Tuesday Night At The Movies

I’m staying off of social media as much as possible for the next week or so. It’s not so much because I don’t want to hear any “Star Wars” spoilers (although that’s a point), but also because I absolutely can’t stand hearing about the Republican Presidential candidates and their latest debate.

This is relevant because tonight The Long-Suffering Wife and I went out to see a movie AT NIGHT and IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK for the first time since we were dating, fifteen years ago. I’m not sure it’s an absolute “benefit” of having a house empty of small critters, but it most certainly is a difference.

We saw “Trumbo,” which was excellent – but disturbing. Seeing how people were persecuted and hounded by hateful, simple minded, fear-mongering, power-abusing, right wing demagogues who were only concerned with power and seeing who could shred the Constitution faster than the next guy, all because those evil bastards in Congress could get away with it and their targets dared to think differently than they did – it was a bit sickening.

The as the credits rolled I remembered that we were missing the Republican debate tonight…

As they say, sometimes the punch lines just write themselves.

Go see “Trumbo.” I would suggest taking a Republican Presidential candidate along with you, but why waste $12? I guarantee there’s not a single one of them who would understand it. After all, there’s so much confusion concerning who the bad guys are and who are the good guys.


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3 responses to “Tuesday Night At The Movies

  1. We are rather enjoying those debates here in the UK. Ours are never as exciting or controversial!

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    • It’s somewhat less entertaining when one of these clowns could stumble his way into the White House. It makes a reasonably funny Peter Sellers movie, but a horror movie in real life.


  2. berich56

    I’m glad the Republican Party has finally taken off the gloves and shown the world what they really are…a bunch of Fascist. But the worst part is 1/3 of the people in this country agree with them. Talk about scary! If you haven’t, you need to read The Fourth Turning, fantastic historical study.
    I agree with the social media silence, which is basically my normal stance :-}, we are having a guys night out on the 24th to see The Force Awakens! Can’t wait.

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