The Kids Are Back

At first I thought that Santa was here early and using elephants instead of reindeer this year. There was quite the racket up on the roof, particularly over my desk. But no, a trip out into the dark with my trusty big flashlight found a familiar crowd — the raccoons are back. (And why does spell check ALWAYS say “raccoons” is incorrect? It’s not, it’s an either/or with “raccoon” as the plural of “raccoon.”)

It looks like the whole family is there, at least four of them. They’re very camera shy – I’ve been out there twice and as soon as you put a flashlight on them, they start taking off. At least except for one, a significantly larger one, which I presume to be the raccoon version of the alpha male. He came right up to the edge of the roof and did his best to look ominous. It worked, I thought he was going to jump down on me and go for my throat. (He didn’t.)

This is him – he finally took off over the roof line onto the front of the house. (And it sounds like all of them are back at it already above me. So much for my intimidation skills.)

IMG_9752 small

IMG_9754 small

IMG_9757 small

I guess as long as they can’t get into the attic or garage, they’re just a nuisance. A cute nuisance. A cute potentially rabid nuisance that might leap off the roof and eat your face.

Or not.

As a side note — the Canon xTi doesn’t focus for beans in the dark (I’m not sure any other DSLR does either) and trying to hold the flashlight steady on the critter with one hand while holding the camera with the other hand while trying to manually focus with the other other hand is problematic.


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2 responses to “The Kids Are Back

  1. Jemima Pett

    Great photos – obviously you have perfected your juggling skills 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I thought the photos were great so you’re a very talented multi-tasker! AND you didn’t get your face eaten off. A very positive day!

    Liked by 1 person

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