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Full Moon Over “China Doll”

Then there are the days you don’t get out of the hangar AT ALL until you’re locking up way after everyone else is gone – the compensation being that you get to watch this honkin’ huge full moon rise behind China Doll!

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Clouds Over “China Doll”

I escaped from my office for a few minutes today during the audit – the clouds following the front were piled up high over China Doll.

Now, it’s almost midnight (AGAIN!) and it’s time to get back to the number crunching.

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Too Stupid To Know When To Quit

It’s not a bug – it’s a feature!

It helped me finish marathons.

It helped me though grad school while holding down a job and being a parent and a husband.

It kept me in a job that I didn’t like much wile I was a single parent.

Tonight (with a little help from my friends) it helps me at least get close (closer? close-ish?) to giving the auditors what they want at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

But I’m definitely going to need a nap tomorrow night!

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Ford Tri-Motor

We got some unusual stuff flying about CMA and on the CAF SoCal ramp today, even by our standards.

Our PBJ (B-25) is done with it’s annual inspection and was back flying training missions. We had a Vietnam era Huey helicopter come in and take three groups of riders out.

I didn’t get to go on either aircraft – I have an audit starting Monday and had no time for flying today, which is a sad, sad commentary on the state of the world.

But I did come out of my padded room long enough at one point to see the EAA’s Ford Tri-Motor up and taking riders. You just don’t see one of those every day!


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Sunset & C-46

Some days you just have to be lucky enough to be taking the trash out at the right time.

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Kids These Days!

“Can I bring my kids to the Wing Christmas Party?”

“Sure! It’s a family event! Why not?”

“Wait, what?”

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Sweet Beech 18

Look what was sitting out on the ramp today!

This Beech 18 is in perfect condition, must be a real joy to fly.

Seats six comfortably plus the pilot and co-pilot and with a range of 1,200 miles at 160 mph, this was the pre-eminent “businessman special” following WWII.

You can pick up one in really nice condition like this for under $200K, and I’m sure the maintenance and upkeep is far less than a LearJet!

Plus, this one you can fly yourself with just a taildragger endorsement and a multi-engine rating. I would assume you would also want an IFR rating and probably some unusual attitude training for safety purposes, but that’s still a hell of a lot less money than a type rating in a LearJet or a Citation X.

A boy can dream…

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