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Across The Sky

Cooler temps, a cold front, icy clouds up high, and ideal conditions for contrails.

Someone was headed almost due west, past the sun and off over the Pacific. Dallas to Honolulu? Who knows. Something like that.

Upon closer examination, there’s a bit of iridescence in the high clouds of ice, a bit of rainbow coloring just above the center of the photo.

And just to the right of the tree, no doubt headed into BUR Rwy 8, is a Southwest 737.

That’s a really sweet shade of blue, isn’t it?

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Random Old Photos – November 21st

This would be fun! Why am I not doing this instead of all of the other things I’m doing which are less fun? Why am I not maximizing my fun to the maximum amount?

According to the N-number this is a Fleet 7B, built in 1936. (If you blow the picture up and squint, that seems to be what the logo on the tail and the lettering under it confirm as well.)

I’ve flown in open air cockpit aircraft, but I’ve never flowin in a biplane, and I’ve never piloted a tail-dragger or an open cockpit aircraft. But those shortfalls in my experience and licensing could be rectified with a few lessons.

This would be fun!


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We’ve had the two flights to and from Chicago in September for Worldcon, but that’s it for the past three years. And it’s been way, Way, WAY, WAY too long since I’ve had a flight in the left seat at the pointy end.

Looking back through the photos, there were years that had more than a dozen trips to cons, to see relatives, to weddings, to Chiefs games…

Getting back to that would be excellent.

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Racing The Sunset

Big jet. Sunset.

Very high. Very fast.

Oh, to be headed wherever they’re all going.

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The Same Way Bricks Don’t

It’s truly astonishing how big these jets are.

Coming out of LAX, even at over 10,000 feet and almost 300 knots, it looks freakishly large. Yet it just seems to float there, as Douglas Adams said, the same way bricks don’t.

Airbus 380. Impressive.

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Skyscapes – June 19th

Looking for clouds?

Null return – clear and a million conditions observed.

Except for that one teeny, tiny, almost microscopic-looking glint of sunlight off of aluminum that’s Alaska Sky West flight #3474 from LAX to Fresno, passing by at 328 knots and 11,835 feet.

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Another Thin White Line

Another thin white line across the sky. Another tube full of people going somewhere I’m not.

Can you see it there, 40,000 feet up, from San Diego behind us to the south, headed toward Sacramento far beyond the horizon up that way?

And here we are. One day at a time.

Beats the alternative. But it would be nice to have options.

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Up One Side Of The Sky, Back Down The Other

Taking a breather to watch the clouds and feel the breezes, here comes Hawaiian Airlines Flight #5 from Las Vegas to Honolulu, climbing up from the horizon like a bat out of Hell at 40,000 feet and 437 knots.

Then it’s back over the top, past the moon, off toward the Western horizon.

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Larger Flying Things Overhead

Being under the flight path out of LAX to locations on the other side of the world has its advantages if you’re a plane nut (like me!).

There it goes!

An A380 is a LOT bigger than a junco, finch, wren, or even a hawk!

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Unusual for a Friday, but the Condors were out doing maneuvers and formation flying practice near our house this afternoon.

As is usual when they’re near, the blaaaaaaaaaaaaat of four big, old, radial engines makes a very loud and distinctive sound, so I yell, “TEXANS!” and run outside to watch. (The planes that the Condors fly are Texans, also known as SNJ’s, or Harvards if they were of British manufacture – all the same type of plane, a WWII trainer.)

Today I didn’t have time to grab the good camera, but I always have my phone, so…

One note about last night’s post – the uncommon bird that was hanging out was a White Crowned Sparrow. It was pointed out that someone (i.e, ME) somehow forgot to include that key fact.

Oops! Story of my life…

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