An LA Perk

Occasionally one here has the opportunity to get to see a movie earlier than the general public.

This might mean going to a screening where you get to fill out some questionnaire at the end – sometimes that means that the movie in question is only about 90% done and what you see is not quite the final edit. Many years ago we got to see “Star Trek III: The Search For Spock” at one of those, with several of the big special effects scenes rendered in animated pencil drawings. Still, we were among the first to know that the Enterprise got sacrificed in that film. Then we had to keep absolutely quiet about it with all of our SF con friends for a couple months.

On the other hand, sometimes that means that you get to go to one of the studios and just see a film early for some reason or the other. Maybe there’s a connection at work (as was our case), maybe you know someone who knows someone, maybe you just are in the right spot at the right time to get an invite. Thus it was that tonight the Long-Suffering Wife and I ended up on the Disney lot in Burbank to see “The Finest Hours.”

It’s a good film, I recommend you go see it when it hits the theaters in two weeks. Chris Pine is great in what I considered to be a different sort of role for him, but I always will see him as Captain Kirk. Casey Affleck tries hard to steal the show on his end, Eric Bana is still trying to get Chris Pine killed, Holliday Grainger plays a kick-ass woman stuck in the 1950s, and the rest of the cast, while not Hollywood superstars, did an excellent job.

With a big enough special effects budget you can make anything believable and the storms and dangers at sea were extremely believable and graphic. Despite the use of special effects, it looks like everyone on set was probably wet and cold from actual ice water about 99% of the time.

We saw it in 3-D, which for this film was worth it. I’m not a “3-D for 3-D’s sake” guy, but it worked well here.

Check it out when it comes to a theater near you, even if you can’t see it in 3-D or on the Disney lot.

Mickey would want you to.

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