there were a whole slew of family and friends gathered at a purple tea house (rumored to formerly be a house of ill repute in its distant past):

We were a cute couple.

We still are.

We’re dressed a bit less formally and my hair has gotten a lot more grey, but we’re still going strong!


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