Star Wars VII


Go see it, ASAP, if you haven’t already. We waited two weeks and managed to avoid any spoilers, but that’s getting tougher. My undying thanks to all of my friends and social media companions who saw the movie and held their spoilers so it wasn’t ruined for me.

If you’ve seen it already, I’ll see you in line to see it again.

Tuesday evening, 16:30 showing, regular theater with no IMAX or 3-D, and it had maybe a dozen seats vacant. We got there about fifteen minutes before the show figuring it wouldn’t be a problem to get tickets – we were in the second row, it was all that was left besides the front row.

Wonderful, wonderful movie, I enjoyed every minute of it. Lots of nods to the best parts of the first three movies, lots of old friends, both mechanical and biological.

The one great thing about the second row is that John William’s score will pummel you, in a good way. I’ve said before that five hundred years from now the scores from our movies, particularly those of John Williams, will be played and live on much as we today play Beethoven and Mozart. Listening to this music didn’t dissuade me a jot or a tittle from that opinion.

Especially for me, with the way Williams’ original score resonates with me and my memories of those first three movies, the way each character had their themes, it really hit me hard when those themes were woven into this soundtrack at just the right moments. You’ll see what I mean.

Damn, that was a good movie!

No spoilers, everyone!


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2 responses to “Star Wars VII

  1. berich56

    I thought the last line of the movie should have been…”it’s yours now.”:

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