DST Sucks

I feel short enough on sleep most nights without the government stealing an hour. I get what it’s supposed to accomplish, I just believe that it fails to do that and causes many more problems than it solve.

A big group of folks that are really getting hit in the shorts by this are the runners in tomorrow’s Los Angeles Marathon. I’ve run it twice, in 2011 and 2012, and the worst part of it (well, one of the worst parts) is getting up at 3:00 to be in Santa Monica by 5:00 to catch a bus to Dodger Stadium by 6:00 for a 7:30 start. Add in your nerves about the event itself and you can be exhausted before you start. Now take away an hour of sleep and throw in the “jet lag” effect even though you haven’t travelled.

The marathon staff has been trying to remind everyone about three thousand times that the time shift is tonight, so we don’t have a few thousand folks showing up at Dodger Stadium after the race already has started. If you do that, you simply won’t run. They start opening up the streets behind the pack and if you fall off of a minimum pace by too far, they just put you on a bus, your day is done. If you start a half-hour or forty-five minutes late, you’ll never keep up.

I hope it’s not a problem, but all things considered, I’m just as happy that I’m not running this year.

But I really need to start running again. (I tell myself that only on days that end in “y”.)

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