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The Ramp This Morning

I’m giving you the full resolution copy so you can blow it up big on your monitor!

This morning’s line up as three of our aircraft got ready to go do a flyover, from left to right:

  • P-51 Mustang fighter (red tail, silver body)
  • PBJ/B-25 bomber
  • F8F Bearcat fighter (blue)
  • SNJ-5 trainer (yellow)
  • C-46 transport


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Inbound To CMA

A thousand thanks to the fellow CAF SoCal Staff member who took me up for a bit of flying today!!! (I generally don’t ID people without their permission if they’re not public figures, so we’ll leave him unnamed for now out of respect for his privacy.)

It had been a while since I had been up in a small plane and the day was just about perfect for a trip around Ventura County.

In this brief clip we’re inbound to CMA (Camarillo Airport) runway 26, over Thousand Oaks and just coming over the Canejo Grade on the 101 Freeway (lower left). You can see the coast off in the distance, with a number of the Channel Islands offshore in the haze. Most of the bright patches out in the distance aren’t lakes or other bodies of water – they’re fields covered in plastic.

The wavering black band in the middle is the propeller. This is a common effect seen in cell phone videos and propeller aircraft, the “bending” effect of the prop coming from the image on the cell phone’s camera CCD being recorded as a series of horizontal scans while the propeller is moving at high speed, being in a slightly different position as each line is scanned.

The runway is there in the haze almost directly in the center of the picture, to the left of the freeway winding through Camarillo, just beyond that somewhat “L-shaped” silver patch of strawberry fields.

After a long, hard week (one of way too many) it was wonderful to get out of the office and up in the air!

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Noisy Visitor (Video)

Yesterday we had a Navy/Marine T-45 visiting. I mentioned it was noisy. Mind you, some of our WWII planes can get a bit loud, but this is a whole new level.

I set my phone on the ground about twenty feet behind the jet. Note the spray of debris at the 0:30 mark.

Five minutes or so later the jet was waiting for clearance to take off. While they were waiting, someone in a Cessna 172 pulled up behind them to wait their turn next, a position that I thought might be ill advised. You’ll see after the cut, about four minutes later in real time (there were a lot of other planes landing), someone in the tower must have suggested a different course of action.

I love the sound of Jet-A being turned into noise!

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Noisy Visitor

My usual Saturday out at the CAF SoCal hangar in Camarillo. We had a somewhat rare and unusual visitor on the ramp.

A great-great-grandchild of sorts to our PT-19 trainer and the SNJ trainer that followed, the T-45 trainer is used today to teach naval aviators how to fly jets.

It says “Navy” on this side and “Marines” on the other – same difference to a certain extent, both are “naval aviators” and trained to take off and land from aircraft carriers. Note the launch hook sticking out from the front of the nose wheel, and the retracted tailhook at the rear. The T-45 is what today’s naval aviator is flying when he or she does his or her first carrier landings.

This would be a fun ride! I wouldn’t even need to be in the front seat!

There’s a whole bunch of “remove before flight” flags while it’s parked.

Not just for show, eventually they had to leave to go back to El Centro where they’re based.

Up close and personal, it’s really, really loud! (Video tomorrow if I get a few minutes to clean it up and edit a bit.)



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No Context For You – February 20th

Still here.

Three of the Labours of Hercules complete (more or less). More to start working on tomorrow.

The problem, unlike running a marathon, is that I’m not sure where the finish line is, how far away, or even if there *IS* a finish line.

That makes it all a bit more…challenging.

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It’s been said that a novel is never finished, only abandoned. The same is no doubt true of financial statements if you’re a particularly anal retentive sort of accounting person – and if you’re an accounting person, you are.

I’m done. Let the Spanish Inquisition begin!

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That Feeling When – February 17th

That feeling when they’re trying to figure out at the hangar who needs to get training on using the AED (automated external defibrillator) in case anyone has a heart attack because we apparently need to have a minimum number of people trained and when your name comes up everyone immediately pretty much agrees that you’re the last person that should be trained simply because you’re the one most likely to NEED the AED used when YOU have a heart attack, not to be the one using the AED on someone else.

Mixed feelings about that. It’s great that I don’t have to take the training since my plate is full to overflowing and I really can’t spare the time. The logic used to reach that decision is a bit…disturbing. Not saying it’s wrong (although I feel fine – strong like bull! smart like tractor! smooth like brick! ook! ook!! ook!!!) because I can see their point.


Aren’t I something of a “spring chicken” in that group?

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